• Death Timer

    Death Timer




    Death Timer determines death of a person based on the year born, Gender and country of residence. Death timer is an entertainment app to play with friends and family and tell them how long will they live for entertainment purpose. Death Timer is a Death calculator that collects information on...

  • Real Talking Giraffe

    Real Talking Giraffe




    Real Talking Giraffe is made with real Real Giraffe that interacts with you, Dances with you, Talks back to you, Gets mad at you if you hurt him. Real Talking Giraffe is entertaining for anyone who love giraffe's and wild animals at the zoo. Real Talking Giraffe is the only Talking Animal...

  • Daily Photo Diary

    Daily Photo Diary




    Daily Photo Diary helps you take a selfie or a important picture everyday and stores them in calendar view for you to view the pictures and share them with friends and family. Daily Photo Diary is the only Photo Blog where all the photos and their details are stored only on phone. Daily Photo...

  • Pixelate - Censor Photos

    Pixelate - Censor Photos




    Sensor Parts of Photos by Pixelating like its done on TV Programs while hiding Faces and text that need to be Censored from public viewing. Pixelate works by letting you select a Photo from Gallery, Camera new Photo or a Facebook Photo. You touch the parts of areas that need to be Censored to...

  • Virtual Drum Set

    Virtual Drum Set




    Virtual Drum Set is the first fully configurable Drum Set with real Drum sounds on your phone and tablet. Virtual Drum Set includes all the Drums needed to make the official Drum kit. All the 9 (10 when both Hanging toms are considered) of Drum Kit: 1 Bass drum 2 Floor tom 3 Snare drum 4...

  • Manly Photo Frames

    Manly Photo Frames




    Manly Frames to decorate photos with Manly Frames and show off the manly side of the people in the picture. Manly Frames are custom manly to show of man's strength and fashion at the same time. Show off your manly with manly photo frames. Manly Frames are designed with each frame to be...

  • Finger Cutter

    Finger Cutter




    Finger Cutter turns your phone into a Guillotine based Slayer. The Finger Cutter Game is both entertaining and scary. See how many lives you can save that are under the Guillotine based Slayer. The King has decided to sacrifice his people on Guillotine. The Slayer of heads and fingers is here...

  • Panda Run

    Panda Run




    Panda Run is an action packed game where you help panda Run, Jump and Fly to reach the cute little panda baby. Bring some Panda jam packed action to your Android phone. Panda Run games is fun for everyone and guaranteed to bring you hours of fun. Help the Panda run, roll, fly and have some...

  • Binoculars





    Binoculars turns your Phone into Binoculars and ability to zoom in and zoom out to target your view in Binoculars. The first phone based Binoculars with ability to select multiple Binocular Styles. Binoculars Styles offer a wide range of Binoculars. You can pick the Binoculars of your choice to...

  • Kids Photo Frames

    Kids Photo Frames




    Kids Photo frames to decorate kids photo photos and share with family and friends. Great Frames from Kids with Animals and Characters to choose from. You include Photos from: 1. Phone Gallery. 2. New Photo (Shoot a Kids picture with camera) 3. Facebook Photo (Select one of the kids photo from...

  • Door Bell Prank

    Door Bell Prank




    This app sounds like domestic two tone doorbell creating the illusion of someone ringing the door bell. You can use it as a utility in absence of door bell when you are Visiting your friends or you can use it to prank people inside the house as if someone really rang the door bell. Provides...

  • Piggy Run

    Piggy Run




    Piggy run is one of the best Piggy games. Help the Piggy in its adventure to run away from the farmer. Help Piggy Rush to end of the levels to reach its baby Piggies. Piggy Run is more fun if you compete with your friends and find out who can help the Pig run free first. Piggy Run is the only...

  • Cat Piano

    Cat Piano




    Play Piano on Piano Keyboard with Cat sounds created your own Cat Piano. Entertainer both for humans and cats alike. Serves are Cat teaser and also Dog teaser and entertainer for kids with real piano key board animation and Cat Sounds. Cat Piano is well suited for cat moms and cat lovers. If...

  • Christmas Frames

    Christmas Frames




    Celebrate your photos with Christmas Frames. Bring life to your photo's with Christmas photo frames with your photos decorated in custom designed santa, Elf and other Christmas decorations. Christmas Photo Frames brings celebration and joy of Christmas to your photo's.s Decorate your...

  • Dragon Run

    Dragon Run




    Dragon Run is action packed racing game for people who love Dragon's and running games. Dragon is on run to reach its eggs that are about to hatch, Help Dragon reach its eggs as the Dragon in Rush to reach them before baby dragon comes out. Dragon Run has beautiful dragon running to save its...

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