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Mormon Translator

The Mormon Translator, as its name implies, proposes to give its readers full and authoritative information on the entire cycle of Mormon interests, action and doctrine, and what the Church teaches and has taught. It was created to give a better understanding of the Mormon Religion

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Download Freemasons Freemasons icon

The Freemason Glossary, as its name implies, proposes to give its readers full and authoritative information on the entire cycle of Freemason interests, action and doctrine. What the Freemasons teach and have taught. templar

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Download CB Slang CB Slang icon
CB Slang

Our CB Slang application is a very entertaining application all about lingo and slang spoken over the CB Radio. This is an amazing application for truckers. Whether you are a CB operator or just like listening in, this is a great application for you. Don’t be left in the dark not knowing what other people are saying.

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Download Wicca Dictionary Wicca Dictionary icon
Wicca Dictionary

Do you know what Aborifacient means? How bout Invocation? You will find the definition to these words and hundreds upon hundreds of other words, acronyms, and abbreviations in our Wicca Dictionary. If you are involved in Wicca, or you are interested in the subject,then this app is for you( wiccan witch witchcraft spells )

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Download Holocaust Glossary Holocaust Glossary icon
Holocaust Glossary

When studying the Holocaust, one comes across numerous terms in many different languages. This Holocaust glossary is here to help you understand these terms. We have created a comprehensive A to Z Glossary of Terms to help navigate through this extremely heart breaking topic that must never be forgotten.

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Download Dream Interpretations Dream Interpretations icon
Dream Interpretations

Our Dream Interpretation app covers over 5,000 possible images that can be interpreted in multiple ways. We have worked with Psychologists and Psychiatrists on this glossary. This App is perfect for the student, the professional, and anyone who enjoys trying to understand what he/she is dreaming about and what it means.

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Download Security Terms Security Terms icon
Security Terms

Our Security Terms app glossary of terms you commonly come across when dealing with the Security Issues, whether at home or on a nation level. We have included thousands of terms in a wide range of Security and Security laws. If you have any questions that involve security, then you will find it here.

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Download Gun Guide Gun Guide icon
Gun Guide

Our Guns app is a Glossary of terminology, equipment, lingo, and definitions used when talking about and shooting guns. Whether you are an avid gun collector, a casual shooter, or are interested in buying a gun, then this application is for you. This is a great way to not be left in the dark when hearing Gun terminology.

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Download Norse Mythology Norse Mythology icon
Norse Mythology

In our Norse Mythology application you will find details on the Norse Gods, Goddesses, and Myths. Discover how the world really came to be and read all about Thor, Loki, Odin, and more

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Download Gentlemens Clubs Gentlemens Clubs icon
Gentlemens Clubs

This application is a listing of all Gentlemen’s Clubs found all across America. We have compiled a list of strip Clubs with descriptions for each one, including: address, phone number, what the girls wear (or don’t wear), cover charge, drink charges, hours of operation, what kind of dances the girls give, and much more.

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