• Hill Race Car




    Hill Race Car is best Car Driving game in Hills and mountains with better controls and awesome levels with great backgrounds. Hill Race Car has easy to use controls with Gas and Brakes controls. Hill Climbing game with 6 awesome levels with gorgeous backgrounds to race against. Complete the...

  • Hoops Cat




    Hoops Cat is the best entertainer to relieve the stress. Shake the phone and sit back and enjoy the the Cat playing hoops for you around his waist. Hoops Cat is the best entertainer with hoops move around waist and to keep the suspense we switch moves randomly. Hoops Cat is the best stress...

  • Real Talking Santa




    Real Talking Santa is the real Santa talking back to you in his funny voice and repeating everything you say and entertain you. Real santa love to talk and dance for you to entertain you. Santa is a shy guy and if you touch he will let you know :). Feature of Real Talking Santa: 1. Talking...

  • Real Talking Princess




    Real Talking Princess is the app where Real Princess will listen to everything you say and talk back to you in her funny voice. Real Talking Princess is here to entertain you with her awesome dance moves and Giggles when you tickle her. Real Talking Princess is a real princess and here to...

  • Silent Selfie Camera




    Silent Selfie Camera lets you take cool selfies in silence without bothering anyone or anyone noticing you are taking a selfie. Are you shy to take Selfies in public? Silent Selfie Camera helps you take selfie without making noise. Silent Selfie Camera Has following Features: 1. Lets you take...

  • Tickle Santa




    Tickle Santa and hear his christmas cheer this Christmas. Tickle Santa is a very shy santa and gets tickled every time you touch and goes "Ho Ho Ho? why animated santa show how tickled the santa is. Enjoy Christmas with Santa by tickling santa and making kids everywhere laugh with tickling...

  • Burst Camera




    Burst Camera helps you take pictures super fast using your Phone Camera. Start Burst Camera and hit the Camera icon and the Fast Camera would take pictures super fast. Never miss a important moment in life with Fast Burst Camera. You can review all the Photos fast camera has taken, Select best...

  • Sweet Frames




    Sweet Frames to decorate your photos or kids photos in sweet chocolate themed frames. Sweet Frames is the only frames that turns ordinary photos into sweet and lovely photos. Sweet Frames comes with varieties of Chocolate themed frames to decorate and add sweetness to your photos. Celebrate...

  • Slideshow Maker




    Create Slideshow with your photos and your music and play them to your friends and family and go to sleep watching your beautiful slideshow. Slideshow Maker lets you create your own slide shows with Photo's from phone Gallery and let you add music and provide nice slides editor by drag and...

  • Christmas Photo Decorations




    Christmas Photo Decorations lets you decorate your photos with Christmas themed Decorations and turn everyday photo into memorable christmas themed Photos. Christmas Photo Decorations include: 1. Christmas Messages including Happy Holidays, Joy to the world, Merry Christmas and many more...

  • Thanksgiving Frames




    Decorate your Thanksgiving photos with Thanksgiving frames in style and color effects. Decorate your photos in Thanks Giving frames custom created for you with Turkeys, Indians, Pilgrims, Food. Save your thanksgiving Photos with decorated frames and set them as your Wallpaper making them...

  • Elf Run




    Help Elf Run and reach Christmas Tree to collect the gifts to make this christmas happen. An elf or elves is a type of supernatural being in Germanic mythology and folklore, now its your chance to bring them to life with Elf Run and make christmas Happen. Trusted Santa's assistant needs your...

  • Tickle Hamster




    Tickle Hamster is the best stress reliever and entertainer. An Awesome entertainer for both kids and adults alike with Hamster entertaining with its giggle and laugh's. Tickle Hamster knows how to entertain you and relieve your stress with its cute voice and gorgeous moves. Tickle Hamster...

  • Magazine Cover Photo




    Magazine Cover Photo is the way to put yourself on cover page of a magazine. Show off to your friends that you are famous by putting your picture on top of cover pages of magazines. Select a picture from Gallery or take a new picture using camera or select a picture from facebook, now covert it...

  • Talking Granny




    Talking Granny is the best of Granny with Granny listening to everything you say and talking back. Talking Granny is the funny and loves to interact with you in style. Talking Granny loves to hear from people and talk back to them. Kids missing their Grandma? Talking Granny is to the rescue....

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