David Honsvick

  • LaZ Kitchen Converter




    This simple too; is for simple conversion of kitchen measurement in both single and multiple quantities. Need to know how many Teaspoons in 3.5 gallons?! Probably not...but this tool can even do that!

  • LaZ BullShiz Widget




    FINALLY, through years of scientific research I have found an algorithm that will listen to blow hards and loud mouths alike and formulate the proper response EVERYTIME! This is a new Breed of Technology, Artificial Stupidity. It is sometimes hard to tell if it is really stupid or just a...

  • LaZ Text Message Reader




    Texting and driving is a "No" "No" but you may still need to hear important pieces of information. Perhaps you need to work on a ladder with both hands. What ever the reason, you can enable this service and allow your text messages to read to you as they come in. Simple to use...

  • Rolltide Button




    Rolltide with Style. Easy to use rolltide button right on the home page of your phone.

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