• How to Draw Free




    Learn how to Draw free including various characters like Santa, Boy, Girl, Cat, Dog, Flowers, Rose. Become an Artist by learning how to draw. Draw the figures by learning how to draw in steps by stepping through each step of drawing the art you want to learn. Learn Step by Step on how to draw...

  • Shoot Phone Prank




    Are you angry or frustrated with someone? Shoot the phone and calm down. Want to prank your friends? Launch the Shoot the phone Prank and give the phone to your friends, anywhere they touch your phone, it results in shooting sounds and effects as if your phone is shot by gun. Great app for...

  • Fruit Coloring book




    Coloring Fruits book Suitable Children of age 2, 3, 4, 5. Pre KG and KG students enjoy coloring the Fruit images. Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Lemon, Banana, Cherries, Trees Book. Color pages for Kids. Fruits and Vegetables color book and coloring pages for kids. Liked by Pre KG, KG children

  • Magic Water Fountain




    Touch anywhere on the screen for magical water fountain view. The water goes up and down in magical view. The magical water view is a pleasant view for anyone to play with and keeps you entertained. Magical effects of water fountain gives a thrill for adults and kids alike. Create as many...

  • Ant Attack




    Best Ant Attack game around. Three different levels are provided and you need to survive Ant Attack for a minute at each level. Great Time killer and entertainment for Kids and Adults alike. Recent update include slowing down hard level as less than 1% ever beat the level. Also Added Ant blood...

  • Paper Planes




    Learn how to Make Paper Planes in this step by step instructions on making Paper Planes. Paper Planes are great entertainer both for adults and kids. Learn how to Paper Planes in steps without any worry. Learn making your own Paper Planes in step by step instructions that teach you how to make...

  • Sports Frames




    Sports Frames to decorate your photo's with sports decorations and apply color effects including Old photo effects, Color effects like Black and white effects or sepia effects. Frames custom designed with Sports themes like Basketball , Baseball, Football, Soccer, Ruby and other themes....

  • Dog Frames




    Dog frames to decorate your pictures or your dogs pictures or pet pictures with awesome looking custom designed dog frames and apply color effects like Black and White color Effect, Sepia Effect or old photo effects to your photos. Dog Frames has the best looking custom designed frames for dogs...

  • Water Drops




    Magical Walter Drops that drop from anywhere you touch the screen. Water drops provide magical view as they drop and fall and bounce back. Best looking Water drops anywhere you can observe. The more you touch the more drops of water fall down. Better than rainfall or waterfalls applications....

  • Graffiti Creator




    Graffiti Creator is the best way to create Graffiti on walls, Photo's and Blank canvas to show off your creativity. Create Graffiti and share with friends and family or post it any photos sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Graffiti Creator Lets you create colorful graffiti and lets...

  • Dress Up Boys




    Dress Up Boys and create cute looking boys with awesome looking boys for fun. Dressed up boys are one of the best looking boys in the town. Create your own collection of Dressed up boys and share them with friends and family. Dress Up boys and create a collection of boys that are unique to you....

  • Halloween Games




    Play Halloween Games this Halloween and have fun. Great Halloween themed games including Memory Game and Pumpkin Eating contest. Halloween games include: 1. Memory Game: Pumpkin memory game improves memory and helps you react quickly. Play against others and be the best at Memory Games. Jack...

  • Rain Sounds




    A very relaxing application with screen displaying animated Rain fall and multiple Rain fall sounds. As Rain drops in the animated screen you can hear nice soothing rain sounds and relax to sleep.

  • Proposal




    Want to Propose Love and Marriage for eternity to someone? Here is the app for you. Propose to someone using Proposal Application. Here is how to you do it: 1. When the App launches a closed Ring holder appears. 2. When you are ready to propose a marriage or love, touch on the ring holder. 3....

  • Caveman Tiger Chase




    Caveman Tiger Chase is an action packed chasing game where you need to help caveman escape the scary tiger and reach the fire first to roast the tiger and eat him up. Caveman Tiger Chase includes multiple levels where tiger chases the primitive caveman and caveman need to escape from the dangers...

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