• Baby Photo Frames




    Baby Photo Frames is the best to announce your new baby to the world. Decorate your new born baby in Baby Frames and apply cool looking color effects and share them with friends and family using any Photo Sharing Application like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Baby Photo Frames is the best Photo...

  • Old Phone Ringtones




    Best collection of Old Phone Ringtones from around the world for you. Do something different and outrageous. Instead of tired old Android default ringtone pick something from the past. We have a collection of different ringtones that you will definitely like. Awesome collection of Free...

  • Photo Borders




    Photo borders lets you edit photos add fun border effects to your photos easily and transforms your photos into cool looking images. Applying fun borders is extremely easy, you do not need any other photo editor. Apply awesome looking curvy borders or class pink borders that makes your picture...

  • Burger Stand




    Burger Stand for people who love shopping games and burgers. Sell burgers and earn money to clear each levels. At the sop customers walkin and order burgers of their choice. Quickly create the orders customers want and sell the burgers to your customers. Clear all the levels and become an expert...

  • Rock Star Hair Booth




    Change any ordinary looking photo into Rock Star photo with Rock Star Hair Booth. Bring a ordinary photo and take out a Rock Star Photo only at Rock Star Hair Booth. Whether you want turn yourself into a Rock Star or Pop Star, here is your chance to do it. Rock Star Hair Booth lets you change...

  • Cheerleader Maker




    Dress up a Cheerleader and make your own cheerleader with your favorite team representation. Dress Up the cheerleader with Skirts, Blouse/Top, Pom Pom's in her hands, Shoes, Hair styles etc. Chose the background in which you want the Cheerleader from multiple options including Soccer Ground,...

  • Scratch Draw




    Scratch Draw your art on your own scratch Pad with multiple Scratch Paper designs that are randomly selected for your entertainment. Scratch Draw by scratching off the scratch pad with multiple Brush sizes, Eraser and Tool like undo and redo. Show of your Scratch Art by Playing video mode where...

  • Model Maker




    Model Maker lets you make you makeup your own model. Create your own model with Model Maker. Create your own personal Model with model Maker. Makeup your model including Change Hair Color, Change Eye Color, Change Mascara, Makeup Cheeks, Apply different lipsticks, Change Ear Rings, Change...

  • Pony Coloring book




    Coloring Pony book Suitable Children of age 2, 3, 4, 5. Pre KG and KG students enjoy coloring the pony images. Pony, Horses, Animals, Donkey, Coloring Book. Color pages for Kids. Pony Horse color book and coloring pages for kids. Liked by adults and children alike. Coloring Book for Ponies Help...

  • Fireworks Effects




    Create magical fireworks by touch screen anywhere you want and random firework generation use Auto Mode You can set Fireworks background as empty screen or play works in any of the major cities around the world including Singapore, London, Paris, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles. Create...

  • Love Flip Book




    Say I love you using this pocket flip book any time. Shake the phone and you will see Flip Book saying I Love You in most dramatic way. Awesome way to say I Love you to your life partner. Awesome way to impress girls at party too. Created originally as flip book for his girl friend by redditor...

  • Dancing Pig




    Dancing pig is a entertainment app with Pig that dances when you shake the phone to Disco music. Shake the phone and watch the fun as Dancing Hog dances to the Disco music. Dancing Pig is not a Dancing Game but a Entertainment app for kids and adults alike. Nice Partying app to show off your...

  • Talking Lips




    Talking lips talk back to you whatever you say in funny voice. If you touch the talking lips it will kiss you with lips. If you shake the phone, the talking mouth will whistle for you. Talking lips is a huge party entertainer and always helps you pick up a partner at party. Use talking mouth to...

  • Happy Birthday Cake




    Celebrate Birthday of your kids with this virtual Birthday Cake Application. Virtual Birthday cake for kids ages 1 to 5 for them to select the cake and blow off the candle. Best way to virtually say Happy Birthday to your kids. Happy Birthday Cake lets you select age of you kids and cake. Your...

  • Punch Meter




    Measure your punch power in Boxing kick with Punch Meter. This Punch-O-Meter measures the punches you throw and gives your punch power in absolute numbers (Only tool to be able to do that on Android). Punch and measure your punch power. This is great boxing machine to keep improving your Punch...

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