• Dog Whistle

    Dog Whistle




    Can you hear a dog whistle? Probably not. Dogs hear higher frequencies better than people do. That’s why dog whistles seem to be silent. Dogs hear the high frequency sounds that we can't. High frequency sounds usual travel further than voices and can be heard further away. You can control...

  • Real Talking Parrot

    Real Talking Parrot




    Real Talking Parrot is the best entertainer for both kids and adults with a real Parrot listening to everything you say and talk back in funny Parrot Voice. Real Talking Parrot has the best looking real Parrot. Real Parrot loves to entertain you. Why play with Cartoon animals when you can play...

  • Dog Sounds

    Dog Sounds




    Dog sounds for fun for kids, adults, dogs, cats. Handy Application for controlling dogs and cats with Variety of Dog Sounds like Typical Dog Barks, Dogs in Fight, Dog Chasing and imitating Cats, Dog Chasing and imitating Babies kinds of sounds. Also included are sounds like Dog Crying, Dogs...

  • Mouse Run

    Mouse Run




    Mouse Run is the top running where mouse chases the cheese and runs for the cheese and reaches the end. 12 awesome levels with each increased level of difficulty and you need help the Rat chase the cheese. Mouse Run has awesome levels to reach its Cheese. Help Rat Run fast and reach his bounty....

  • Zombie Scare Prank

    Zombie Scare Prank




    Zombie Scare Prank is a great novelty application that you must have! Prank to scare friends. Give the phone to anyone after scheduling the prank and anywhere they touch a Zombie is created walking around the phone and scaring people off. Zombie Scare Prank is unique prank where you can make...

  • Zombie Run

    Zombie Run




    Zombie run is running game where zombies are after you and you need to escape from the zombie and save the world from Zombies. Zombies are talking over the world and now they are after you, Run from Zombies and escape each level by going to finish line. Zombie Run is great escape game where you...

  • Dunk Your Boss

    Dunk Your Boss




    If you like Dunking Games or Carnival games then this fun dunking game is for you. Dunk the Boss and relieve all your frustrations. This is a traditional Americal Carnival Fair game. Dunk your mean boss as they trash and take revenge on them. Both male and female bosses are available to dunk...

  • Magic Marker

    Magic Marker




    Welcome to Magic Marker Draw! A fun way to draw on your Phone with Neon Styles. Free form drawing on touch and move with neon style marker effects. Neon style Magic Marker makes expressing your messages much more colorful and delightful to read. Draw Text, Messages, Art work with neon style...

  • Elephant Run

    Elephant Run




    Elephant Run has the majestic elephant running to reach its baby elephant. Elephant run includes 6 exciting levels where elephant need to run, Jump and fly when encountered with obstacles and reach its baby elephant. Elephant Run include levels: 1. Forest where elephant run through thick and...

  • Traffic Cow

    Traffic Cow




    Traffic Cow is awesome traffic game where cow is stuck in traffic and you need help cow navigate through the traffic to reach its baby (Calf). Traffic cow is a unique games where cow is the hero and she needs to reach the end of each levels to reach her babies. Traffic Cow has high speed...

  • Bunny Call

    Bunny Call




    Bunny Call is for anyone who loves Bunnies and Rabbit's. Schedule to receive a call from Bunny and pick up the call or ask the love ones who likes bunny to receive the call. Record what you want bunny to say and let your friends and family hear from Rabbit talking what you said in Bunny's...

  • Snowboard Champion

    Snowboard Champion




    Win ultimate Snowboard Championship by winning every round of Extreme sport with awesome graphics and Hero play. Show off your snowboarding skills with awesome moves. The following moves of Snowboarding are covered: 1. Snowboarding Freestyle. 2. Penguin Walk of Snowboarding. 3. Snowboarding...

  • Monkey Math

    Monkey Math




    Monkey Math is easy way to practice math questions hands free simply with voice no matter where you are. Bored while driving? Practice Hands free math to stay sharp. Want your kid to practice Math questions? Practice Math questions without touching the screen and making screen dirty....

  • Ghost Prank Call

    Ghost Prank Call




    Prank your friends by making them receive a Call from Ghost. Ghost Call lets you schedule a call for future where your phone will receive a call from Ghost which can scare anyone to death. Ghost Prank call lets you schedule call for future in seconds or minutes and when call comes in, it rings...

  • Talking Princesses

    Talking Princesses




    Talking Princesses love to entertain you. Choose one of the Princess and have the princess entertain you. Princesses will perform for you. The princess will talk to you, The processes will listen to you and talk in their voice. Features: 1. Talking Princesses will listen to everything you say....

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