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  • Launcher Mate

    Launcher Mate




    Tool for launcher lover. feature: - list all of launchers in your phone - show default launcher by (*) - quick way to launcher setting

  • QR2Market





    Using QR Droid library, install QR Droid first. Just SCAN ! The fastest way to go to android market via QR Code with ZERO click!

  • CPU Frequency

    CPU Frequency




    Get CPU Frequency from your phone.

  • Tic Tac Toe Master

    Tic Tac Toe Master


    Over 30 years of experience, He never lost. Mister T, Master of Tic Tac Toe. Can you beat him ?

  • รับทราบ Remover

    รับทราบ Remover


    Tool for remove รับทราบ.apk ( spam )

  • Mac Address Ghost Donate

    Mac Address Ghost Donate


    SAME features as Mac Address Ghost* Buy this version If you wanna buy me a cup of coffee <3 For new user: DO NOT BUY THIS APP !! Try Mac Address Ghost* first. * Mac Address Ghost -->

  • BF PROs Unit DB ( Fan App )

    BF PROs Unit DB ( Fan App )




    Fan App of Brave Frontier PROs Unit Database with Full screen and icon shortcut features. SRC: Thanks Brave Frontier PROs for permission.

  • Bookuu



    Bookuu is a book collector application. Scan barcode and add to your collection. If scan an existing item, Bookuu will show detail. ~ You'll never miss any book forever ~ ss-font:

  • ngoo ngii

    ngoo ngii




    This is emoticon collection. Easy to use, Easy to Share. You can send your awesome emoticon via twitter. Reply to @diewland with #ngoongii hashtag. NGOONGII AGENTS (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ @the_nuyie ( IG ) @iAbystar @bankkung @kenshinbhx @minmiz +Baelfire Nakrab @nzmez ( IG ) Floating Windows Library...

  • Soft Lock Screen

    Soft Lock Screen




    With this app, you can screen off and lock your phone. Safe your real power button life time. *** UNINSTALL GUIDE *** 1. Go to Security -> Device administrators 2. check off Soft Lock Screen 3. uninstall

  • Mr. Portal

    Mr. Portal




    Understand how portal works. THANKS Enlightened Thailand for VRLA logic. REF

  • Whistle Thai

    Whistle Thai




    Whistle app for Thai people. RESOURCES whistle sound -

  • Centipede Farm

    Centipede Farm




    Customize your centipede and send to your best friends. Centipede Friends @Thon5031 @Nostia

  • App Setting

    App Setting




    Shortcut to Application Setting.

  • Mobile Network Settings

    Mobile Network Settings




    Shortcut to Mobile Network in Wireless & network settings. Set options for roaming networks, APNs.

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