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Ashvamedha - Royal Horse Run

Ashvamedha - The Royal Horse is based on real asvamedha the most important royal rituals of Vedic religion. Background: Ashvamedha was one of the most important royal rituals of Hindu religion featured in Ramayana and Mahabharata. A fine stallion was selected and was allowed to roam freely for a year under the protection of a royal guard. If the…

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Download Make Me Funny Make Me Funny icon
Make Me Funny

Show the Funny side of you with Make Me Funny by putting your face on a funny caricature. Best funny pictures can be created from day to day pictures with Make Me Funny. Make Me Funny Lets you chose photo from your phone gallery, Camera or Facebook and adds funny caricature. The Photo Editing features of Funny Me lets you put the face in right pla…

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Download Xylophone Xylophone icon

Virtual Xylophone with High Quality sounds and realistic looking Xylophone mallets animations for your entertainment. Xylophone is fun musical instrument and with our Xylophone you can take the Xylophone anywhere with you in your pocket. Xylophone is the best musical instruments for Novice and Experts alike. Easy to use Xylophone lets you learn X…

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Download Monkey Math Monkey Math icon
Monkey Math

Monkey Math is easy way to practice math questions hands free simply with voice no matter where you are. Bored while driving? Practice Hands free math to stay sharp. Want your kid to practice Math questions? Practice Math questions without touching the screen and making screen dirty. Questions include: 1. Addition (1 digit additions, 2 digit ad…

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Download Biker Santa Biker Santa icon
Biker Santa

Biker Santa is the best Santa this christmas. Biker Santa is here to save the christmas with his bike. Help him drive up to the end the levels to collects gifts to distribute this christmas. Biker Santa is here for holidays and he needs your helping in peddling the bike to finish the levels. Instructions: 1. Touch the screen while Santa is going d…

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Download Photo Cartoon Maker Photo Cartoon Maker icon
Photo Cartoon Maker

Create best looking hand drawn style cartoons with Photo Cartoon Maker. Photo cartoons can be created in multiple styles like Canny Cartoon, Sobel Cartoon, Contours Cartoon. Photo Cartoon Maker is easy to use: 1. Select a Photo from Gallery or take a new picture. 2. Select one of the thumbnails that you like from multiple cartoon photo sketches.…

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Download Bheema The Fighter Bheema The Fighter icon
Bheema The Fighter

Help Bheema defeat Kauravas and Evil Monsters to win the Battle of MahaBharata for the Pandavas. In this epic Battle of Mahabharata, Bheem will fight with Kauravas like Karna, Duryodhana at different levels to defeat them. Help Bheem Battle Kauravas as one of the main reasons behind the envy of Duryodhana towards the Pandavas was the inability of…

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Download Bear Baseball Bear Baseball icon
Bear Baseball

Bear Baseball has the Bear playing baseball in this 3D game with all the animals watching Bear play Baseball at the stadium in the Jungle. Awesome action with bear and baseball for anyone who loves animals or Baseball. Bear Baseball lets you create high scores each time with 7 innings of the Baseball games. Play baseball in the biggest stadium o…

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Download Popstar Dress Up Popstar Dress Up icon
Popstar Dress Up

Dress Up a Popstar and make your own popstar and share with friends and family. Create your very own Popstar that rocks the world with fashion sense by dressing them up. Dress up a super star and surprise the world with your fashion sense. DressUp an ordinary girl to look like a popstar. Be the designer for pop stars of the world. Popstar Dress u…

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Download Caveman Quiz - Country Capital Caveman Quiz - Country Capital icon
Caveman Quiz - Country Capital

Are you smarter than a Caveman? Take the caveman quiz and prove that you are smarter than a caveman. Caveman Quiz Includes Country Capitals Quiz and Country Currency Quiz. You can pick either Country Capitals or Country Currency and prove that you are smarter than a Caveman. Caveman Quiz is voice based quiz and you can answer the quiz by selecti…

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