• Milk A Goat

    Milk A Goat




    Milk A Goat is Goat Milking goat with funny goat sounds to entertain you. Goat is a simple animal with 2 udders to milk and Milk a Goat has 4 levels where you need to fill the bucket in desired time or lose. Milk A Goat is easy to start with and hard to finish milking game where Goat is the...

  • Anniversary Cards

    Anniversary Cards




    Anniversary Cards are the best way to send personalized Happy anniversary message to friends and family. Custom designed Anniversary Cards for you to wish some one a great Happy Anniversary be it a wedding anniversary or love anniversary or work anniversary. Wish friends and family with...

  • Drums Maker

    Drums Maker




    Drums maker with ability to control volume of each of the drum and make your own custom drum sounds. Drums Makers a collection of drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments, such as cowbells, wood blocks, triangles, chimes, or tambourines, arranged for convenient playing by a single person,...

  • Analog Night Clock

    Analog Night Clock




    This is a simple, retro-style night Analog clock for use as night clock. It will display the time in big Analog style with Neon, Radium Styles and Different colors effects for Neon Styles. It is recommended that you keep your phone plugged in to charge otherwise the app will drain the battery....

  • Dancing Monkey

    Dancing Monkey




    Shake the phone and monkey dances for Disco music. Entertaining application to make Monkey Dance for Disco Music. Monkey shakes it for the Disco Music. As Disco music plays monkeys shakes and dances for you. Have a Blast with monkey Dance showing off to your friends and entertaining your...

  • Flower Photo Frames

    Flower Photo Frames




    Flower photo frames for your photo's designed for your taste. Set your beautiful photo's in Flower photo frames that are decorated with flowers. Flower photo frames will enhance your photos with style and taste. Decorate your photo's from Photo Gallery, New Photo with Camera,...

  • Color Effects

    Color Effects




    Color Effects for pictures in your gallery, Camera and facebook. Color Effects provides awesome color effects including Rainbow Color Effects, Negative Effects, Black and White Color Effects, Oil Paint Color effects, Pencil Color Effects and old photo color effects. You can select a photo from:...

  • Dancing Giraffe

    Dancing Giraffe




    Shake the phone and Giraffes dance for you with disco music. Your own personal pocket Giraffes that dance for you anytime you want. You have not 1 Giraffe but 3 giraffes to choose from. Both of the giraffe dance when you shake the phone. Giraffe love to entertain you by dancing for you for...

  • Bell





    Ring the bell and get attention any time you want. Included are Variation of Bells. Church bell to hear Church bells ringing. Bring in the divine sounds any time you want. Temple Bells for the Religious person in you. Table Bell or called Desk Bell, This is used to get attention of people...

  • Jesus Frames

    Jesus Frames




    Jesus Frames is best way to create religious messages from regular photos. Jesus Frames is the best way to create holy photos with messages from Son Of God. Jesus Frames is for people who Jesus Christ and Christmas themed decoration and Christ Messages. Jesus Frames is the best way to show...

  • Billboard Effects

    Billboard Effects




    Billboard Effects turn your ordinary photos into Billboards and make you look famous. Billboard Photo Frames turn any photo of you into a famous photo op. Billboards are best way to prank people that you are really famous. Billboard Photo Effects turn any photo from Gallery, Camera or Facebook...

  • Audience Sounds

    Audience Sounds




    Awesome Audio sounds for any occasion. Laugh, Clap, Whistle, Boo. Whether you want support or Boo any time and need additional audience, the app is in your pocket to simulate any type of Audience sounds you want. Laugh like a huge crowd of people. Boo with large audience gathering. Clap with...

  • Multi Camera

    Multi Camera




    Multi Camera is the best Multiple Lens Camera where you can take photo with each lens and combine to make an awesome looking photo in different Shapes. Multi Camera is the only Multi Camera that let you create live collages with photo with each lens. Multi Camera is the best way to create live...

  • Dog Teaser

    Dog Teaser




    A fun Dog Teaser application for all dog lovers. Choose from a great selection of sounds to tease and amuse your dog. From the makers of Dog Sounds and Cat Sounds that's loved by all mom's and Dad's of cats and dogs. Dog teaser uses a combination of Cat sounds, Dog sounds that are...

  • Talking Donkey

    Talking Donkey




    Talking Donkey is the only app with real Talking Donkey. Talking Donkey talks back whatever you say in funny donkey voice. If you hurt the Donkey by touching him anywhere, he will let you know that he is hurt in donkey sounds. If you shake the phone, Talking Donkey gets into dancing mode and...

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