• Dog Teaser

    Dog Teaser




    A fun Dog Teaser application for all dog lovers. Choose from a great selection of sounds to tease and amuse your dog. From the makers of Dog Sounds and Cat Sounds that's loved by all mom's and Dad's of cats and dogs. Dog teaser uses a combination of Cat sounds, Dog sounds that are...

  • Talking Donkey

    Talking Donkey




    Talking Donkey is the only app with real Talking Donkey. Talking Donkey talks back whatever you say in funny donkey voice. If you hurt the Donkey by touching him anywhere, he will let you know that he is hurt in donkey sounds. If you shake the phone, Talking Donkey gets into dancing mode and...

  • Parrot Phone Call

    Parrot Phone Call




    Parrot Phone Call Lets you schedule and Receive phone calls from Real Parrot. Real Parrot talks in his funny voice with your recorded message and entertains you and friends. Want to entertain a kid? Schedule a phone call from Parrot and let you hear the sweet parrot talking with nice Parrot...

  • Floating Ghost Prank

    Floating Ghost Prank




    Floating Ghost Prank is the best to fool your friends into thinking there is a floating ghost in your phone and laugh at them. Floating Ghost Prank lets you control the ghost by letting you start and stop the ghost anytime. Floating Ghost Prank draws over other apps so it appears as if Ghost is...

  • Bubble Photos

    Bubble Photos




    Bubble Photos create awesome colored bubble overlays over your photos making them marvelous photos that you can save and share with friends and family. Bubble Photos gives options to chose from for bubble overlay that you can pick based on your style or choice and create awesome bubble photos...

  • Crazy Photo Mirror

    Crazy Photo Mirror




    Crazy Photo Mirror lets you create 12 awesome Mirror Effects some of where are very unique to our app. You can Apply Mirror Effects to any of the photos from Photo Gallery, New Photo from Camera or Any Facebook photos. Share the Crazy Photos created from Photo Mirror with friends and family....

  • Step Carefully

    Step Carefully




    Step Carefully is fun and addicting game that challenges your reflexes with time and direction. You need to watch your step and step only on the white tiles (Safe tiles) and avoid tiles filled with Bombs, Knives and Thorns that would kill you if you step on them. Step Carefully is the unique...

  • Body Collages

    Body Collages




    Body Collages is the best way to create Body shaped based images with different Shapes including: 1. Heart Collages. Heart shaped collages can be created with your photos now. 2. Star Shaped Body images. 3. Circle Shaped Body Photos 4. Square Body Collages Create awesome looking body shaped...

  • Draw In Sand - Beach Art

    Draw In Sand - Beach Art




    Draw In Sand and create awesome beach art with your drawing skills. Draw in the sand like pro beach artist and save them and share with friends and family. Draw In Sand like a kid again on your phone and bring our artist in you anytime you want. Draw In Sand and create arts on the beach and show...

  • Stuck Cat

    Stuck Cat




    Stuck Cat lets you have a Pet Cat in you phone trying to get out of phone and cat walking around on your phone to escape out of the Phone. Stuck Cat is entertaining at its cool to watch the cat trying to escape from your phone. You can prank friends and family that a cat is stuck is in your...

  • Split Photo Collage

    Split Photo Collage




    Split Photo Collage is a unique way to create collages from single photo by splitting the photos into various shapes like triangle, rectangle and pentagon. The split photo pieces are combines and collage is created to create awesome pic effects and unique collages. Split Photo Collage lets you...

  • Alien Escape

    Alien Escape




    You are an Alien from far far Galaxy and crashed on this Sun's Third Rock. FBI figured out your Alien Ship crashed on Earth and are after you. You need to escape the FBI and reach your Space Ship to escape from the evil humans who are trying to "Probe" you. Help Alien escape the...

  • Biker Girl

    Biker Girl




    Biker Girl with girl on Bike going through adventures of her life. Help biker girl finish all the levels and reach the gold chest and celebrate. Girl on the bike knows how to ride her bike and you need to help her bike fast and reach the treasure. Biker Girl bikes and jumps and flys to reach the...

  • Unicorn Run

    Unicorn Run




    Help the unicorn to run away and escape over the rainbow. You can give him magical powers, and make him jump or fly over and under obstacles. Do not let him lose the race and become extinct! Unicorn run is the best unicorn game on google Play. Let the unicorn run, jump and fly away to freedom by...

  • Talking Tiger

    Talking Tiger




    Talking Tiger talks back to you in Tigers funny voice. Shake the phone and Tiger dances for you for disco music. If you touch the Tiger the Talking Tiger get angry and Starts Tiger Roar. The Tiger Roar Sound can be scary. Features: 1. Talk to the tiger and tiger talks back to you in funny...

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