• Muzei - Bing Image of the Day




    This Muzei art source retrieves the current Bing image of the day. Features: - Choose what orientation optimization you prefer (portrait or landscape) - Choose the Bing market to be used - Switch between the last 8 Bing images of the day without reloading them each time

  • 7.0

    Minimalistic Text: Widgets




    Minimalistic text is a highly customizable widget app

  • Xperia Z1 Bluetooth media fix




    This app bypasses a problem of the Sony Xperia Z1: When certain Bluetooth headsets get connected to the device the audio can get noisy / corrupt. This app re-connects a A2DP headset after it has been connected to bypass this problem. Please tell me when your Bluetooth headset doesn't work or...

  • Minimalistic Text - Call AddOn




    This AddOn for Minimalistic Text allows Minimalistic Text to initiate direct calls. You need this AddOn if you want to start a direct call shortcut through a Minimalistic Text widget.

  • Blue Head Buddy




    Blue Head Buddy is a little app that fills a gap in the Android operating system. If you use a Bluetooth headset in your car you propably know the annoyance of turning on bluetooth when you start driving and shut it off when you are at your destination. An alternative would be to let Bluetooth on...

  • Scrum Voter




    Tired of using self made paper to show your story points vote in a scrum meeting? Use your phone! This really simple app allows you to show your story points vote using your Android device. It can be configured to support any number range between 0 and 50. (Default: 0-12)

  • Browser Home




    Simple Home Screen replacement that displays only a web page. This is useful if you want to use an Android device as a control unit for something that is controlled using a web page. Supports authentication, cache and zooming options

  • 7.0

    Minimalistic Text Key (pro)




    Minimalistic text is a highly customizable widget app

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