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Download 199x Zoom Camera 199x Zoom Camera icon
199x Zoom Camera

With the 199x Zoom Camera, you can zoom in on images as close as you want. Select a picture, click on + + + to zoom in and to zoom out ---. To as high-resolution image so you can see more.

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Download Infrared camera Infrared camera icon
Infrared camera

Important: The infrared camera produces an image which marked locations they suspected infrared light to the. The app is easy to use: - Restart camera or select a picture - Automatic infrared image is created The functionality is kept very minimal: - Infrared Identification - Save the image - Turning on / off the camera To check if the app work…

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Download UV camera UV camera icon
UV camera

The UV camera created from a photo a UV image. It recognizes ask where possibly a high density of light is returned, which marks the app looks. Easy to use: First Start selecting camera or photo Second Take photo Third Ultraviolet image is created automatically

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Download Multiplayer Dots and Boxes Multiplayer Dots and Boxes icon
Multiplayer Dots and Boxes

Play against friends whether online or directly on a device. Red vs. Blue classic game Dots and Boxes. Each is characterized alternately a line and who has more squares wins. functions: - 2 players on one device - Play Online - Multiplayer - Artificial intelligence (AI) NEW: Play now against the Artificial Intelligence and show that you have what…

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Download BH Checker BH Checker icon
BH Checker

The bra Checker shows you the basis of a calculation of the size of the bra. Easy to use: First Camera Launch Second Head choose Third Breast choose Important: This is a fun app that spits out random values and is used for entertainment purposes only.

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Download Pervers aber Lustig Pervers aber Lustig icon
Pervers aber Lustig

Mit Perversen aber doch sehr Lustigen Sprüchen beeindruckt diese App Freunde, Party Gäste und überbrückt super Langeweile.

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Download Camera 3D without glasses Camera 3D without glasses icon
Camera 3D without glasses

The 3D camera without glasses produced from an image a cool 3D effect. It looks as though the picture closer by losing sharpness. Persons and objects can thus be clothed in a cool 3D effect.

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Download FPS Speed ​​Test FPS Speed ​​Test icon
FPS Speed ​​Test

The FPS speed test shows the speed of your mobile phone. It is a very complex benchmark tools. Your device creates small pixels which do not touch. There is a collision performs calculations, and thus the frame per second (FPS) rate determined. functions + FPS live display + Online comparison + Statistics + Style Change + Set the size + Record st…

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Download FPS Tachometer - Speed Test FPS Tachometer - Speed Test icon
FPS Tachometer - Speed Test

Wie schnell ist dein Gerät, dies kannst du nun mit dem FPS Tachometer anzeigen lassen. Es berechnet Objekte die miteinander Kollidieren. Sollte die FPS Rate also die Bilder pro Sekunde unter einen bestimmten Wert fallen ist dies das Maximum an Objekten welche dein Gerät berechnen kann. - Einfach - Schnell - Komfortabel - Ablesen So erfährst du ei…

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Download Finger on walkway Finger on walkway icon
Finger on walkway

Train your fingers on the finger walkway. On your marks! Done! GO! It is said in the 100-meter run and here you can crack it all the records. Are you faster than the world champion and with just your fingers? Find out!     The finger treadmill offers you the following features:        * Free Style        * 100 meter run        * Speedometer      …

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Download Microscope Cam Microscope Cam icon
Microscope Cam

Mit der Microscope Cam kannst du kleine Dinge ganz groß sehen. Einfach ein Foto machen oder aus der Gallery auswählen und mit den Buttons ran zoomen.

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Download Volume Button Camera Volume Button Camera icon
Volume Button Camera

With the volume button camera you can shoot photos with the speaker buttons. Ideal for photographing themselves. If one has no front camera available, this app is ideal. Easy to use: - App Launch - Volume up / down (photo shoot) - Asterisk (camera light) - Sound (sound on / off) - Back / Back (menu) A camera where the shutter button, the louder a…

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