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Baby Posters

Create awesome looking Baby Posters with your baby photo's and share them with friends and family as postcards. Baby Posters is the best way to create awesome looking posters with your own kids and babies. Why buy celebrity posters when you can create posters with your kids using your own phone? Awesome Baby Posters includes awesome messages i…

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Shape Overlays

Create awesome looking Photos with Shapes like Flowers, Sun, Moon and Hearts shapes overlaid over photos with gorgeous textures on the photos. Shape Overlays lets you create unique Photos from your photos that bring awesomeness to your photos. Multiple designs of Sun Overlays, Moon Photos, Flower Designs and Heart Shaped Photos are overlaid with l…

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Download Talking Teddy Bear Talking Teddy Bear icon
Talking Teddy Bear

Talking teddy bear talks back whatever you say in it teddy bears funny voice. if you hit the teddy bear, teddy bear will start crying. Teddy bear loves to talk to you. Teddy bear may cry if you hurt him. So treat him nice and he will be your friend forever. Record anything you want the bear to say and talking bear says the same for you in its fun…

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Download Sports Frames Sports Frames icon
Sports Frames

Sports Frames to decorate your photo's with sports decorations and apply color effects including Old photo effects, Color effects like Black and white effects or sepia effects. Frames custom designed with Sports themes like Basketball , Baseball, Football, Soccer, Ruby and other themes. Sports frames custom designed with color effects to decor…

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Download Body Builder Me Body Builder Me icon
Body Builder Me

Body Builder Me is the way to make yourself into Body Builder using any regular photos. Body Builder Me provides multiple options to chose from and provide you easy way to edit your photo into a body builder's images. Want to show off that your are a body builder? This is the app for you. Easy to use Photo editor with body builder images lets…

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Download Boyfriend Maker Boyfriend Maker icon
Boyfriend Maker

Boyfriend Maker lets you create your own boyfriends, Dress them up and store them on your phone or share with your friends. Boyfriend Maker lets you dress up boyfriends the way you want them to be. Take your boyfriends on vacation with awesome backgrounds including beaches, Golf courses, Play rooms etc. Boyfriend Maker has wide choices of dresses…

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Download Bell Bell icon

Ring the bell and get attention any time you want. Included are Variation of Bells. Church bell to hear Church bells ringing. Bring in the divine sounds any time you want. Temple Bells for the Religious person in you. Table Bell or called Desk Bell, This is used to get attention of people who work for you. Ice cream Truck sounds to bring out c…

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Download Talking Dragon Talking Dragon icon
Talking Dragon

Talking dragon talks back whatever you say in funny voice. The Talking Dragon knows how to fight back if you hit him. If you hit him the dragon throws fire at you in Dragon style. If you shake the phone, dragon starts dancing for disco music. Features: 1. Record something and play it back in dragon's voice. Talking Dragon shows its cute voice…

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Download Word Chain Puzzle Word Chain Puzzle icon
Word Chain Puzzle

Word Chain is a fun game where you chain words together and make chain of words by dragging and dropping words in chains. Each Puzzle has 10 words with 6 of the 10 words in the word chain and remaining 4 words out of context. You need to arrange the words in chain accordingly to win the level. 100's of Word Chain puzzles are included that you…

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Download Audience Sounds Audience Sounds icon
Audience Sounds

Awesome Audio sounds for any occasion. Laugh, Clap, Whistle, Boo. Whether you want support or Boo any time and need additional audience, the app is in your pocket to simulate any type of Audience sounds you want. Laugh like a huge crowd of people. Boo with large audience gathering. Clap with more people around you. Whistle like a pro anywhere…

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