• 4.1

    Cut Paste Photos




    Photo editing app which lets you crop from one photo and copy to another

  • Mud Boy




    Help Mud boy escape Water pouring in and help him run through the levels and reach his family. Mud Boy has boy made of Mud Run through different levels. Mud Boy run is best game to play with unique Character. Help Mud Boy escape the water as he runs through all the levels.

  • Photo Grid Builder




    Photo Grid Builder lets you build 90 different style Photo grids with 15 different background textures, tons of Stickers with ability to Write Text on Photos, Draw on Photos Freehand and many Photo Effects. Photo Grid Builder Key features: 1. Has 90 Photo Grids in various styles and formats. 2....

  • Rickshaw




    Rickshaw rider is an action packed game with driving in rough area and uphill driving to pick up Rickshaw customers. Rickshaw includes 6 levels with adventurous driving in hilly areas. Help Rickshaw driver make some money by picking up customers.

  • Real Talking Cheetah




    Real Talking Cheetah will interact with you and talk back and make funny movements. Real Talking Cheetah has following features: 1. Real Talking Cheetah will listen to everything you say. 2. Talking Cheetah will talk back in his funny voice. 3. Shake the phone and cheetah will dance for you. 4....

  • Flower Collages




    Best looking Flower Themed Collages with Variation that include Grid Collage and Free Flow Collages. Flower Collages has two themes: 1. Grid Collages: Collage that are predesigned with 2 and 3 flowers where you can put your face in. 2. Free Form Collages: Flower background where you can put any...

  • Locket Photo Wallpaper




    Locket Photo Wallpaper is the best Love Wallpaper for people in love. Locket Photo Wallpaper has following features: 1. Chose one of the many Locket Frames with Love theme. 2. Chose one the the many Heart themed Backgrounds. 3. Set Photo in the locket. Watch you love locket move back and...

  • Photo Cartoon Maker




    Create best looking hand drawn style cartoons with Photo Cartoon Maker. Photo cartoons can be created in multiple styles like Canny Cartoon, Sobel Cartoon, Contours Cartoon. Photo Cartoon Maker is easy to use: 1. Select a Photo from Gallery or take a new picture. 2. Select one of the thumbnails...

  • Photo Face Makeup




    Photo Face Makeup has most advanced tools to make up your face in photos and turn them into awesome faces. Face Makeup comes with advanced makeup tools including: 1. Eye Changer: Custom made Eye designs to replaces your eyes in photos. Different eye colors to pop up your photos. 2. Hair...

  • Skin Tone Editor




    Skin Tone Editor lets you change Skin Colors to something funny (Like Face painting color) or Natural Skin colors Automatically with our algorithm with single click and provides advanced editor if you want to fine tune color changes. Skin Tone Editor comes in three modes: 1. Auto Mode based on...

  • Night Frames




    Night Frames custom made Photo Frames to show off your creativity with features where your photos can be placed in Moon and Stars in night time settings. Night Photo Frames is easy to use: 1. Chose one of the frame designs. 2. Adjust Photos in transparent area with two finger gestures. Photos...

  • Cricket Photos Of Me




    Create Cricketer Photos of yourself and friends and share them with everyone. Create Photos with you in full cricket gear both as batsman and bowler and show off the creations with friends and family. Best looking cricket photos of you. Cricket Photos Of Me is easy to use: 1. Select a Photos...

  • Auto Photo Eraser




    Auto Erase Objects in Photos by simply wiping them with your finger. Any object can be removed seamlessly from Photos without having to provide any information or selecting any choices. Auto Photo Eraser is easy to use: 1. Select a Photo from which you want to delete objects or delete people...

  • Twin Photos Stitch




    Create awesome looking Twin Photos by stitching two photos together to make them look seamless. Create double still of same person and wow people. Twin Photo Stitch is easy to use: 1. Have your photo target stand on left side of camera and Take a Picture. 2. Move the Person towards right side of...

  • Fashion Photo Maker




    Create Fashion photos with Your Photo's on Fashion Objects including Photo Magazine Cover Pages, Stylish Coffee Cup Photos, Photos on Shirts and Belt Buckles. Fashion Photo Maker is easy to use: 1. Select a Photo from Gallery, new Photos with Camera or Facebook Photo. 2. Crop the Photo so...

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