• Swing Helicopter game

    Swing Helicopter game




    Are you a challenge lover? If yes then get ready for extreme level of challenges!! Swing helicopter is a helicopter flying game where you need to fly the chopper and pass through tough obstacles and rescue the chopper plane pilot. All you need is to control the fun free helicopter by tapping left...

  • Kids Abc Puzzle free

    Kids Abc Puzzle free




    ABC Kids Puzzle is a puzzle game specially designed for kids learning.Learning the letters & the ABC's just got a Clever Kids ABC Alphabet Puzzles is a learning game for preschool children aged between 2 and 6 years old. We have created several worlds for each kid to learn the alphabet...

  • Temple dots box - saga puzzle

    Temple dots box - saga puzzle




    Are you an extreme challenge lover??? Wants to challenge yourself?? Then you’re at right place. Welcome to the game club!!! Do you think that you’re smart enough to solve any complex brain puzzle?? Let’s check it out. We are proudly presenting you an extremely addicting and challenging puzzle...

  • Memory Game for kids

    Memory Game for kids




    Improve your memory! This app has been designed to improve your focus and concentration as regular mental exercises can greatly improve your memory. It is a good game for children, though adults may find it challenging as well.Make good use of your time and enjoy !!! It's really an...

  • Floppy Clumsy Apache

    Floppy Clumsy Apache




    Strap on tight pilot because helicopters are by definition much more difficult to fly than airplanes. Its a classic helicopter game.The basic principle to play this game is to tap and fly away.Become a real helicopter pilot and test your flying skills to the max! take a sit in the cockpit of the...

  • Cute Animal Puzzle Kids Game

    Cute Animal Puzzle Kids Game




    A perfect and unique puzzle game ever made to occupy the brain for kids and adults alike Jigsaw puzzles for all ages. Jigsaw Puzzles provide hours of entertainment for you and your whole family. You'll never need to buy jigsaw puzzle again.This jigsaw puzzle is awesome due to its new and...

  • Floppy Clumsy Craft!

    Floppy Clumsy Craft!




    Flap your wings and fly away in this amazing game. Cute planes are around and is your job to help them. Help these planes flap their wings and get as far as possible. Floopy planes is a very simple game. Tap the screen to flap your plane's wings and try to avoid obstacles. Whose planes is...

  • Connect Dots - puzzle games

    Connect Dots - puzzle games




    Connect dots is a dots connecting challenge puzzle game with special romantic love theme. This game is ultimate brain puzzles where you need to put your utmost attentions to connect dots in such a way that you complete squares by making loops of lines. How to Play ■ Tap between the squares and...

  • Candy Dots

    Candy Dots




    Hi girls, kids, teens & everybody wish you the happiest of holidays and new year celebrations! Hey candy lovers come on time to crush and smash the delicious candies. Are you a fan of candy games? If the answer is yes, Candy Dots is the perfect game for you! Do you remember the game you used...

  • Idiots Brand Challenge

    Idiots Brand Challenge




    "Idiots Brand Challenge" is a very motivational and addictive game. It lets you identify the level of your knowledge about the worldwide brands/logos. What you need to do is to identify the logo which scrolls from left to right and select the right name of the brand. There are two...

  • Memory Match Challenge

    Memory Match Challenge




    Hi everyone! Welcome to the Memory Match Challenge. Do you want to improve your memory and have fun at the same time? There is nothing better than “Memory Match Challenge”. Improve your memory with “Memory Match Challenge”! “Memory Match Challenge” has been designed to improve your focus and...

  • Idiots App Challenge

    Idiots App Challenge




    We are using various company software and mobile applications every day. How many of the logos do you know? Let see how many of software logos you can recognize. Get the most exciting and challenging game that will entertain you for hours. Have great fun with Idiots App Challenge. You should...

  • Idiots Flag Challenge

    Idiots Flag Challenge




    "Idiots Flag Challenge" is a very motivational and addictive game. It lets you identify the level of your knowledge about the worldwide countries flag. Use your knowledge to complete the game! Learn flags of world countries with this fun and educational game. Learn and train your memory...

  • Flashlight torch - ultra shiny

    Flashlight torch - ultra shiny




    Flashlight torch - ultra shiny app for your device with very simple tap and start on\off instant usage. Stunning sun like bright torch app transforms your device into a super bright flash light. This app will use your device's camera LED / flash or screen as a torch. The best flash light app...

  • Quotes and Sayings

    Quotes and Sayings




    Are you Looking for motivation to improve your life quality? Motivation is the core of all action. Whether a person succeeds, fails or leads depends upon this variable. Best quotes from great minds. Thousands of inspiring quotes organized in different categories and authors. Inspire and be...

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