• Snowboard Champion

    Snowboard Champion




    Win ultimate Snowboard Championship by winning every round of Extreme sport with awesome graphics and Hero play. Show off your snowboarding skills with awesome moves. The following moves of Snowboarding are covered: 1. Snowboarding Freestyle. 2. Penguin Walk of Snowboarding. 3. Snowboarding...

  • Monkey Math

    Monkey Math




    Monkey Math is easy way to practice math questions hands free simply with voice no matter where you are. Bored while driving? Practice Hands free math to stay sharp. Want your kid to practice Math questions? Practice Math questions without touching the screen and making screen dirty....

  • Ghost Prank Call

    Ghost Prank Call




    Prank your friends by making them receive a Call from Ghost. Ghost Call lets you schedule a call for future where your phone will receive a call from Ghost which can scare anyone to death. Ghost Prank call lets you schedule call for future in seconds or minutes and when call comes in, it rings...

  • Talking Princesses

    Talking Princesses




    Talking Princesses love to entertain you. Choose one of the Princess and have the princess entertain you. Princesses will perform for you. The princess will talk to you, The processes will listen to you and talk in their voice. Features: 1. Talking Princesses will listen to everything you say....

  • Granny Run

    Granny Run




    Help Granny Run, Jump and Fly to reach her destination and help her grab her teeth. Meet our Granny who needs to reach her tooth set. Call her Mrs. Smith, Mrs Judith whatever you want. Granny Smith or Granny Judith has to escape from her captors and run to her dentures. Granny Run is a free...

  • 88 Keys Piano

    88 Keys Piano




    88 Keys Piano to play a real keyboard on your phone. Play for any songs you wish on your phone real full fledged piano with nice animations and sounds. Record any of your music sessions on the Piano and Play them back. All the Piano recordings are saved for you to play back later. Virtual Piano...

  • Fishing Rush

    Fishing Rush




    Fishing Rush is action packed Fishing game where you need to catch as many fish as possible and put them in right Fishing basket to score high. Fishing Rush lets you fish for 60 seconds each time and you need to catch as many fish as possible in the allotted time and put them in right basket....

  • Talking Earth

    Talking Earth




    Talking Earth features earth coming live and talking back to you and entertaining you with her funny dance moves and getting mad you when you touch her. Talking Earth has following features: 1. Earth Listens to everything you say. 2. Talking Earth talks back to you repeating everything you say....

  • Waste Paper Basketball

    Waste Paper Basketball




    Waste Paper Basketball is the true Ghetto basketball to play anytime on your phone with easy to flick paper physics. Waste Paper is used instead of real basketball and with a setting of Ghetto, you can play true Ghetto Basketball with multiple exciting levels. Ghetto Basketball or Waste Paper...

  • Penguin World Tour

    Penguin World Tour




    Help Penguin travel the world to save Baby Penguins around the world. Penguin flies through different countries and try to escape the local obstructions and save chicks or fledglings. Penguin Travel around countries Like India, Russia, Greece, UK (London), Native American. Learn how to play the...

  • Cat Caller

    Cat Caller




    Schedule a Call from Cat and receive the Phone call from Cat that says what you want on phone and surprise everyone around with cat call. Cat Caller works in easy to use to Way: 1. Pick the time when to receive the free call from Cat. 2. Record what you want the cat to say when you get phone...

  • Love Photo Stickers

    Love Photo Stickers




    Love Photo Stickers has awesome Love stickers for photos from any of the photo sources including Gallery, New Photo from Camera or Facebook. Apply any number of photo stickers and save them or share them with friends and family using any photo sharing application. Love Stickers includes the...

  • Puppy Call

    Puppy Call




    Puppy Call is an app where you can schedule Puppy Dog to call you back at a given time. Dog will repeat what you want it to say in the phone call in its funny voice. Puppy call is easy to use and entertaining for anyone. Both adults and kids love Puppy Call. Steps: 1. Start Puppy Call App and...

  • Chicken In Traffic

    Chicken In Traffic




    Chicken In Traffic is the best traffic game with chicken trying to cross the traffic and reach its kids. Tilt the phone for chicken to change lanes to avoid high speed traffic. Help chicken navigate the traffic and reach its chicks. Each level is exciting with increased level of traffic and...

  • Dart Mania

    Dart Mania




    Dart Mania is an an awesome Finger Dart shooter game. Dart Mania comes with multi level (easy to hard) Dart Games with easy to understand Dart Scoreboard. Dart Mania is simple to start with and hard to finish. You need to flick dart with your finger and get to right spot to score maximum dart...

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