• Shark Adventure

    Shark Adventure




    Shark Adventure is an awesome shark game where Shark has to Dash through each ocean and save the baby sharks. Shark adventure shows sharks through all the five oceans where shark races through to reach baby sharks. Help Sharks rush through oceans and save baby sharks. Game play is simple enough...

  • Jagan Magic

    Jagan Magic




    Jagan Magic is exciting running game where you need to help Jagan win every district of AP and help Andhra Pradesh prosper in Jagan's Rule. Game Play is simple: 1. Tap on the screen for Jagan to Jump over an obstruction. 2. Tap Higher to Jump Higher. 3. Tap in Flight for Jagan to Fly. Help...

  • Modi Run

    Modi Run




    Help Modi through all the states and gather the votes to win the election and become PM of India. Modi Run is an action game where politician Modi Runs through all the states and wins over the election to become Prime Minister of India. Help Modi Run through all of the states including: 1....

  • Tickle Bunny

    Tickle Bunny




    Tickle Bunny lets you tickle the Rabbit and the bunny will entertain you with its laughs and giggles. You can Tickle Bunny as many times as you want. Tickle Bunny is the best stress reliever. Any time your want to laugh or make kids around you laugh, Take out Tickle Bunny and Tickle the Rabbit.

  • Santa Phone Call

    Santa Phone Call




    Surprise everyone with a realistic Santa Phone Call and let Santa what you wanted everyone around hear. Santa call will surprise everyone and bring joy and happiness to kids. How to Use Santa Phone: Schedule a Call from Santa: a) Decide when yo receive phone call from Santa and set the...

  • Baby Phone

    Baby Phone




    Baby Phone is the best to entertain kids and family members by receiving phone call from cute baby who says what you want to hear or what you want everyone to hear. Baby Phone call is the best Prank to have if you like to entertain kids and friends. Baby Phone is the best way to entertain...

  • Fireman Action

    Fireman Action




    Fireman Action is the most exciting Fireman game where you need to help put off the fires. Firemen are the first respondents when ever there is an emergency or Fire Accidents and here our fireman need to put off fire in each level of the game and save the world. Fireman Action include exciting...

  • Ascii Pictures

    Ascii Pictures




    Create Ascii Pictures that look professionally done from regular photos and share them with friends and family. Ascii Pictures are create from any photo from multiple sources include Picture Gallery, Facebook and new photo from Camera. Ascii Pictures create beautiful looking Ascii Photos from...

  • Parrot Sounds

    Parrot Sounds




    Plays Parrot sounds with a great volume control. Entertainer for kids and parents alike who like parrot both as pets and talking Parrots. Parrots, also known as psittacines are birds of the roughly 372 species in 86 genera that make up the order Psittaciformes found in most tropical and...

  • Floating Pictures - Collages

    Floating Pictures - Collages




    Floating Pictures lets you create Collages with Photos of your choice arranged in layers and awesome looking borders that you can share with friends and family. Features of Floating Pictures Collage Maker: 1. Backgrounds: Choose backgrounds for Collages from variety of backgrounds. 2. Add...

  • Camera Magic

    Camera Magic




    Camera Magic turns your photo's into magically looking artistic photo's with expression. Turn any photo into combination of Artistic Sketch and Photo and bring out artist in you. Wow your friends with Magic Camera that turn regular photos into magically looking art. Camera Magic amazes...

  • Real Talking Squirrel

    Real Talking Squirrel




    Real Talking Squirrel has real Squirrel interacting with you rather than cartoons or ugly looking animals. Real Talking Squirrel is the cutest animal you can find and squirrel loves chatting you up. Real Talking Squirrel has following features: 1. Talking Animal listens to everything you say....

  • Photo Fire Effects

    Photo Fire Effects




    Fire Effects for your photo's from Phone and Facebook. Burn Photo's and show off to your friends and family you neat Photo Tricks. Bad Breakup? Burn all your partners photo's virtually. The Virtual Fire burns the Photo's you select. Show off how you are burning the photo's by...

  • Selfie Stickers

    Selfie Stickers




    Selfie Stickers to decorate your selfies and save them or share with friends and family. Selfie Stickers has vast collection of Stickers to decorate your selfies to make selfies pretty and good looking. Categories of Stickers that can decorate your photos: 1. Glasses as Stickers to decorate...

  • Cat Run Save Kittens

    Cat Run Save Kittens




    Cat Run is an exciting Cat running Game where Cat run's to reach its baby Kittens and wins over the levels. Each level is made with custom cat themes and cat friends backgrounds and movement of cat and animations of cat are realistic. Cat Run is the best Cat Game with Cat running, Jumping...

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