Darshan Computing, LLC

I try to make things that are useful.

I'm a big fan of open source, so most of my software is released as under such a license. I try to make things that are fun, easy, and useful.

  • Noteworthy Tuner




    Noteworthy Tuner is a brand new instrument tuner for Android. As far as I can tell, it is the very first tuner that is both free and ad free (all other tuners I found required purchase to eliminate ads). It is also the first open-source tuner for Android. It is intentionally very simple. Just...

  • BatteryBot Pro




    BatteryBot Battery Indicator is the original battery indicator app for Android™, released in 2009 as simply "Battery Indicator." Both the free and the Pro versions have maintained a 4.5+ star rating in Google Play from the beginning. It offers two modes: the original status bar...

  • 7.0

    BatteryBot Battery Indicator




    Change the settings and customize this battery indicator to your taste

  • A Lock Block




    This app allows you to temporarily disable your device's lock screen. You can do this manually from the main window (or from the notification for Pro users), and you can have it done automatically (Pro-only) when plugging in the device (I don't want a lock screen while my device is...

  • Battery Indicator Pro - Retro




    NOTE: BatteryBot Battery Indicator (free) or BatteryBot Pro (paid) are the apps recommended for most users. This retro version is unsupported and is only available because some people (a small minority) prefer it. ~ Battery Indicator Pro is the original battery indicator app for Android,...

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