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    Increase your manliness 207.4% with the MAN app by Date Hotter Girls! Game plans. Diagrams. Articles. And more. The MAN app puts the expert advice of Date Hotter Girls in the palm of your hand with an app that’s dripping in awesomeness. Join the thousands of men who have learned to attract...

  • Get A Girl




    Have you ever met a girl who acted in a way that made no sense? Ever wonder why a girl would go for a certain guy, but ignore you? Do you just have a hard time understanding women? I want to tell you about an app that “de-codes” a woman’s behavior based on her personality type. This way, you’ll...

  • ApproacHER




    If you’ve ever noticed a beautiful girl you’d like to meet but failed to approach her, then this app is for you! ApproacHER is an all-encompassing course on approaching and beginning an interaction with a woman. Whether you’re an aspiring “pickup artist” (PUA) or just a guy who’d like to meet...

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