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Cooking Calculator

Weight, volume, temperature, density, scale recipe size, vegetable cooking guides, and the meat chef instructor, from oven to table we guide and advise. Because your time is precious, we simplifying your life, with the pleasure of taste. The most exclusive cooking calculator, with all the tools you need. For those with a taste for quality. -Fe…

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Cooking Converter

Easy Fast Converter. One touch conversion for common units, for chefs in a hurry, or those desiring to convert multiple measurements fast. One touch, and the jobs, done. Volume and Weight Multi View. Instantly see conversion across multiple measurements at the same time. It comes in both volume, and weight. Perfect for quick and easy comparisons o…

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Meat Cooking Times Pro

Are you worried you cannot cook meat or try new meats or recipes? Stop right there! Because with this tool, ANYONE can cook perfect meat. You are guaranteed NOT to FAIL, with a 100% guarantee, to eliminate gueswork ever again. You will ALWAYS cook perfect meat dishes. That is my promise to you. Revealed at last! The cooking secrets gourmet chefs d…

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