• Boxing Cat




    Boxing Cat is here to entertain you with Boxing Skill and fight you in the Ring. Boxing Cat knows all the boxing moves is known to be a fierce fighter in the ring. Boxing Cat Shows off his move and challenges you for a fight in the ring. As you hit Boxing Cat, He will react and fight with you in...

  • Slap Your Boss




    Slap Your Boss if you are mad at your Boss. Best way to take a revenge on your boss with no harm intended. Slap your Boss lets you relieve the stress if you are mad at your boss. Slap Your Boss Lets you choose between a male or female boss and lets you slap them with realistic reaction. Slap...

  • Pink Selfies




    Pink Selfies are custom designed to turn your camera into Selfie taking machine with Pink theme. Pink Selfies are more attractive than most normal selfies. Why take old boring selfies when you can take gorgeous selfies that pink theme? Pink Selfies include gorgeous pink themed overlays that are...

  • Draw On Pictures




    Draw on any of the pictures and share it with your friends, family by email, twitter, facebook or any other photo sharing application. Draw on a blank canvas or on a photo. Make pictures more pretty by drawing on them as you draw on a pad with drawing. Drawing on Photos gives you easy access to...

  • Birthday Photo Frames




    Celebrate your Birthday Photo's by decorating them with Birthday Photo Frames. Bring more color to your Birthday Photos with Birthday Frames. Birthday Photos of kids is one of the most memorable things and now you can decorate them with Awesome Birthday Photo Frames. You can rotate the photo...

  • Elf Call




    Elf Call lets you receive phone calls from Elf with elves talking in funny voice and pretend as if you got a call from real Elf. How to set up an Elf Call: a) Schedule to receive a phone call from Elf either 15 seconds, 30 seconds or in minutes. b) Record the Message you want to hear from Elf....

  • Talking Fox




    Talking Fox is the best talking animal if you are into Foxes and want to scare people with Fox at the same time having fun with Foxes. About Fox: Fox is a common name for many species of alert omnivorous mammals belonging to the Canidae family. Foxes are small-to-medium-size canids (slightly...

  • Talking Panda




    Love panda? Here is talking panda that repeats what you say in funny panta voice. Shake your phone and the panda dances for you. Hit the panda and she will get mad at you. This the Panda Home. Features: 1. Pick the Panda you want from Simple Panda, Dressed Panda and Sportsman Panda (Base Ball...

  • Bar Break




    Bar Break is awesome action filled game where you need to destroy all the bottles in the bar and be a hero. You get multiple levels to break each of the bar and become hero of the pub. Bar break has Glasses laid out for you to break the glasses using awesome physics. Break the glasses and...

  • Talking Elephant




    Talking Elephant is your own pet Elephant. Talking Elephant repeats everything you say with a funny Elephant voice. Shake your phone and Elephant dances for you. Touch the elephant and he will throw water at you. Better than Elephant Games for Kids. Kids love Elephant sounds that are same as...

  • Talking Elf




    Talking Elf will Listen to everything and talk back in his funny voice. Talking Elf can dance for you and love to entertain you if shake the phone. Elf is the most shy person in city. He will Giggle if you touch him. Elf makes everything magical and fun for kids to play during christmas and...

  • Santa Run




    Santa Run is an action packaged game for both adults and kids and alike. Help Santa Run from Santa Village to north pole to collect the gifts for kids. Santa Run is coolest santa game and runs, jumps and flies to reach the north pole to reach Christmas tree and the gifts to distribute the gifts....

  • Cola Maker Game




    Make your own Cola with Cola Maker Game and Decorate your drinks and drink up the Colas of multiple flavors. Cola Maker is a Cooking Game for people who like Cola's. Multiple Flavors of Cola that can be picked from. Multiple decorations to decorate your drink with Cola Maker including Lemon,...

  • Cow Run




    Cow Run has the best looking running, Jumping and flying to reach its calves. Help cow run to save its babies and celebrate. Cow Run is the most entertaining running game where cow runs through fields, villages, temples and dry lands. Help cow run and jump and fly to reach baby cows as fast as...

  • Monkey Run




    Monkey Run is money game where monkey runs to reach the banana tree for its food. Help Monkey Run, Jump and Fly to reach its destination. Help keeping the monkey happy by helping it reach the food or else it turns into angry monkey. Keep the monkey happy by helping it run and help Monkey Flight...

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