• Hello Collages




    Hello Collages are a way to introduce a concept (whether its introducing you Family or Life or just describing a Day). Hello Collage Concept is simple: 1) There is a central Picture that is set as Main Collage Picture. If you are building a family collage this parents. 2) Multiple small photos...

  • Photo Cutouts




    Create cutout's with your pictures to resembles politicians of various countries like India, Pakistan, Saudi, Bangladesh and UAE and show off to your friends and family. Create your own political cutout is very easy: 1. Select a Photo from Gallery, New Photo or Facebook photo. 2. Select one...

  • Photo In Bottle




    Create awesome looking Bottled Photos with easy to use Interface to put your photos in bottles of various designs. 4 different bottles with different styles and places are available to show off your bottled messages with photos. Create an awesome love theme with Photos in Bottle and share them...

  • Photo Magazine Creator




    Photo Magazine Creator Lets you create Photo Magazines with your photos on magazine covers and pages. Select magazine covers from a wide range of Magazine cover styles. You can crop a photo from gallery to fit magazine cover styled photo. You can create as many pages as you prefer for each the...

  • Mosaic Photos




    Create awesome looking Mosaic Photo by simply selecting a photo you wanted to be converted into artistic Mosaic Photo. Creating Artistic Photo using Mosaic tool is very easy: 1. Select a photo from Gallery, New Photo or a Facebook photo. 2. View the Mosaic Photo created. Save and share with...

  • Famous Hoarding




    Be Famous by putting your Photos on famous hoardings and sharing them with friends and family. Famous Hoardings is the best Hoarding Photo Frames app with Hoarding Frames that are famous. Famous Photo Hoardings is easy to use: 1. Select a picture from Gallery, New Photos or from Facebook. 2....

  • Blend With Photos




    Blend Shapes, Hearts and Artistic Styles with Photos and save and share with friends and family. Blend With Photos is easy to use and you blend following categories with your photos: 1. Heart Shaped Glow art to signify love with photos. 2. Shapes like Sun, Moon, Stars, Flowers Blend with...

  • Finger Cutter




    Finger Cutter turns your phone into a Guillotine based Slayer. The Finger Cutter Game is both entertaining and scary. See how many lives you can save that are under the Guillotine based Slayer. The King has decided to sacrifice his people on Guillotine. The Slayer of heads and fingers is here...

  • Photo Blast LWP




    Photo Blast Live Wallpaper is a unique wallpaper. It Blasts Photo (with the shape you selected) into tiny pieces on your screen and bring them back to make the photo again. An awesome view to look at. Photo Blast LWP is easy use: 1. Set Photo Blast Live Wallpaper as your Phone Live Wallpaper....

  • Blur Photo Background




    Blur Photo Backgrounds blurs the Photos and lets you selectively unblur the parts of Photos to set Focus on and Pop Parts of Photo or Pop People in Photos to draw attention to. Blur Photo Background is easy to use: 1. Select a Photo from Gallery, Camera or Facebook. 2. Blurred Photo is shown...

  • Shape Overlays




    Create awesome looking Photos with Shapes like Flowers, Sun, Moon and Hearts shapes overlaid over photos with gorgeous textures on the photos. Shape Overlays lets you create unique Photos from your photos that bring awesomeness to your photos. Multiple designs of Sun Overlays, Moon Photos,...

  • My Super Hero Photos




    Turn yourself into a Super Hero and Super Heroine with super hero dress including Male and Female Super Hero Dresses. Select the Super Hero you like and Put your face in place of Super Hero Face and turn yourself into a Super Hero. Be the best super Hero ever and show off to your friends in...

  • Photo Loops




    Turn any photo into an Art by Creating Infinite Loops of Photos in multiple shapes including Heart Shape Photos, Circular Photos and more. Photo Loops is easy to use: 1. Select a Photo from your Gallery or new Photo with Camera. 2. Select the Shape from either Square Photos, Triangular Photos,...

  • Face Place Photo




    Put your Face in funny creations and create awesome pictures of you and your friends that you can save and share with friends. Face Place Photo is easy to use: 1. Select a Photo either from camera, Gallery or Facebook photo. 2. Select the style you want from Cat Face, Astronomer photo, Joker...

  • Photo Story Book




    Create awesome Looking Story Books and Play them to friends and family and show off your story telling skills. Story Books can be created in easy to use steps: 1. Decide on the Story Book name and layout style (Whether you want landscape or portrait style) 2. For each Page add a Photo and...

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