• Virtual Lighter

    Virtual Lighter




    Virtual Lighter to play with in your phone. Virtual Lighter to fire up your Virtual Cigarette anytime of the day. Virtual Lighter can be turned on by virtually lighting up the the lighter. Virtual Lighter van be turned off by blowing into the phone. Virtual Lighter is the simplest way to play...

  • Bride and Groom Dress Up

    Bride and Groom Dress Up




    Bride and Groom Dress Up helps you create your own brides and grooms and dress them up as you like. Dress up Brides and Grooms to create your own wedding scenarios and name them accordingly. Dress Up a Bride with following Dress and Make up materials: 1. Brides Wedding Dress 2. Bridal Veil 3....

  • Boyfriend Maker

    Boyfriend Maker




    Boyfriend Maker lets you create your own boyfriends, Dress them up and store them on your phone or share with your friends. Boyfriend Maker lets you dress up boyfriends the way you want them to be. Take your boyfriends on vacation with awesome backgrounds including beaches, Golf courses, Play...

  • Virtual Flute

    Virtual Flute




    Virtual Flute is a musical instrument of the woodwind family thats in your pocket. Virtual Flute lets you play flute of your own anytime of the day. Become a musician who plays the flute and be a flute player, a flautist, a flutist, or, less commonly, a fluter. Best Virtual Flute in the market....

  • Talking Zombie

    Talking Zombie




    Talking Zombie listens to whatever you say and talks back in his scary voice. If you shake the phone, Zombie will start dancing for dance music. He loves to shake it and show off his dancing skills. Zombie loves to scare your friends and family with his scary voice. Talk to Zombie and he will...

  • Funny Sounds

    Funny Sounds




    Great collection of child friendly Funny sounds collection. Make everyone around you laugh with these funny sounds anytime of the day. Kid friendly funny sounds for entertainment anytime of the day. Includes Baby Laugh, Ba-da-Dum like drum sound showing off that joke is over, Car Honk, Funny...

  • Happy Birthday Greetings

    Happy Birthday Greetings




    Create your own Happy Birthday Greetings and send it your friends and family. Happy Birthday Greetings provide you a way to create your own Birthday Greetings with your own choice of photos. Create Birthday Greeting from photos including photos from Photo Gallery, New PHoto using Camera or a...

  • Sound Meter

    Sound Meter




    Measure sound like a professional sound engineer. Sound Meter available in your pocket anytime of the day. Highly accurate Sound measurement tool. Measure Environment and surrounding sounds with sound range from 30 decibels to 120 decibels. Large Meter display with accurate measurement and...

  • Donkey Sounds Prank

    Donkey Sounds Prank




    Donkey sounds prank lets you play different donkey sounds any time of day and anywhere to prank people. Bored with listening to someone? Play the donkey sound to let them know how you are feeling? Great prank to fool anyone. Donkey sounds are always funny and easy way to make fun of someone....

  • Modi Run

    Modi Run




    Help Modi through all the states and gather the votes to win the election and become PM of India. Modi Run is an action game where politician Modi Runs through all the states and wins over the election to become Prime Minister of India. Help Modi Run through all of the states including: 1....

  • Graduation Frames

    Graduation Frames




    Graduation Frames to decorate graduation photos and share with friends and family. Say congrats on Graduation to someone who just graduated in style with graduation frames and graduation cards decorated with photos and cute animals. Graduation frames custom designed for your phone. Graduation...

  • Mouse Call - Animal Phone Talk

    Mouse Call - Animal Phone Talk




    Ever wanted a Mouse call you and talk to you on phone or want your kids receive a phone call from Funny Talking mouse and advise them? Mouse Call is the phone that makes it possible. How to Use the App: 1. Schedule a Phone call from Mouse by choosing when you want the phone call from Mouse. 2....

  • Caveman Quiz - Country Capital

    Caveman Quiz - Country Capital




    Are you smarter than a Caveman? Take the caveman quiz and prove that you are smarter than a caveman. Caveman Quiz Includes Country Capitals Quiz and Country Currency Quiz. You can pick either Country Capitals or Country Currency and prove that you are smarter than a Caveman. Caveman Quiz is...

  • Talking Snake

    Talking Snake




    Talking snake talks back whatever you say in a cute voice. Talking Snake, Dancing Snake, Fighting Snake all in one app. Features: 1. Talk to the snake and he will say the same in a cute snake voice. 2. Shake the phone and he will dance for you. 3. Hit him and he will ket you know he is hurt. 4....

  • Talking Rooster

    Talking Rooster




    Talking Rooster will talk back to you whatever you Say. The Rooster will talk, Dance, Sing and Fight with you. Features: 1. Shake the phone and the rooster will dance for you. 2. Hit the Rooster and the rooster will tell you its hurt. 3. If you don't do anything Rooster will get bored (May...

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