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Download Talking Hairy Ball Talking Hairy Ball icon
Talking Hairy Ball

Hairy Ball that loves to talk to you in its funny voice. Say something and hairy Ball will listen to you and talk back in funny voice. Talking Hairy ball also can sing if you sing to it. Talking Ball can dance and does so when you shake the phone. The Talking Hairy ball loves to entertain and wait for you to give it commands to execute your orders…

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7.4 Users
Download New Year Greetings New Year Greetings icon
New Year Greetings

Create custom new Year Greetings with your photos and send your new year greetings to friends and family and amaze them with your creativity. Create your own new Year Greetings with photos and your art and apply color effects to the greetings your create with your photos and share them with friends and family. Select Photo from any of the photo so…

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8.8 Users
Download Holiday Frames Holiday Frames icon
Holiday Frames

Holiday Frames to decorate your holiday photos this holiday season. Holiday Frames are custom designed to bring joy to your holiday pictures. Holiday Frames are custom made with Holiday theme and Holiday decorations. Holiday Frames can be used with: 1. Photos taken during holidays in Phone Gallery. 2. New Holiday Pictures with Camera. Holiday P…

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5 Users
Download Fireworks Kids Fireworks Kids icon
Fireworks Kids

Fireworks for kids. Celebrate fireworks with kids and turn a boring day into fun filled entertaining day. Whatever is the occasion turn your phone into fireworks gallery for kids be it July 4th celebrations, Deewali, celebrate with fireworks. Fireworks customized for kids to enjoy. They can sit back and enjoy the fireworks with empty screen backgr…

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8.2 Users
Download Wonders Under Water Wonders Under Water icon
Wonders Under Water

Ever wonder how 7 Wonders of the world look under water? This application provides a view of Wonders when they are under water. Wonders of the World that are under water include: 1. Taj Mahal 2. Great Pyramid of Giza 3. Great Wall of China 4. Chichen Itza The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is the first known list of the most remarkable creat…

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Download Stuck Cat Stuck Cat icon
Stuck Cat

Stuck Cat lets you have a Pet Cat in you phone trying to get out of phone and cat walking around on your phone to escape out of the Phone. Stuck Cat is entertaining at its cool to watch the cat trying to escape from your phone. You can prank friends and family that a cat is stuck is in your phone. Stuck Cat is the coolest little trick to entertai…

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8.6 Users
Download Tiger Hunt Tiger Hunt icon
Tiger Hunt

As a bowman use the Archer and kill as many tigers as possible in the jungle before Tigers eat you. Each game starts with 9 Arrows and 9 Shields. Use the arrows and kill tigers before your shields are down and Tigers can attack you.

Free 70 6.4

6.4 Users
Download Dog Clicker Dog Clicker icon
Dog Clicker

Use this Dog Clicker to train your dogs. Clicker training is an operant conditioning method for training an animal using a clicker. The method uses positive reinforcement - it is reward based. The clicker is used during the acquisition phase of training a new behavior, to allow the animal to rapidly identify that a behavior is sought and also the…

Free 148 3

3 Users
Download Bug Phone Prank Bug Phone Prank icon
Bug Phone Prank

There are bugs crawling around in your phone! Not really – but this is the app that will make your friends and family think there is, and if there’s one thing that’s sure to drive you over the edge, it’s the thought that your little darling has become infested! Great Prank to Trick and make your friends fools. Multiple bugs go around your phone an…

Free 61 7.2

7.2 Users
Download Autumn Woods Autumn Woods icon
Autumn Woods

Beautiful live Autumn woods with early morning sounds in the Woods. A pleasant experience for anyone to watch and feel lazy. Autumn Woods early in the morning is always a beautiful thing to watch. This is early morning effects of Autumn Woods with early morning birds and chicken sounds.

Free 64 6.8

6.8 Users


Dexati has 440 apps available and 452 deleted apps in Google Play.

Dexati first app (Learn ABC) was published 5 years ago and the last one (Palace Photo Frames) was published 6 months ago .

Android total downloads for Dexati apps sum 159008310 (the most downloaded Photo Effects for Android).

The average users' rating for Dexati apps is 3.63/5.

Google Play categories distribution:

  • -31 apps in the category Action
  • -11 apps in the category Adventure
  • -37 apps in the category Arcade
  • -5 apps in the category Arcade & Action
  • -1 apps in the category Brain & Puzzle
  • -18 apps in the category Casual
  • -21 apps in the category Puzzle
  • -5 apps in the category Racing
  • -7 apps in the category Sports
  • -1 apps in the category Strategy
  • -6 apps in the category Books & Reference
  • -6 apps in the category Education
  • -400 apps in the category Entertainment
  • -7 apps in the category Lifestyle
  • -4 apps in the category Media & Video
  • -2 apps in the category Music & Audio
  • -31 apps in the category Personalization
  • -286 apps in the category Photography
  • -1 apps in the category Ringtones
  • -7 apps in the category Social
  • -5 apps in the category Tools


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