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Bigfoot Prank

Bigfoot Prank is an awesome prank where you add Bigfoot to your photos to fool your friends into thinking you have a Bigfoot sighing. Big foot is great prank around the world, you can tell people of the man beast that was caught in your photos and fool them. Bigfoot Prank lets you add Bigfoot to any of your existing photos or new photo from camera…

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Download Tie a Scarf Tie a Scarf icon
Tie a Scarf

Tie a Scarf teaches you how to Tie a Scarf step by step for multiple Scarf knots and types. Learn to Tie a Scarf step by step in tutorial mode. Multiple scarf knots are explained in detail. Learn Multiple ways to Tie a Scarf including: 1. Loop-n-Through 2. Loop-n-Through with knot 3. Back Drape 4. Double Knot. These different techniques to Tie…

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Download Sorry Cards Sorry Cards icon
Sorry Cards

Sorry cards to say sorry to someone in style. Say Sorry visually with awesome sorry cards. Sorry cards will remove anger on your and brings smile on the recipients face. You can add any photo to sorry cards so that sorry card is personalized for your need. Sorry cards custom designed for any occasion. Say sorry visually with stunning looking sorry…

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Download New Year Greetings New Year Greetings icon
New Year Greetings

Create custom new Year Greetings with your photos and send your new year greetings to friends and family and amaze them with your creativity. Create your own new Year Greetings with photos and your art and apply color effects to the greetings your create with your photos and share them with friends and family. Select Photo from any of the photo so…

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Download Square Photo Maker Square Photo Maker icon
Square Photo Maker

Square Photo Maker Makes your photo square so that you can share them on social networks easily. Square Photo Maker makes photos square using following ways: 1. Blur Edges to make your photos square. This methods blurred edges to rectangular photos to make them square. 2. Crop Photos into square shape to make them square photos. 3. Add colored bor…

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Download Blur Effect Blur Effect icon
Blur Effect

Blur Effect is the best way to Blur Images and Blur Image backgrounds. Blur Effect is easy to use: 1. Select photo that you want Blur Image parts. 2. Draw over the Photo with your finger like a closed loop so everything outside the loop is blurred. 3. You can Change Blur level by adjusting the seekbar. Blur Strength lets you blur background accord…

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Download Stuck Cat Stuck Cat icon
Stuck Cat

Stuck Cat lets you have a Pet Cat in you phone trying to get out of phone and cat walking around on your phone to escape out of the Phone. Stuck Cat is entertaining at its cool to watch the cat trying to escape from your phone. You can prank friends and family that a cat is stuck is in your phone. Stuck Cat is the coolest little trick to entertai…

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Download Oil Painting Oil Painting icon
Oil Painting

Create Oil Paintings from Pictures of your friends and family. Select any picture from your Camera Album, Facebook (both yours and your friends) or take a new Photo and turn it into Oil Painting instantly. Create great artistic Oil Paintings from photo's that will make you look like a great artist infront of your friends. Select any photo fro…

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Download Halloween Booth Halloween Booth icon
Halloween Booth

Halloween Booth to decorate your photo's with Halloween Theme this coming Halloween. Add Ghosts, Scary Cats, Witches, jack o'lanterns, Skeletons, Spiders, Skulls and many more to decorate your Photos with Halloween Themes. Select Photo from Photo Gallery or new Photo or from Facebook and import it to Halloween Booth to decorate your photo…

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Download Quotes Maker Quotes Maker icon
Quotes Maker

Quotes Maker to Create your Photo Quotes, Famous Quotes and Sayings, Meme Generator, Quotes Wallpapers with easy to use Material design app. Quotes and saying with pics app comes with following Features: 1. Quote Maker - The Quote Creator part of Quotes Maker lets you create quotes on Nice colored Photo Backgrounds or Quotes on your Pictures wit…

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