• Sketch Me More




    Do More than sketching with Sketch Me More!!. Convert photo's from your phone into sketches and draw on the Phone Pad to extend the sketching with editing features on phone and Pad. Facebook and your camera into Sketches and Oil Paint and Paint and sketch over the arts that you create....

  • Blow Bubbles




    Blow bubbles into your phone and create magical Bubble effects in your phone. You can either blow into phone to create multiple bubbles or touch anywhere on the phone to create a bubble there. The Bubbles move in random direction and go up showing realistic bubbles effects. Blow bubbles on your...

  • Marshmallow Maker




    Make your own Marshmallows with flavors of your choice with Marshmallow Maker and eat them in style virtually. Eat your own Marshmallow that you make with Marshmallow Maker. Select any of the Marshmallow Flavors like Strawberry, Vanilla and many more to make your own Marshmallows with...

  • Beach Rain Sounds




    Scenic Rain fall through your windows view with Beach background and awesome rain sounds to drift you to sleep. All of the action are live. Beach views with ocean beach live and rain fall with sun hiding in the background and coconut trees at the beach with great sound effects. Most realistic...

  • Dress Up Girl




    Dress Up the Girl and show your styles to friends and family. Dress Up Girl with different dresses and Skirts, Change the Girls Skin tones. Dress Up with Shoes, Glasses. Change the girls Glasses and make her look cool. Dress Up Girl and make her look pretty with multiple backgrounds. Choose the...

  • Dress Up Bride




    Dress Up a Bride getting ready for wedding and save the bride to your phone or share the Bride your create with friends and family. Customize every aspect of bride and have your own creation of Bride. Bride dress up gives you an oppertunity to see for yourself what you want as a bride....

  • Love Frames




    Love someone? Decorate their pictures with love frames and show them off and express your love for them. Decorate the pictures from Gallery, new picture or from face book using love frames and share them with your friends using Facebook, Twitter, GMail, Goolge+ or any other photo sharing...

  • Valentines Frames




    Valentines Frames to decorate your Valentines photos. Valentines Frames lets you set color effects to your photos and frames. Valentines Frames decorates your lovers photos and provides you a way to impress your loves ones. Decorate and celebrate your Valentines day photos with Valentines...

  • Lovely Photo Frames




    Lovely Photo Frames to decorate your lovely photos and celebrate your photos and lovely and colorful photo frames and effects. Turn regular photos into great memories with Lovely Photo Frames and Color Effects. Turn any photo into lovely Photo with frames that match your photos from a wide range...

  • Broke My Phone Prank




    Best app for Broke My Phone Prank. Launch the App and give the phone to your friends. Anywhere they touch on phone, Phone breaks with realistic sound and visual effects. Best Prank app on both Android and IPhone. The only Broken app with animation of broken glass. Realistic sounds and visual...

  • School Bell




    Play School Bell sounds when you are missing school bell or when you want to prank your friends and family by ringing school bell early. School Bell app comes with multiple School Bell Sounds including electric school bell and manual school bell. School bell app is convenient to ring school bell...

  • Phone Hole Prank




    Prank your friends and family with this app saying they made a hole in your phone by touching the phone. The app launches with users screen in background and when someone touches the app, a Hole appears in the phone as if they broke or cracked your phone causing it to display internal circuits...

  • Cat Screen Cleaner




    Cat Screen Cleaner lives in your phone and cleans you phone whenever you want it to clean your phone. Touch anywhere on the screen and big cat will walk to the position and cleans the screen with his tongue. Great Companion for Dog Screen Cleaner and will keep your phone as is but always...

  • Dog Screen Cleaner




    Touch anywhere on the screen where its dirty and Dog will walk up to the spot and clean the screen. Dog screen cleaner keeps your screen clean by cleaning the screen where ever you put dirty on the phone. Dog screen cleaner always wanter keep your phone clean for your dirty fingers. Anytime you...

  • Dancing Baby




    Dancing baby app for entertainment. Shake the phone and baby dances for your for disco music. Entertainment with Dancing Baby as kids love watching the Dancing Kid for disco music and dance for fun. Dancing kid is an equally entertaining application for every one. Dancing Baby loves to dance...

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