• Photo Cloth Stain Remover

    Photo Cloth Stain Remover




    Remove Stains on Clothes in Photos and Turn Photos into professionally looking photos with Stain Remover app. Want to cleanup photos with stains or objects that you don't want in Photos? This is the App for you. Cloth Stain Remover is a custom Object Remover app made for Clothes and cleanup...

  • Cut Paste Photos

    Cut Paste Photos




    Create custom photos by cutting from photos and paste the content (People, Animals, whatever object you want in your photos) in other photos. Create new photos with content. Want to Swap Faces? Cut one face and Paste it on the Other. Want to Remove Photo Background? Cut the people out and put...

  • Shake Collage

    Shake Collage




    Shake collage creates collages with awesome styles and awesome backgrounds with photos of your choice. Shake the phone and create new styles and wow everyone with photo collages created from Shake Photo Collage. You can choose any number of photos to create the awesome collages and they are...

  • Photo Water Ripples LWP

    Photo Water Ripples LWP




    Photo Water Ripples LWP is your photo based Live wallpaper. You can chose a Photo of your choice and set that as background for your water based wallpaper. Every time you touch on the screen, water ripples are created over your photo on the background. Photo Water Ripples LWP lets you create...

  • Crazy Dress Me

    Crazy Dress Me




    Crazy Dress to make your photos shine with crazy dressed up photos. Take any normal photo of you or a friend and dress up with crazy dresses that are part of the app and share them with friends and family. Crazy Dress Me lets you dress up any photo in following dresses: 1. Biker Dress Up 2....

  • Rainy Photos

    Rainy Photos




    Create Animated Photos with Rain effect added to your photos. Take any ordinary photo and create an illusion that photo was taken in rain and create animated gif's of rain photos. Want to see how a pose looks in rain? Create Rainy Animations with ordinary Photos. You can select a photo from...

  • Balaram





    Balaram is fighting enemies including Evil Monsters and Kinds and Fire. Help Balaram defeat the enemies with weapons like Plough, Bow and Arrows and Magic water. Each Weapon is custom made to defeat a enemy of Balaram. Enemies and Weapons: Rakshasa: When even rakshasa attacks use the Plough...

  • Tilt Labyrinth

    Tilt Labyrinth




    Labyrinth game where you control the steel ball on wooden Labyrinth with awesome sounds and game play where you tilt the phone to guide the steel ball in wooden Labyrinth. Play Labyrinth to help improve your brain power and show off your puzzle skills to your friends. Labyrinth is best brain...

  • Cat Sounds

    Cat Sounds




    Cat sounds for your entertainment. You can use the cat whistle to have your dog chase as if your phone is a cat toy for your dog. Or you can use it to entertain kids like its a cat piano using it as a cat sound board. Cat Sounds include sounds of Angry Cat, Hungry Cat, Cat purring, Cat Meow, Mad...

  • Style Suit Me

    Style Suit Me




    Create Suit Photos from regular photos. Need a professional photo with Suit? Need to update social networks with your suit photos? This is the app for you. Create gorgeous looking photos with suits tailored for every photo and decorate them with suits from various regions including American...

  • Talking Turtle 3D

    Talking Turtle 3D




    Talking Turtle is the best 3D Character which listens to everything you say and talk back to you in funny turtle voice. Talking Turtle is also Dancing turtle. Click in any Bubbles and Talking Turtle will start dancing for the awesome music associated with each of the bubble. Touch the Turtle and...

  • Famous Photo Frames

    Famous Photo Frames




    Create awesome looking photo frames of you at famous places by embedding your photos in famous places. Share and show off the photos of you at famous places with friends and family. Select any photo from Gallery or Facebook and embed the photo of your choice into Famous place photos like Taj...

  • Ravan





    Ravaṇa is the primary antagonist in the Hindu epic Ramayana, where he is depicted as the rakshasa and asura king of Lanka. Help Rama Defeat Ravana in this Arrow shooting game in each level as complexity increases. Ravan with his 10 heads in the battle need to lose all the heads to lose the...

  • Bala Krishna Run

    Bala Krishna Run




    Bala Krishna (also Chinni Krishna, Little Krishna, Gopala Krishna) is best known for his love for Cheese. You need to help Krishna run and make it to cheese pot and steal the cheese. Bala Krishna Run is the best running game for people who love Krishna and Baby Krishna's deeds in chasing...

  • Tickle Princess

    Tickle Princess




    Tickle Princess will bring smile to everyone by easing out tension and pressure from everyday life. Tickle the Princess for her to Move and Act as if she got ticked and laugh very cutely. Tickle Princess is entertainer both for adults and kids alike. Want to bring smile on someones face, let me...

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