• AirAsia Inflight Reader




    With Airasia Inflight Reader, Everyone can fly and read BOOKS and MAGAZINES for free at the same time. PLAN AHEAD - Download at home to avoid the sometimes slow airport wi-fi, when you get to the airport the downloaded books and magazines are unlocked for free and ready for you to enjoy. Every...

  • Island Exploration




    Hidden objects game lovers. Very interesting hidden object game for you “Island Exploration”. Explore the island and seek different hidden objects. Each island has 10 hidden objects that you have to find to unlock the next island. So what makes this game different from the other games? The...

  • Lock Screen




    Android Screen Lock With Notification Display Receive your notifications directly on your lock screen like iPhone and iPad. Features : 1.Check your notifications without unlocking your android device. On your phone and on your tablet. 2.Displays the notifications coming from any app on your...

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