• Real Talking Cat

    Real Talking Cat




    Real Talking Cat has a Real Cat listening to you and talking back to you and also will try to impress you with its awesome looking dance move and the talking Real cat has an attitude and cries when you bother her with your finger. Features: 1. Talking Real Cat will listen to everything you say....

  • Floating Photos Wallpaper

    Floating Photos Wallpaper




    Create your own Custom Wallpaper with floating Photos on your wallpaper. Select any number of Photos from your Gallery and create Flying Photos Wallpaper with your own photos customized for your needs. Select any number of photos and create flying photos wallpaper by customizing each photo with...

  • Piano Keyboard

    Piano Keyboard




    Piano Keyboard is a virtual piano app that allows you to compose music, play your own Music in a simple way. You can down Piano App free of charge. It features a new innovative way to play piano on your phone. Optimized for both headphones and inbuilt Phone speakers. Play along with your Phone...

  • Retro Photo Camera

    Retro Photo Camera




    Like the Retro Photo's? Like Old School photo's? This is the app for you. Create Retro Photo effects using the Retro Photo Camera from photos that are in your phone, new photo from Camera, Facebook. Create the photo's and share them with your friends and family on facebook, twitter...

  • Helicopter Pilot War

    Helicopter Pilot War




    You are the Pilot of a Helicopter in War Zone and need to land Helicopter safely escaping dangerous objects and obstructions set up for you to fail. Helicopter Pilot War includes 6 exciting levels each custom designed for Helicopter game with landing the helicopter in safe zone as theme. This...

  • Kangaroo Phone Call

    Kangaroo Phone Call




    Kangaroo Phone Call is the best entertainer where you can show off receiving phone call from kangaroo that talks on phone in cute kangaroo voice based on your pre recorded message. Kangaroo Phone Call can be entertainer both for kids and adults. You can schedule and receive a phone call with pre...

  • Love Collage

    Love Collage




    Love Collages is the best way to create collages with love theme. Love Collage has custom designed Collages with love themes and love backgrounds that are better suited for people in love. Love Collage is best way to express your love with collage and pictures. Love Collage is easy to use: 1....

  • Hot Basketball Mania

    Hot Basketball Mania




    Hot Basketball Mania is the top basketball game for playing basketball like a pro. Enjoy the Top basketball mania experience with Real Basketball like playing basketball in an Arena. Hot Basketball mania is an addictive game designed for fans of the game everywhere with Hoops setup for playing...

  • Pimple Remover

    Pimple Remover




    Pimple Remover helps you to remove Pimples from Photos and Acne or even stains on clothes from your photos can be removed or erased with Pimple Remover. Pimple Remover works as great photo editing tool when you need to remove small particle that are causing embarrassment for you in the photos....

  • Police Chase

    Police Chase




    Police Chase is very interesting and funny police officer chase games. You have to help the thief escape the police officer chasing him. As you go up the levels the police chase will become faster and faster. Run, jump, duck and roll your way to freedom from the police officer on hot pursuit...

  • Chicken Run

    Chicken Run




    Chicken Run is an exciting where you help Chicken Run and Jump over obstacles and reach the end of the Each game level. Chicken Run has a running chicken to reach its eggs that are end of each level. Help the Chicken Jump over obstacles as Run fast to reach the levels. Chicken Run includes...

  • Cat Caller

    Cat Caller




    Schedule a Call from Cat and receive the Phone call from Cat that says what you want on phone and surprise everyone around with cat call. Cat Caller works in easy to use to Way: 1. Pick the time when to receive the free call from Cat. 2. Record what you want the cat to say when you get phone...

  • Sniper hunt Terrorists

    Sniper hunt Terrorists




    Sniper hunt Terrorist is an action packed game where as a Soldier, you hunt down the terrorists and save innocent citizens from evil Terrorists. Sniper hunt Terrorist is pure entertainment game where you need to complete each of the six levels by killing the terrorists and saving people from...

  • Abhimanyu - Warrior Prince

    Abhimanyu - Warrior Prince




    Abhimanyu is the story of Warrior of Mahabharata. Help Abhimanyu defeat Kauravas in powerful Padmavyuham battle fighting with bow and arrows. Abhimanyu the Warrior Prince is action packed game with multiple levels of War Zone with Abhimanyu fighting with bow and arrows. Background Story:...

  • Fat Boy Run

    Fat Boy Run




    Help Fat baby run for the Ice Cream truck and reach his destination and celebrate victory with some nice Ice Cream. Fat Boy Run is the most exciting Run Game with awesome baby levels and candy themed levels to match the game. Fat Boy Run has 12 different levels with Ice Cream truck waiting for...

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