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Mormon Translator

The Mormon Translator, as its name implies, proposes to give its reade...

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Marvel Superheroes

Our Marvel Superheroes app is a listing of Marvel Characters, Equipmen...

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The Freemason Glossary, as its name implies, proposes to give its read...

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CB Slang

Our CB Slang application is a very entertaining application all about...

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Wicca Dictionary

Do you know what Aborifacient means? How bout Invocation? You will fin...

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Holocaust Glossary

When studying the Holocaust, one comes across numerous terms in many d...

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Dream Interpretations

Our Dream Interpretation app covers over 5,000 possible images that ca...

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Security Terms

Our Security Terms app glossary of terms you commonly come across when...

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DC Comics Universe

Our DC Comics Guide is a complete listing of all DC Comics Superheroes...

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Gun Guide

Our Guns app is a Glossary of terminology, equipment, lingo, and defin...

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