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  • 星展星移动




    星展中国个人移动版网上银行现已上线,仅需一部可连接互联网的智能手机,便可尽享银行随身,业务随心的便利。 功能支持 查询 客户在星展银行开立账户的概要信息 交易历史查询 存款账户管理 本人名下存款账户开立(定期/通知存款/外币活期) 更改定期存款到期指示 进行通知存款通知请求 转账  本人名下账户转账(人民币) 向行内他人转账(人民币) 跨行转账(人民币) 投资理财...

  • POSB mBanking




    POSB mBanking offers you the safer and simple way to: - Check your account balances - View your transaction history - Transfer Funds - Pay Bills - Add/delete biller - IPO application & share payments - SGS applications - One time payment - ATM/Branch/AXS locator - Remittances...

  • DBS mBanking




    Enjoy quick, convenient and safe banking whenever you want, wherever you are. DBS mBanking offers you the safer and simple way to: - Activate your cards for overseas usage - Check your account balances - View your transaction history - Transfer funds - Pay bills - Add/delete biller - IPO...

  • DBS Lifestyle




    Celebrate great dining, shopping, online, travel deals and more. With the DBS Lifestyle App, and your DBS/POSB Credit or Debit Card, you are set to enjoy best deals at your fingertips. What's more, you can easily toggle and select your favourite card to browse & enjoy exclusive offers and...

  • DBS Business Class




    Grow your business network, and connect with Asia’s brightest business minds on DBS Business Class app. The app is specially designed for you - the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) leader - to connect directly with a growing network of industry experts, venture capitalists (VCs), fellow...

  • DBS IDEAL Mobile




    DBS IDEAL™ Mobile app is the perfect companion to our DBS IDEAL™3.0 customers. To always keep you ahead and on time, the DBS IDEAL™ Mobile app is specifically designed for banking anytime, anywhere. Available for corporate businesses with IDEAL™ 3.0 access. You can now: 1. Comprehensive...

  • DBS Rewards




    Introducing another FIRST in mobile innovation for DBS Bank - Singapore's first instant rewards mobile application for all DBS credit card members. Card members may choose to redeem rewards with DBS Points and have their vouchers sent to their mailing address or they can choose to redeem...

  • DBS PayLah!




    DBS PayLah! is a personal mobile wallet which allows you to send money instantly to a single or a group of recipients via mobile numbers. You can also request for money from others, pay bills to 34 different billing organisations and donate money to 4 charities, all via your PayLah! wallet. No...

  • DBS Woman's




    Welcome to a world where women get what they want. As a woman who works hard to enjoy life’s pleasures, you deserve a Card that understands you and puts you first. The all-new DBS Woman’s MasterCard® Card is specially enhanced with travel, dining, shopping and lifestyle privileges available on...

  • DBS Shopper




    DBS Shopper is every self-respecting shopper's new best friend! It assembles irresistable deals and special discounts that you can enjoy in shops all over Singapore only with your DBS/POSB Credit or Debit cards. Enjoy its cool and intuitive features - find deals neatly categorized by Fashion,...

  • DBS Home Connect




    Buying a home is a big commitment. That’s why we created the new DBS Home Connect app to help you buy your dream home with confidence. Calculate monthly repayments swiftly. Be wise about your money. Learn about all the costs involved and how much would you be paying every month with our Loan...

  • DBS Quick Credit




    Get instant personal loan approval^ with DBS Quick Credit, a one-stop loan application available to you anytime, anywhere Features: Now all you have to do to get extra cash is: 1) Download the DBS Quick Credit App 2) Snap and fill – Simply snap a picture of your identification documents...

  • 星乐付




    星乐付(StarPay)是星展银行(中国)有限公司和中国银联股份有限公司共同推出的集转账、付费、查询等功能为一体的支付服务。星乐付采用独特的硬件加密方式,相关硬件通过了国家银行卡检测中心及中国银联的权威认证,为手机支付保驾护航。 [特点] 1.无需开通网银 2无需注册用户 3支持所有带有银联标识的银行卡(部分功能仅支持借记卡) [主要功能] 1.卡卡转账 2.余额查询 3.信用卡还款 4.手机充值 5.水费 6.电费 7.燃气费 8.固话/宽带 9.全国交罚 10.99无限商城 11.游戏充值 12.Q币充值 13.景点门票 14.今夜酒店...

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