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  • Suno1024 FM




    Suno 1024 FM is the fresh new Hindi/Urdu Radio Station of the UAE. We are a music station. We play hits across several Hindi/Urdu genres like Bollywood, British Asian, Pakistani, Club, Pop, Retro, Sufi, Ghazal etc. Suno 1024 FM is a proud new member of the Radio Asia Network (RAN). RAN is amongst...

  • Super947 FM




    A perfect infotainment medium catering to the largest expat community in the UAE. Right from a News savvy Malayalee to a Music savvy Malayalee, we have shows which will be an on the go companion for our listeners. From a movie critic to a music critic, our listeners are treated to useful...

  • Radio Asia 1269 AM




    Radio Asia 1269 AM, a part of Radio Asia Network, is the first Malayalam radio station in the Gulf. Broadcast from the UAE, Radio Asia has come a long way since it first aired in 1992, and is today the most preferred Malayalam AM station in the region with an extensive and dedicated listener base...

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