• 7.0
    Settle Up

    Settle Up




    Settle Up is an app that automatically calculates how much has to pay each in shared expenses

  • Quiz & Poll

    Quiz & Poll




    Ever wish you could get your students to stop texting and use their phones productively in the classroom? Or want to gauge what your students have learned? This Android app and related systems enables educators to engage and challenge their students inside the classroom (using polls) and outside...

  • Fix Broken Power Button

    Fix Broken Power Button




    !No more support from the developer! Do you have broken power button? This app can save your phone! You can unlock screen by other keys and lock screen using widget. Details: - No ROOT required - Android 2.2 unlocks with VOLUME keys and TRACKBALL - Android 2.3 unlocks only with VOLUME keys -...

  • GPS Averaging

    GPS Averaging




    Allows to save GPS location much more precisely. Great geocaching tool for placing new geocaches. Can be used to precisely pinpoint any location. Features: * Precise location averaging weightened by GPS accuracy * Email export with Google Maps link * Show location in GMaps, Locus, ... * Altitude...

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