• Magazine Cover Photo




    Magazine Cover Photo is the way to put yourself on cover page of a magazine. Show off to your friends that you are famous by putting your picture on top of cover pages of magazines. Select a picture from Gallery or take a new picture using camera or select a picture from facebook, now covert it...

  • Talking Granny




    Talking Granny is the best of Granny with Granny listening to everything you say and talking back. Talking Granny is the funny and loves to interact with you in style. Talking Granny loves to hear from people and talk back to them. Kids missing their Grandma? Talking Granny is to the rescue....

  • Talking Fish




    Talking fish records what you say and play back with Fish Talking the same words. Fun application for kids and adult alike with Talking Fish while swimming in water. As Fish Talks back the same words you used, its entertaining. A different view from Applications like Talking Cat, Talking...

  • Biker Santa




    Biker Santa is the best Santa this christmas. Biker Santa is here to save the christmas with his bike. Help him drive up to the end the levels to collects gifts to distribute this christmas. Biker Santa is here for holidays and he needs your helping in peddling the bike to finish the levels....

  • Gif Maker - Gif Camera




    Gif Maker turns your camera into a Gif Camera by letting you shoot Animated Gif's with your phone camera including front facing camera. Got an animated expression to show to your friends? Shoot it with Gif Maker turning your camera into Front Facing Gif Camera. Gif Maker comes with built in...

  • Double Shot Camera




    Double Shot Camera is the way to take Dual Pictures with what you are you seeing and your photo embedded in the scene you are viewing. Double Shot Camera is the way to take a beautiful scene with your photo embedded in the scene. Ever thought how was I when I took this awesome Picture? Double...

  • Cheetah Run




    Cheetah Run is the best run game with Fastest animal on the planet. When you play Run games why not play with fastest planet on earth? Cheetah Run is for people who love run games with fastest running games. Cheetah Run has 12 levels with increased difficulty and you need to help cheetah run...

  • Black and White Photos




    Create Black and white photos that are similar to previous generations pictures. Make the Black and white photos look memorable with the great background effects. Create todays pictures with Retro old generation effects with awesome frames that turn any photo into memorable picture. Create art...

  • Funny Collages




    Funny Collages are the best collages that can be created on Android Phone. Funny Collages creates awesome looking collages with single photo in different styles and shapes. Funny collages makes an ordinary photo look funny with different collages. Features: 1. Select photo from any of photo...

  • Sound Recorder




    Sound Recorder Lets you record any sound and organize the sound records for you to play later. Sound Recorder is the best easy to use Sound Recorder and Playing tool you can find on Play Store. Sound Recorder is fully featured recording app with streamlined and easy to use interface for a...

  • Talking Hippo




    Talk to Hippopotamus and the hippo will talk back to you. Talking Hippo has following awesome features: 1. Crazy Hippo will listen to everything you say. 2. Talking Hippo will talk back in his funny voice. 3. Talking hippo will dance if you shake the phone. 4. Hippo will cry if you try to hurt...

  • Game For Cats




    Games designed for Cats to keep them entertained. Best way to tease your cat and get them worked up using Mouse. Let your cats try to catch the mouse with the teaser app. As the cats touch the mouse, Mouse and Rats run faster with Rat sounds. Great game for Cats to keep them entertained and get...

  • Animal Sounds Ringtones




    Top Collection of Animal Sounds Ringtones to make every phone call, SMS Message, Alarm exciting again. Instead of the default Android ringtone you can setup your pet animal sounds or reach out to nature and setup Wild animal sounds, all completely free. Download Animal sounds Ringtones right...

  • Photo Cut - Sticker Maker




    Photo Cut to cut part of any photo and save the photo or share it with friends with nice looking border. Cut a Photo and Make a Photo Sticker out of any Photo. Create custom Photo stickers out of your photos with easy to use Photo Cut Options with free hand drawing. Photo Cut is easy to use:...

  • 5.8

    Princess Run




    A simple arcade game featuring a princess

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