• 7.0

    SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool




    SD Maid is a system cleaning tool app only for ROOTED devices

  • 7.0

    SD Maid Pro - Unlocker




    SD Maid is a system cleaning tool app only for ROOTED devices

  • Root Validator




    "Do i have root?" This app will answer your question. It will also give you a few details about your su binary,super user application and busybox. Press the button and read the results. Maybe share them afterwards. You can find the source code for this app on GitHub:...

  • 2048 Myo Edition




    The game 2048 using a dark Myo styled design. Playable with a Myo (https://www.thalmic.com/myo/) or with your finger :). Tap the title to play in endless mode. The app contains removeable ads. What are the permissions for: - BLUETOOTH and BLUETOOTH_ADMIN are used by the Myo if you connect...

  • FMS - Audio delay




    This app plays the sound from the devices microphone through the headphones with a configureable delay. I was chatting on IRC, talking about app ideas with some friends. This was one of the ideas that made it into an actual app. It is a weird expierience... ... but that was the intention. It...

  • Trust - Event Logger




    Trust keeps a small log of events for you. Whether it is app changes, people using your phone or missing calls, Trust will tell you what happened and when. Events currently include: - Launched apps (not available on Android 5.0) - Installed/deleted/replaced/restarted/cleared apps - Power...

  • Trust Pro - Unlocker




    This app unlocks the pro status in the free version of Trust. It does nothing by itself and should only be installed alongside the free version of Trust. Installing this unlocker will extend the maximum time events are kept from 24 hours to an unlimited time. It will also support my work, thanks...

  • Audio Bug - Voice Recorder




    Audio Bug is a simple audio/voice recorder with multiple ways to start a recording. You can trigger a recording through the app, its widget and by shaking or swiping the device. The beginning and end of a recording will be indicated through a vibrating pattern. The recordings are done with...

  • Charge Preserver




    It's not pretty, but free and does its job. It will enable airplane mode when running on battery, thus disabling all wireless connection to achieve minimal battery drain. If a charger is plugged in, either usb or ac, it will turn airplane mode off and the previously active connections...

  • Wake Lock - PowerManager




    Wake Lock gives you control over the Android Power- and WifiManager. For example, you can force the PowerManager to keep the screen on or have the CPU still running in standby mode or make sure the Wifi connection keeps running at full performance. You can use it on any android phone or tablet....

  • Wake Lock - Donate Version




    This is the "Donate Version" of my app "WakeLock - PowerManager". It is currently the same as the free version. You would buy it because you are happy with the app and would like to support my work.

  • Bluetooth (Null) Keyboard




    Nullkeyboard/0Keyboard or empty Keyboard (what ever you want to call it) adds an extra keyboard to your device, which will not show when selecting text fields. It is intended to be used with hardware keyboards (i.e. bluetooth keyboards), to stop the software keyboard from opening and taking away...

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