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Flag Widget HD

If you cannot find the widget, please read below FAQ. It is not a bug. Tiny size widget with ads and no spying permissions. *FAQ* Q : How do you put the widget on the home screen? A : Go to home screen and long press empty space and choose widget, Flags will be there for sticking on page. Q : One of the flag should look different. Can you change…

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Currency exchange in Warsaw

The application provides the latest exchange rates from one of the best currency exchange in Warsaw! Great for when you travel to Poland and need to get or calculate how much your money is worth. Use build-in calculator to convert rates and have an idea how much you should get for your currency. Works offline. Currencies: American Dollar, Euro, Br…

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Defense of the Andrut

This is a free tower defense game. - open field - active pause - map editor - tower tactics If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please contact us. Your feedback is always welcome. Remember, your 5 star rating keeps us motivated to make the game even better!

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Cooktop Live Wallpaper

Change your phone into a ceramic cooktop. It gets hotter the more battery level you have. Optimised for battery use. Tags: cooking, ceramic, heat, electric, hob

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