• Police Chase




    Police Chase is very interesting and funny police officer chase games. You have to help the thief escape the police officer chasing him. As you go up the levels the police chase will become faster and faster. Run, jump, duck and roll your way to freedom from the police officer on hot pursuit...

  • Chicken Run




    Chicken Run is an exciting where you help Chicken Run and Jump over obstacles and reach the end of the Each game level. Chicken Run has a running chicken to reach its eggs that are end of each level. Help the Chicken Jump over obstacles as Run fast to reach the levels. Chicken Run includes...

  • Cat Caller




    Schedule a Call from Cat and receive the Phone call from Cat that says what you want on phone and surprise everyone around with cat call. Cat Caller works in easy to use to Way: 1. Pick the time when to receive the free call from Cat. 2. Record what you want the cat to say when you get phone...

  • Sniper hunt Terrorists




    Sniper hunt Terrorist is an action packed game where as a Soldier, you hunt down the terrorists and save innocent citizens from evil Terrorists. Sniper hunt Terrorist is pure entertainment game where you need to complete each of the six levels by killing the terrorists and saving people from...

  • Abhimanyu - Warrior Prince




    Abhimanyu is the story of Warrior of Mahabharata. Help Abhimanyu defeat Kauravas in powerful Padmavyuham battle fighting with bow and arrows. Abhimanyu the Warrior Prince is action packed game with multiple levels of War Zone with Abhimanyu fighting with bow and arrows. Background Story:...

  • Fat Boy Run




    Help Fat baby run for the Ice Cream truck and reach his destination and celebrate victory with some nice Ice Cream. Fat Boy Run is the most exciting Run Game with awesome baby levels and candy themed levels to match the game. Fat Boy Run has 12 different levels with Ice Cream truck waiting for...

  • Circus Trainer




    Circus Trainer is the game where you help Circus Animals like Elephant and Tiger train and get ready for the show. Train the Wild Animals like Lion and Tiger Jump through the Fire hoops and win every level. Circus Trainer is the only game where you can train Wild Animals like Elephant and Lion...

  • Photo Eraser




    Photo Eraser lets you erase unwanted content in a photo where its people you don't want in the photo or objects that you want to remove the photos. Photo Eraser is the best Mobile Photo Editor to remove content from Photos. Are you bummed by Photo Bombing from people? Selectively erase the...

  • Photo Cube Wallpaper




    Create Photo Cubes with your photos and set them as live wallpaper on your phone. Create cube with kids and family pictures and decorate them on your phone with Photo Cube wallpaper. Have the Photo's you like on your phone screen always with Photo Cube. You can chose 1 to 6 photos for 6...

  • Aladdin Carpet Wonders




    Aladdin Carpet Wonders is based on Aladdin Story. Jaffer (The bad guy) Steals magic lamp with Genie and hides it in seven wonders of the world. Aladdin and his princess go on Magic Carpet to find Magic Lamp and Genie. In this game Aladdin and princess travel through the seven wonders of old world...

  • Ashvamedha - Royal Horse Run




    Ashvamedha - The Royal Horse is based on real asvamedha the most important royal rituals of Vedic religion. Background: Ashvamedha was one of the most important royal rituals of Hindu religion featured in Ramayana and Mahabharata. A fine stallion was selected and was allowed to roam freely for...

  • Photo Shapes Collages




    Photo Shapes Collages to create awesome looking Photo Creations with your photos and loved ones photos. Photo Shapes Collages lets you create awesome Photo Collages that are Unique to Photo Shapes Collages. Photo Shapes Collages features: 1. Add any photo from Gallery. You can cut the photo...

  • Modi Chase Black Money




    You help Modi Run and Win election. Now Help Modi capture the politicians and robbers who looted India and Stored Black Money out of country. Modi wants bring the black money back into India and help India Develop. Help Modi Chase the greedy politicians and bring the Black Money back to India....

  • Photo Focus




    Photo Focus lets you set Focus on your photos after they are shot creating amazing effects with your existing Photos and new Photos where they are from your Gallery or Facebook (or Friends Facebook accounts). Photo Focus provides multiple After Effects for your photos including: 1. Shading...

  • Annoying Sounds




    Annoying sounds to drive your friends crazy! Great soundboard for the most annoying sounds on earth, including Baby Crying (multiple Babies), Snoring (Both Male and Female snores included), Burp Sounds, Wood crunching, Cricket noise, Car Alarm, Car Horn, Car Alarm, Terrible mobile ringtone, loud...

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