Didactic Development

  • DeuterIDE - Compiler and IDE




    ******DeuterIDE 2.0 is here! Most if not all of the issues should be fixed in this update. Please consider editing your review if you feel that this is an improvement.****** A mobile based programming text editor, online compiler, and integrated development environment built for Android....

  • Prim Dijkstra Maze Wallpaper




    Randomized maze generated by stochastic Prim's Algorithm, solved with Dijkstra's Algorithm with slight heuristic. A visual representation of two algorithms in graph theory. This wallpaper draws a maze and then solves itself. For the computer scientist. :]

  • Contact Congress




    Congressional directory: Search congressional representatives by ZIP code to find easy access to contact information. In protest of SOPA and PIPA. Powered by whoismyrepresentative.com (CC BY 3.0) Congressional seal image from wikimedia under the public domain.

  • Chemical Compounds




    Inspired by Doodle God, Create a Chemical Reaction at Chicago MSI, and my chemistry teacher. Put together elements and discover more about chemical compounds! Synthesize the right combination of elements from the periodic table and receive information about the compound you created. Chemical...

  • Tardis Widget




    Doctor Who TARDIS widget: press the widget directly on your home screen! Plays the TARDIS materialization sound effect and flashes on touch. This app was suggested by Peter B. I do apologize for the fact that proper animation (like the fading effect in Tardis Button) isn't actually...

  • Notification Reminder




    The Android taskbar is extremely useful for reminding you of things; after all, you check it all the time. Now, you can create your own notifications, to remind you of to-dos, appointments, and more. Make color coded notes to yourself and never forget the little things. All it takes is a few...

  • Nerdfighteria




    Multi-purpose app for nerdfighters. This app will take you to a feed of the latest uploads to the vlogbrothers channel, Your Pants (opens the app if you have it, a browser if you don't), FYNF, and the Ning. All of that in one place! Yay! If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel...

  • Prism Paint




    Previously known as Fractal Draw: Doodle with your finger with Prism Paint. Draw creative and unique fractal designs right on your Android phone or tablet with this funky app. The app's features include fade and prism effects, prism degrees, color picker, various brush styles, and screen...

  • Tardis Button




    Doctor Who TARDIS button: press the button to make the TARDIS materialize! Plays the TARDIS materialization sound effect while displaying the fade in/fade out animation. If you enjoyed this application, I'd appreciate it if you took a look at Tardis Widget, the button's home screen...

  • Burst Lock




    Note: Android is built not to allow fully functional lock replacements. This lock is bypassable and therefore should only be used for fun. Custom lockscreen replacement inspired by the cgi lock to the Oscorp Lab in The Amazing Spiderman movie. Set lock pattern by dragging and tapping...

  • Deuterium Editor




    Minimal implementation of a syntax highlighting code editor for Android. Developed as the basis of version 2.0 of DeuterIDE, available on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.didactic.DeuterIDE Deuterium Editor features: - extensible native syntax highlighting for some...

  • Tardis Live Wallpaper




    Doctor Who TARDIS LWP: Now comes with two live wallpapers. -Touch controlled TARDIS -Eleventh Doctor opening sequence NOTE: This will not appear under your applications, but will rather appear as two wallpaper services when you go to Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers. I realize the...

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