Download Night Clock Night Clock icon
Night Clock

Night clock displays time in big bold font with multiple colors to select from and Neon styles. You can chose Any of the neon Styles or plain white color to display time in Big Fonts. Screen always stays on giving you big bright time display. Keep the phone on charge to make sure battery does not drain out. BIG TIME DISPLAY FOR NIGHT TIME !!!!…

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Download Phone Hole Prank Phone Hole Prank icon
Phone Hole Prank

Prank your friends and family with this app saying they made a hole in your phone by touching the phone. The app launches with users screen in background and when someone touches the app, a Hole appears in the phone as if they broke or cracked your phone causing it to display internal circuits of the phone. Easy Prank and one and only one of its…

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Download Artist Sketch Artist Sketch icon
Artist Sketch

Create Artist level sketches with Artist Sketch from Photo's in your Camera, New PHoto or a Facebook Photo's. Convert a Photo into Sketches or Oil Painting with Artist Sketch and arrange it Art Museum setting to show off your artistic skills to friends and family. Convert any Photo into Sketch or Oil Painting with artistic view. Sketch fro…

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Download Bunny Call Bunny Call icon
Bunny Call

Bunny Call is for anyone who loves Bunnies and Rabbit's. Schedule to receive a call from Bunny and pick up the call or ask the love ones who likes bunny to receive the call. Record what you want bunny to say and let your friends and family hear from Rabbit talking what you said in Bunny's Funny voice. Entertain friends and family with Talk…

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Download Fruit Smasher Fruit Smasher icon
Fruit Smasher

Smash fruits and win your game. Fruits come to life and walk around and its your turn to smash them and win over. As Fruits run towards the other end you can smash the fruits. Fruit smasher is a great game for kids and adults alike. Smash the Fruits and hear them suffer. These are Fruits are more entertainer than any other smasher games whether…

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Download Night Vision Camera Night Vision Camera icon
Night Vision Camera

Night Vision Camera comes to your rescue when you can't see in the night or dark. Easily detect moving things in the night with night vision camera or also known as Night Vision Goggles. Zoom in and zoom out to watch your object in the night or dark with Night vision camera. During the night when vision is impaired, night vision comes to your…

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Download Emoji Maker Emoji Maker icon
Emoji Maker

Make your own Emoji's and create custom Status for your social networks and show off to your friends about your creativity. Emoji Maker is the only app that lets your create status that is unique to you. Emoji Makers lets you build your own own image by letting you customize: 1. Shape and body of Emoji so that your Emoji Status look different…

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Download Gas Lighers Gas Lighers icon
Gas Lighers

Virtual Gas Lighters to light up Stove or Cigarette virtually for fun and entertainment. Virtual Gas Lighter comes with multiple Gas Lighters to choose from. You can turn on a Gas Lighter by touching the screen. The Virtual Gas Lighter may not light real stove or a a real cigarette but its virtual and a Virtual Gas Lighter. Blow off the Virtual Ga…

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Download Shoot Phone Prank Shoot Phone Prank icon
Shoot Phone Prank

Are you angry or frustrated with someone? Shoot the phone and calm down. Want to prank your friends? Launch the Shoot the phone Prank and give the phone to your friends, anywhere they touch your phone, it results in shooting sounds and effects as if your phone is shot by gun. Great app for people who love pranks and guns. Gunshot sounds are realis…

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Download Brush Teeth Brush Teeth icon
Brush Teeth

Brush your teeth virtually. Teach kids how to brush the teeth and importance of brushing with the Brush Your Teeth app. Brushing Teeth is very important lesson for kids and Brush Teeth will help make it for kids to learn the importance of brushing teeth. Select Food Particles like Chicken, Spinach, Orange, Corn and they get stuck on your teeth.…

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