• Talking Cow - Dancer




    Talking cow is talking cow, Dancing Cow, Fighting Cow, Expressions cow in one Application. Features: 1, Talk to the cow and the cow will talk back in cartoonish sound. 2. Hit the cow and he will let you know what happens. 3. Shake the phone and cow will dance for you. 4. Dont do anything, cow...

  • Virtual Cigarette




    Smoke a Virtual Cigarette and enjoy the smoke. Smoke anywhere, anytime you want without any of smoking side effects. Smoke virtually with out any nasty health effects. Light up the Virtual Cigarette with Match and as the Cigarette burns down virtually enjoy the smoke and puff it up. Cigarette...

  • Baby Posters




    Create awesome looking Baby Posters with your baby photo's and share them with friends and family as postcards. Baby Posters is the best way to create awesome looking posters with your own kids and babies. Why buy celebrity posters when you can create posters with your kids using your own...

  • Passport Photos




    Passport Photos lets you create Passport Photos that are suitable for your country or any country of your choice. You don't need to know the size details of Passport Photos, we deal with that hassle for your location and create Passport Photos that are suitable for printing directly for you....

  • Round Photos




    Round Photos is for everyone who is bored with everyday rectangular photo's. Turn any photo in Gallery or a new Photo into Round Photo with awesome looking borders. Round Photos turns your photo's into exciting photos and you can show off to your friends awesome photos you created. Round...

  • Camera Timer




    Camera Timer is the app where you can take photo's with duration set and choose number of photo's to take and create photo's you want. You can save and Share the photo's you like and discard the ones you don't like. Camera Timer has the following features: 1. Select the...

  • Talking Caveman




    Talking Caveman is best entertaining Talking app with unique character of Caveman appearing in front of you to entertain you with unique voice and fighting spirit. Talking Caveman is the funny and entertaining at the same time for all age groups. Following features make Talking Caveman unique:...

  • Real Talking Puppy




    Real Talking Puppy is here for you to interact with a real talking Dog rather than cartoons. Real Talking Puppy is here to serve you with dogs stylish moves and funny voice to talk back to you and his dog feelings. Real Talking Puppy has following Dog Moves: 1. Real Talking Puppy listens to...

  • Love Posters




    Love Posters to turn your photo's into Love Posters with easy to use Step by Step process. Love Posters lets you turn any photo of yours into a Poster of Love and show off your love to loved ones. Want to create custom love posters with your photos? This is the app to create custom posters...

  • Tickle Puppy




    Tickle Puppy is the funniest Dog app that is here to entertain you. Tickle Puppy lets you tickle the puppy and react to tickle by laughing so hard and funny looking tickle animations with Funny Dog Sounds. Tickle Puppy has 3 different Tickle Dog animations with Dog making dog sounds and laughs...

  • Football Mania




    Football Mania is the top Football Game that you can play on your phone with your finger. Football Mania lets you play Football at high gear with realistic graphics and realistic sounds and realistic crowds. Football Mania lets you play football with increasing level of difficulty as the levels...

  • Crystal Photos




    Crystal Photos turns normal photo's into awesome looking crystal balls making a photo memorable photo. Crystal Photos makes you a super hero or celebrity by turning your photo into crystal ball. Crystal Photos lets you select a Photo from: 1. Photo Gallery 2. Camera Photo Select a part of...

  • Square Photos




    Square Photos lets you select Square images from Large rectangular images and scale them to your choice to be able to share directly with photo sharing applications like Instagram. Bugged by Photo sharing applications like Instagram cropping your photos because they are not square? This is the...

  • Talking Pumpkin




    Talking Pumpkin is the only talking character you need this Halloween. Celebrate this Halloween with Talking Pumpkin which is here to entertain you. Talking Pumpkin is not a Scary Pumpkin, Pumpkin is here for your pleasure. Talking Pumpkin loves to entertain you by talking back to you in its...

  • Sketch Photos




    Sketch Photo is a entertaining application that converts your photo's into Sketches of various types including Black and White Photos, Pencil Sketch and Old Photos. Enhance any image with Grey Photo's with specific objects being colored with original Colors. Turn a photo into Grey image,...

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