• Modi Chase Black Money

    Modi Chase Black Money




    You help Modi Run and Win election. Now Help Modi capture the politicians and robbers who looted India and Stored Black Money out of country. Modi wants bring the black money back into India and help India Develop. Help Modi Chase the greedy politicians and bring the Black Money back to India....

  • Diamond Photos

    Diamond Photos




    Create Diamonds with your photos embedded in diamonds and share them with friends and family. Select Photos from any of the source including Gallery, New photo from camera or Facebook book. Select any of Diamond Styles you want and set the photo at the center of the diamonds. Create diamond...

  • Photo Focus

    Photo Focus




    Photo Focus lets you set Focus on your photos after they are shot creating amazing effects with your existing Photos and new Photos where they are from your Gallery or Facebook (or Friends Facebook accounts). Photo Focus provides multiple After Effects for your photos including: 1. Shading...

  • Annoying Sounds

    Annoying Sounds




    Annoying sounds to drive your friends crazy! Great soundboard for the most annoying sounds on earth, including Baby Crying (multiple Babies), Snoring (Both Male and Female snores included), Burp Sounds, Wood crunching, Cricket noise, Car Alarm, Car Horn, Car Alarm, Terrible mobile ringtone, loud...

  • Talking Baby Girl

    Talking Baby Girl




    Talking Baby Girl talks back whatever you say in cute Baby Girl Voice. Shake the phone and Baby girl dances for you. Hit the baby girl and talking baby girl cries and let you know she is hurt. Talking baby girl likes to entertain you. Features: 1. Talk and record whatever you want say and...

  • Photo Warp Magic

    Photo Warp Magic




    Create magical photo effects with Photo Warp. Distort the Picture in such a way that result looks magical for anyone who see the photo generated from Photo Warp. Is someone shouting too much? Make their mouth disappear with Photo Warp. Is someone making fun of others? Prove they have lazy eye...

  • Nature Sounds

    Nature Sounds




    Do you wish to get away from the noise of everyday life and from the problems that surround you? Then Relaxing Sounds of Nature is here for you. Nature Sounds include awesome combination of sounds like evening forest sounds with birds singing in the background, Water Drop sounds, Wind blowing...

  • Mystery Hidden Objects

    Mystery Hidden Objects




    Mystery Hidden Objects game where you need to find the scary hidden objects in the pictures. You will be asked to find the hidden objects like Black cats, Skulls, Skeletons, Jack-o'-lantern and other scary objects. Complete all the levels to win over the scary objects and find the hidden...

  • Talking Chihuahua

    Talking Chihuahua




    Talking Chihuahua is a talking talking little dog that talks back what ever you say. Talking Chihuahua can dance and when you shake the phone, Chihuahua dances for you. If you hit him, he will cry and let you know he is hurt. Features: 1. Record anything and Talking Chihuahua will talk back to...

  • Virtual Lighter

    Virtual Lighter




    Virtual Lighter to play with in your phone. Virtual Lighter to fire up your Virtual Cigarette anytime of the day. Virtual Lighter can be turned on by virtually lighting up the the lighter. Virtual Lighter van be turned off by blowing into the phone. Virtual Lighter is the simplest way to play...

  • Bride and Groom Dress Up

    Bride and Groom Dress Up




    Bride and Groom Dress Up helps you create your own brides and grooms and dress them up as you like. Dress up Brides and Grooms to create your own wedding scenarios and name them accordingly. Dress Up a Bride with following Dress and Make up materials: 1. Brides Wedding Dress 2. Bridal Veil 3....

  • Boyfriend Maker

    Boyfriend Maker




    Boyfriend Maker lets you create your own boyfriends, Dress them up and store them on your phone or share with your friends. Boyfriend Maker lets you dress up boyfriends the way you want them to be. Take your boyfriends on vacation with awesome backgrounds including beaches, Golf courses, Play...

  • Virtual Flute

    Virtual Flute




    Virtual Flute is a musical instrument of the woodwind family thats in your pocket. Virtual Flute lets you play flute of your own anytime of the day. Become a musician who plays the flute and be a flute player, a flautist, a flutist, or, less commonly, a fluter. Best Virtual Flute in the market....

  • Talking Zombie

    Talking Zombie




    Talking Zombie listens to whatever you say and talks back in his scary voice. If you shake the phone, Zombie will start dancing for dance music. He loves to shake it and show off his dancing skills. Zombie loves to scare your friends and family with his scary voice. Talk to Zombie and he will...

  • Funny Sounds

    Funny Sounds




    Great collection of child friendly Funny sounds collection. Make everyone around you laugh with these funny sounds anytime of the day. Kid friendly funny sounds for entertainment anytime of the day. Includes Baby Laugh, Ba-da-Dum like drum sound showing off that joke is over, Car Honk, Funny...

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