• SMS to GMAIL




    ★ THIS APP IS ABSOLUTLY AD-FREE! ★ This invaluable App let's you backup your SMS messages the easy way: just push them to your Google Mail account! ★ First configure your Google Mail credentials ★ Choose from any Google Mail label you have ★ From now on the App will push every SMS you...

  • Remember My Apps




    This app helps you if you reset your android driven device to its factory settings. It lets you create a list of all apps you have installed and stores it on your external storage (like a SD card or similar). Now reset your device and reinstall this Remember My Apps first. As soon as you open...

  • 3D Photo Cam DEMO




    This App lets you create threedimensional photos in an easy way. ★ THIS APP IS ABSOLUTLY AD-FREE! ★ This is the free but limited demo version of the 3D Photo Cam. It can't save your finished work, this can only be done by installing the full version. You just have to take two pictures: one...

  • Dots & Boxes DEMO




    ★ THIS APP IS ABSOLUTLY AD-FREE! ★ This app is the limited but free demo version of Dots & Boxes. Play alone (against the droid) or against a friend. Set field size between 3x3 and 9x9. Two levels of difficulty. For three levels, install the full version. Take turns drawing lines between...

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