• Donkey Sounds Prank




    Donkey sounds prank lets you play different donkey sounds any time of day and anywhere to prank people. Bored with listening to someone? Play the donkey sound to let them know how you are feeling? Great prank to fool anyone. Donkey sounds are always funny and easy way to make fun of someone....

  • Modi Run




    Help Modi through all the states and gather the votes to win the election and become PM of India. Modi Run is an action game where politician Modi Runs through all the states and wins over the election to become Prime Minister of India. Help Modi Run through all of the states including: 1....

  • Graduation Frames




    Graduation Frames to decorate graduation photos and share with friends and family. Say congrats on Graduation to someone who just graduated in style with graduation frames and graduation cards decorated with photos and cute animals. Graduation frames custom designed for your phone. Graduation...

  • Caveman Quiz - Country Capital




    Are you smarter than a Caveman? Take the caveman quiz and prove that you are smarter than a caveman. Caveman Quiz Includes Country Capitals Quiz and Country Currency Quiz. You can pick either Country Capitals or Country Currency and prove that you are smarter than a Caveman. Caveman Quiz is...

  • Talking Snake




    Talking snake talks back whatever you say in a cute voice. Talking Snake, Dancing Snake, Fighting Snake all in one app. Features: 1. Talk to the snake and he will say the same in a cute snake voice. 2. Shake the phone and he will dance for you. 3. Hit him and he will ket you know he is hurt. 4....

  • Talking Rooster




    Talking Rooster will talk back to you whatever you Say. The Rooster will talk, Dance, Sing and Fight with you. Features: 1. Shake the phone and the rooster will dance for you. 2. Hit the Rooster and the rooster will tell you its hurt. 3. If you don't do anything Rooster will get bored (May...

  • Make Me Funny




    Show the Funny side of you with Make Me Funny by putting your face on a funny caricature. Best funny pictures can be created from day to day pictures with Make Me Funny. Make Me Funny Lets you chose photo from your phone gallery, Camera or Facebook and adds funny caricature. The Photo Editing...

  • Hanuman To Lanka




    Hanuman To Lanka is based on Real Ramayana story where Hanuman goes to Lanka to convey the message from Rama to Sita in this epic Game. Game has 2 Modes with 4 levels each With Epic Hindu Story of Ramayana. Mode 1: After Evil Ravana abducts Sita, Rama orders Hanuman to convey the message to...

  • Wedding Frames




    Chose from a wide verity of Wedding frames that are available only through the wedding frames application. You can decorate your wedding or love photo's with wedding frames and share them with your friends and family. Wedding frames from range of topics like wedding cake, Wedding rings,...

  • Body Builder Me




    Body Builder Me is the way to make yourself into Body Builder using any regular photos. Body Builder Me provides multiple options to chose from and provide you easy way to edit your photo into a body builder's images. Want to show off that your are a body builder? This is the app for you....

  • Milk A Goat




    Milk A Goat is Goat Milking goat with funny goat sounds to entertain you. Goat is a simple animal with 2 udders to milk and Milk a Goat has 4 levels where you need to fill the bucket in desired time or lose. Milk A Goat is easy to start with and hard to finish milking game where Goat is the...

  • Anniversary Cards




    Anniversary Cards are the best way to send personalized Happy anniversary message to friends and family. Custom designed Anniversary Cards for you to wish some one a great Happy Anniversary be it a wedding anniversary or love anniversary or work anniversary. Wish friends and family with...

  • Drums Maker




    Drums maker with ability to control volume of each of the drum and make your own custom drum sounds. Drums Makers a collection of drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments, such as cowbells, wood blocks, triangles, chimes, or tambourines, arranged for convenient playing by a single person,...

  • Dancing Monkey




    Shake the phone and monkey dances for Disco music. Entertaining application to make Monkey Dance for Disco Music. Monkey shakes it for the Disco Music. As Disco music plays monkeys shakes and dances for you. Have a Blast with monkey Dance showing off to your friends and entertaining your...

  • Flower Photo Frames




    Flower photo frames for your photo's designed for your taste. Set your beautiful photo's in Flower photo frames that are decorated with flowers. Flower photo frames will enhance your photos with style and taste. Decorate your photo's from Photo Gallery, New Photo with Camera,...

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