• Mobile Password Wallet




    Carry your password on your cell phone and input them on your computer automatically. No need to remember so many passwords anymore! You can also remote control your PPT playing on your computer using this application. P.S. Need to download a Java program on your computer. Support computers...

  • RSS News Banner




    When charging your phone, you can display news or any RSS feed flying by on your screen. You can select the RSS url, playing speed and refresh frequency.

  • Vocabulary Story




    Learn English and improve your vocabulary through TV shows, movies, and songs. Send us email, and we can make your favorite shows a vocabulary book. TTS package is requried, if you want to enable the voice. P.S. The first time you open a book, it will take a long time to download its contents....

  • Scratch Picture for Kids




    Scratch the screen and finger paint the picture. It is good for Kids from 0 - 3 age. It is simple and funny.

  • Red Panic




    A game like tilt2live. Tilt your phone to move the black dot away from red dots, and pick up weapons along the way to DESTROY them!

  • Beyond BarCode




    4.2 fixed back end server error 3.47 Added friends function. To become friends, both should add each other. This software is for China ONLY! This is a barcode scan tool that allows you to share reviews with your friend. Additionally, it can read information on a Chinese Railway ticket and...

  • 童谣儿歌




    下载并且播放经典的中文儿歌童谣,收集了脍炙人口的近百首童谣,并且童谣还在不断增加中。 歌曲包括:我的好妈妈,拔萝卜,一分钱,卖报歌,小兔子乖乖,采蘑菇的小姑娘,小老鼠等等。 本套童谣发布以来,深得广大华人朋友的喜爱,主要包括大陆,台湾,香港,澳门。您的任何建议可以通过应用上的反馈功能发给我们。我们正在持续改进我们的产品。 关键字:儿歌 童谣 早教 幼儿 启蒙 音乐 幼儿音乐 音乐启蒙 幼儿教育 The App allows downloading and playing Chinese kid songs. It supports auto-play and easy for...

  • KDS




    Android application client for KDS ( Designed for android phones. Simple, stable, low bandwidth and no adv. Features: 1. browse the forum 2. login, new post, reply post 3. only view the post of the poster. We will release new feature continuously. If any advice, please send mail...

  • Display real time sensor data




    This is a development tool to display sensor data in real time. It is helpful, if you want to develop application using sensor data.

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