• Twin Photos Stitch




    Create awesome looking Twin Photos by stitching two photos together to make them look seamless. Create double still of same person and wow people. Twin Photo Stitch is easy to use: 1. Have your photo target stand on left side of camera and Take a Picture. 2. Move the Person towards right side of...

  • Fashion Photo Maker




    Create Fashion photos with Your Photo's on Fashion Objects including Photo Magazine Cover Pages, Stylish Coffee Cup Photos, Photos on Shirts and Belt Buckles. Fashion Photo Maker is easy to use: 1. Select a Photo from Gallery, new Photos with Camera or Facebook Photo. 2. Crop the Photo so...

  • Photo Decorator Wallpaper




    Chose a Photo of your choice as Wallpaper with Photo Effects Like Rain On Photo or Snow on Photo and Decorate the Photo with decorations like Falling Flowers, Falling Leaves and Floating Bubbles. Photo Decorator Wallpaper is easy to use: 1. Set Photo Decorator Wallpaper as LWP. Click on Settings...

  • Magical Photo Blender




    Blend two of your Photos into a single Photo to create a theme for the Photos. Whether its Photos of two Blended together or Same Person Photo Blended twice in 2 poses, Photos are Blended seamlessly. Magical Photo Blender is easy to use: 1. Select any two pictures. It can be two pictures of same...

  • Republic Day Frames




    On Indian Republic Day this year wish People with Your Photos decorated in Republic day frames. Republic Day Frames is easy to use: 1. Select a Photo from Gallery, Facebook and new Photo using Camera. 2. Select one of the six Replica day Frames custom made for the app. 3. Adjust photo in Frame...

  • Sketch Me Now




    Create Sketches from Photos using Sketch Me Now and share them. Best Looking Sketches are created from Photos with Live animation of Sketch being drawn on White Screen with a pencil. Sketch Me Now is easy to use: 1. Select a Photo from Gallery, Camera or Facebook Photo. 2. Watch the beautiful...

  • 3D Photo Mirrors




    Best Looking 3D Mirror Views of your Photos. 3 Mirror Photos look gorgeous and you can share them with everyone to show off awesome creations. 3D Photo Mirrors is easy to use: 1. Select a Photo from Gallery, New Photo using camera or Facebook Photo to create Mirror Photos. 2. Select one of the...

  • Photo Wonders




    Create wonderful photos with Photo Wonders and decorate them to show off to your friends and family. Photo Wonders has 30 different Photo Wonders. Each photo Wonder provides great effects and wonderful photo's. Photo Wonders lets you select a photo from any of sources: 1. Photo from...

  • Famous Hoarding




    Be Famous by putting your Photos on famous hoardings and sharing them with friends and family. Famous Hoardings is the best Hoarding Photo Frames app with Hoarding Frames that are famous. Famous Photo Hoardings is easy to use: 1. Select a picture from Gallery, New Photos or from Facebook. 2....

  • Famous Photo Frames




    Create awesome looking photo frames of you at famous places by embedding your photos in famous places. Share and show off the photos of you at famous places with friends and family. Select any photo from Gallery or Facebook and embed the photo of your choice into Famous place photos like Taj...

  • Blur Photo Background




    Blur Photo Backgrounds blurs the Photos and lets you selectively unblur the parts of Photos to set Focus on and Pop Parts of Photo or Pop People in Photos to draw attention to. Blur Photo Background is easy to use: 1. Select a Photo from Gallery, Camera or Facebook. 2. Blurred Photo is shown...

  • Photo Water Reflection




    Photo Water Reflection creates the best Water Reflection animations from any of your photos and lets you share the animated water reflection movies (In Animated Gif Format) with friends and family. Photo Water Reflection is the way to create reflections with your photos that you take or from...

  • Pimple Remover




    Pimple Remover helps you to remove Pimples from Photos and Acne or even stains on clothes from your photos can be removed or erased with Pimple Remover. Pimple Remover works as great photo editing tool when you need to remove small particle that are causing embarrassment for you in the photos....

  • Paper Artist




    Paper Artist turns anyone into an Artist that creates amazing Art work on different styles of paper. Turn any normal looking photo into Paper Art with Paper Artist. Different styles of Paper which includes Clean white Paper, Colored Paper, Washed out Paper, Dirty Paper, Used Paper patterns are...

  • Photo on a Coffee Cup




    Photo on a Coffee Cup lets you to put a nicely cut Photo on different styles of coffee cups and coffee mugs and adjust to see how the photo looks on coffee cup. Photo on a Coffee Cup Lets you export Coffee Cup with Your Photo on it or export Cut Photo without any cups so that you can take the...

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