• Real Talking Squirrel

    Real Talking Squirrel




    Real Talking Squirrel has real Squirrel interacting with you rather than cartoons or ugly looking animals. Real Talking Squirrel is the cutest animal you can find and squirrel loves chatting you up. Real Talking Squirrel has following features: 1. Talking Animal listens to everything you say....

  • Photo Fire Effects

    Photo Fire Effects




    Fire Effects for your photo's from Phone and Facebook. Burn Photo's and show off to your friends and family you neat Photo Tricks. Bad Breakup? Burn all your partners photo's virtually. The Virtual Fire burns the Photo's you select. Show off how you are burning the photo's by...

  • Selfie Stickers

    Selfie Stickers




    Selfie Stickers to decorate your selfies and save them or share with friends and family. Selfie Stickers has vast collection of Stickers to decorate your selfies to make selfies pretty and good looking. Categories of Stickers that can decorate your photos: 1. Glasses as Stickers to decorate...

  • Cat Run Save Kittens

    Cat Run Save Kittens




    Cat Run is an exciting Cat running Game where Cat run's to reach its baby Kittens and wins over the levels. Each level is made with custom cat themes and cat friends backgrounds and movement of cat and animations of cat are realistic. Cat Run is the best Cat Game with Cat running, Jumping...

  • Real Talking Bird

    Real Talking Bird




    Real Talking Bird has real Bird Interacting with you. Real Talking Bird is the only talking Character with real live bird instead of cartoon character. Real Talking Bird Has awesome features including: 1. Real Bird listens to everything you say. 2. Talking Bird talks back in funny voice when...

  • Skateboard Champion

    Skateboard Champion




    Skateboard Game with super tricks and awesome game play with exciting levels to beat the championship and win the Skater championship. You are the skater and need to win the championship the Boy character tries to complete each level with you help. Help the Skater and make the boy Champion with...

  • Water Effects

    Water Effects




    Water Effects on your photo's. Create water effects on your photos as if your photo's are under and create beautiful water effects. Save the Water effects photo's or share Water effects photos with friends and family and using any photo sharing or edit the photo's using Photo...

  • Talking Parrots

    Talking Parrots




    Talking Parrot talks back whatever you say in funny parrot voice. If you hurt the Parrot, he will let you know that Parrot is very angry with a parrot shout and his body language. If you shake the phone, Talking Parrot gets into dancing mode and dances for disco music. Talking Parrot is a great...

  • Jigsaw Puzzles

    Jigsaw Puzzles




    Jigsaw Puzzles to sharpen your brain and encourage you to solve real problems. Jigsaw Puzzles custom designed for your phone and for your entertainment. Jigsaw puzzles including cats, Lions, Buildings like white house, Babies, Models, Dolls, Teddy's made for your phone. Jigsaw Puzzles with...

  • Model Dress Up

    Model Dress Up




    Welcome to world of fashion where you Dress Up Model with hot looking dress using Model Dress Up. You can dress up realistic looking model (Rather than a cartoon) and show her off on Ramp up for a cat walk. Create great looking models with fashion sense and great looking clothes and save them to...

  • Dog Whistle

    Dog Whistle




    Can you hear a dog whistle? Probably not. Dogs hear higher frequencies better than people do. That’s why dog whistles seem to be silent. Dogs hear the high frequency sounds that we can't. High frequency sounds usual travel further than voices and can be heard further away. You can control...

  • Real Talking Parrot

    Real Talking Parrot




    Real Talking Parrot is the best entertainer for both kids and adults with a real Parrot listening to everything you say and talk back in funny Parrot Voice. Real Talking Parrot has the best looking real Parrot. Real Parrot loves to entertain you. Why play with Cartoon animals when you can play...

  • Dog Sounds

    Dog Sounds




    Dog sounds for fun for kids, adults, dogs, cats. Handy Application for controlling dogs and cats with Variety of Dog Sounds like Typical Dog Barks, Dogs in Fight, Dog Chasing and imitating Cats, Dog Chasing and imitating Babies kinds of sounds. Also included are sounds like Dog Crying, Dogs...

  • Mouse Run

    Mouse Run




    Mouse Run is the top running where mouse chases the cheese and runs for the cheese and reaches the end. 12 awesome levels with each increased level of difficulty and you need help the Rat chase the cheese. Mouse Run has awesome levels to reach its Cheese. Help Rat Run fast and reach his bounty....

  • Zombie Scare Prank

    Zombie Scare Prank




    Zombie Scare Prank is a great novelty application that you must have! Prank to scare friends. Give the phone to anyone after scheduling the prank and anywhere they touch a Zombie is created walking around the phone and scaring people off. Zombie Scare Prank is unique prank where you can make...

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