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    Long Exposure Photos

    Long Exposure Photos takes multiple pictures and blend them together to make them look like long exposure photos. Long Exposure Photos is the best way to take pictures of People Running or Dancing Poses. Long Exposure Photos is easy to use: 1. Launch Long Exposure Camera. 2. You change the number of photos for Long Exposure and Duration of total p…

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    Download Dancing Booth Dancing Booth icon
    Dancing Booth

    Dancing Booth is the best way to create your own dancing Animations from photos with Riding the Horse Dance move and impress your friends with your dance animations. Dance booth provides an easy to use way of creating dance animations and view them and share them with friends and family. Dancing Booth has following features: 1. Create new Dance m…

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    Download Biker Boy Biker Boy icon
    Biker Boy

    Biker Boy is an awesome biking game with boy riding unicycle to reach his treasure. Help Biker boy reach the treasure by helping him ride the bike against all odd he will face riding the Bike in Forests, Mountains and dirt roads. If you are into Biking or Dirt Biking this is the Game for you to play. Help Biker boy ride the bike. Hold your finger…

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    Download Photo Warp Magic Photo Warp Magic icon
    Photo Warp Magic

    Create magical photo effects with Photo Warp. Distort the Picture in such a way that result looks magical for anyone who see the photo generated from Photo Warp. Is someone shouting too much? Make their mouth disappear with Photo Warp. Is someone making fun of others? Prove they have lazy eye with Photo Warp. Is someone proud of their nose? Make t…

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    Download Cowboy vs Indian Cowboy vs Indian icon
    Cowboy vs Indian

    Cowboy vs Indian is an action packed game where cowboy tries to attack Indian and you need to help Indian escape the cowboy. Cowboy vs Indian has the cowboy from Hell attacking Indian trying to reach totem pole at Indian reservation. Help cowboy escape form the scary cowboy and reach his holy totem pole. Cowboy vs Indian has best looking Indian an…

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    Download Talking Zombie Talking Zombie icon
    Talking Zombie

    Talking Zombie listens to whatever you say and talks back in his scary voice. If you shake the phone, Zombie will start dancing for dance music. He loves to shake it and show off his dancing skills. Zombie loves to scare your friends and family with his scary voice. Talk to Zombie and he will talk back to you. Ever wanted to scare your friends wi…

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    Download Terrorist Prank Call Terrorist Prank Call icon
    Terrorist Prank Call

    Terrorist Prank Call is the best prank to play on your friends and fool them. Terrorist Prank Call is the only prank where you can pretend to your friends that a terrorist is calling you or your friend where you can record voice and let your friend receive funny call from a dead terrorist. Fool your friends into thinking that Dead Osama Bin Laden…

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    Download Baby Phone Baby Phone icon
    Baby Phone

    Baby Phone is the best to entertain kids and family members by receiving phone call from cute baby who says what you want to hear or what you want everyone to hear. Baby Phone call is the best Prank to have if you like to entertain kids and friends. Baby Phone is the best way to entertain anyone with Prank Phone call. Baby Phone is easy to use a…

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    Download Model Dress Up Model Dress Up icon
    Model Dress Up

    Welcome to world of fashion where you Dress Up Model with hot looking dress using Model Dress Up. You can dress up realistic looking model (Rather than a cartoon) and show her off on Ramp up for a cat walk. Create great looking models with fashion sense and great looking clothes and save them to show off to friends and family. Model Dress Up lets…

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    Download Door Bell Prank Door Bell Prank icon
    Door Bell Prank

    This app sounds like domestic two tone doorbell creating the illusion of someone ringing the door bell. You can use it as a utility in absence of door bell when you are Visiting your friends or you can use it to prank people inside the house as if someone really rang the door bell. Provides ability to manage volume from inside the app. Trick your…

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