Dexters Androlab

  • AndFirewall BETA




    AndFirewall (ROOT access required) is a small firewall for android devices which provides a comprehensive way to ALLOW/REJECT specific Application, Port and IP address connecting to INTERNET. It uses netfilter iptables binary that is a core part of Android Linux Kernel for creating rules for...

  • AndroNet Tools




    AndroNet Tools is a small yet powerful network utility app for Android which is composed of several networking tools. It is useful in network diagnostics and troubleshooting. The application is built with neat and simple interface which makes it easier for use. Networking tools packed along with...

  • Droid SecretCodes




    Droid SecretCodes is an android application that helps to uncover hidden configurations present in an Android Device by executing certain predefined secret codes. Android secret codes are useful when it comes in troubleshooting certain problems on your phone. Note: Certain codes may not work...

  • SMSBackup Tool




    SMSBackup Tool is a complete solution for taking backups of text messages and restoring the backup back to the inbox folder. The internal viewer allows the user to view the backup contents in the phone. The application also features exporting of backup data into four different file formats such...

  • EmailSMS




    Have you ever thought of making backup of your inbox..or Have you forgot your mobile at home or at your office..or Are you in a workplace where you are not supposed to use your mobile?? Dont worry here comes the solution EmailSMS which is a SMS forwarder application for Android which allows one...

  • GeoTagIP




    A small light weight application that helps to identify geographic location based on IP address. The IP to Location service is exclusively provided by IPINFO DB. The key features of the application are as follows: -Displays information such as Country code, Country Name, Region Name, City Name...

  • DroidLog




    DroidLog is a real time logcat reader for Android. The application can be used to check various log messages generated inside the device which are not viewable by an user. It also has option to filter the log messages according to info, verbose, debug, warn and error. In addition to logcat reader...

  • Droid Note




    Have you ever encountered a situation when you are in urgency to scribble a piece of information such as a memo or a small note somewhere in your phone ? So at times most of us used to save that piece of data as drafts in SMS folder. So here comes a small and simple application for android known...

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