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  • Face Place Photo

    Face Place Photo




    Put your Face in funny creations and create awesome pictures of you and your friends that you can save and share with friends. Face Place Photo is easy to use: 1. Select a Photo either from camera, Gallery or Facebook photo. 2. Select the style you want from Cat Face, Astronomer photo, Joker...

  • Photo Story Book

    Photo Story Book




    Create awesome Looking Story Books and Play them to friends and family and show off your story telling skills. Story Books can be created in easy to use steps: 1. Decide on the Story Book name and layout style (Whether you want landscape or portrait style) 2. For each Page add a Photo and...

  • Cartoon My Photo

    Cartoon My Photo




    Create awesome looking Cartoon Photos from any photo that you can save and share with friends and family. Cartoon Photos are easy to create: 1. Select a Photo either from your Gallery, New Photo with Camera or a Facebook Photo. 2. Adjust the face identified to make sure right face is...

  • Love Frames Animated

    Love Frames Animated




    Collection and Animated Frames to Decorated your pictures and your loved ones photos with animated Love Frames. Each Animated Gif is custom made for people in love to create stylish animations with their photos. Love Frames Animated is easy to use: 1. Select a Photo of you and your loved (2...

  • Photo Mixer

    Photo Mixer




    Create awesome looking collages made in Grid style or Free Form Collages with Photo Effects applied to photos and Unique Borders, Photo Backgrounds and Text On collages. Mix Photos has unique Collages Like: 1. Grid Collages With Grids for 2,3,4,5,6 Photos. You can create awesome grids with each...

  • Replace Photo Background

    Replace Photo Background




    Replace your Photo Backgrounds with the photos you prefer and make it look like you are in places you have never been or change and ugly background into something awesome. Photo Background Changer is easy to use and its a step by step process: 1. Select a Photo from Either Photo Gallery, New...

  • Bald Head - Hairy Head

    Bald Head - Hairy Head




    Make your photos Bald Headed photos or decorate your Photos with Stylish Colored Hair Styles. Bald Head Photos or Stylish Hair Styles can be created easily: 1. Select a Photo from Gallery, New Photo with Camera or a Photo from Facebook, 2. Adjust the Face detected to suit your needs. 3. Chose...

  • Face Exchange

    Face Exchange




    Exchange two faces and make the photos look funny. Face Exchange is unique with following features: 1. Exchange Faces from Photo or Swap with Face from another Photo. 2. Change faces with Photos from Facebook and Your Gallery or New Photo, 3. Replace a Facebook Photo Face with something from...

  • Robots in Photos

    Robots in Photos




    Add Robots to photos and Prank your friends with Robots in Different Poses in Photo's Add Robots to photos in your Gallery, New Photo from Camera or Facebook Photos. Different Types of flying Robots can be added to prank friends. Take any picture and add Robot Image to the picture and share...

  • Running Race

    Running Race




    Runnings Race is Track and field sport which combines various athletic contests based on the skills of running, jumping. You can chose the player you want to be and run and jump the hurdles to reach the end and win. Running Race is like Championship game where everyone from world is competing....

  • Cat Language Translator

    Cat Language Translator




    Understand you cat better by translating Cat's Tail Language, Cats Body Language and Cat Mood sounds into English. Easily Figure what mood your cat is in and figure out how to make your cat feel better. Cat Translator is mainly 3 parts: 1. Cat Tail Language : Understand what your cat's...

  • Love Photo Rings

    Love Photo Rings




    Create awesome looking Love Rings with two Photo in heart shape and awesome looking Love Ring Frames. You can choose from Verity of Love Ring Frames and apply the same to your heart shaped photos. Love Photo Rings is easy to use: 1. Select 2 Photos (Love Photo Rings will let use Crop the Photo...

  • Heart Shape Frames

    Heart Shape Frames




    Heart Shaped frames are uniquely created with people holding hands in heart shapes, animals holding holding hands to create heart shapes. Heart Shape Frames are easy to use: 1. Select a Photo from Device Gallery, New Photo from Camera or a Facebook photo. 2. Select one of the Heart frames from...

  • Word Chain Puzzle

    Word Chain Puzzle




    Word Chain is a fun game where you chain words together and make chain of words by dragging and dropping words in chains. Each Puzzle has 10 words with 6 of the 10 words in the word chain and remaining 4 words out of context. You need to arrange the words in chain accordingly to win the level....

  • Snow Photos

    Snow Photos




    Add Snow Animations to your photos with snow effects overlaid over regular photos and make them pop. Save and share the Snow Animations photos as animated gif's with friends and family. Select a Photo from Gallery, or new Photo from Camera or a Facebook Photo and Add Snow animations to...

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