Download Download Manager Download Manager icon

Download Manager

Shortcut to Download Manager. Provide features to force close and clea...

Free | 7.8 10.1K

7.8 Users
Download Soft Lock Screen Soft Lock Screen icon

Soft Lock Screen

With this app, you can screen off and lock your phone. Safe your real...

Free | 7.6 15.2K

7.6 Users
Download Mobile Network Settings Mobile Network Settings icon

Mobile Network Settings

Shortcut to Mobile Network in Wireless & network settings. Set opt...

Free | 8.4 1.5K

8.4 Users
Download Mac Address Ghost Mac Address Ghost icon

Mac Address Ghost

From Smile Jobs to Mac Address Ghost! Temporary change mac address ap...

Free | 6.6 1.2K

6.6 Users
Download ES Audio Player ( Shortcut ) ES Audio Player ( Shortcut ) icon

ES Audio Player ( Shortcut )

*** You need to install ES File Explorer first *** Some launcher does...

Free | 8.4 824

8.4 Users
Download WiFi settings WiFi settings icon

WiFi settings

Shortcut to Wi-Fi settings. Set up & manage wireless access points...

Free | 8.2 725

8.2 Users
Download Phone Testing Phone Testing icon

Phone Testing

Launch phone testing application.( same as *#*#4636#*#* )

Free | 7.8 758

7.8 Users
Download CPU Frequency CPU Frequency icon

CPU Frequency

Get CPU Frequency from your phone.

Free | 8.4 56

8.4 Users
Download App Setting App Setting icon

App Setting

Shortcut to Application Setting.

Free | 8.2 47

8.2 Users
Download Twin Flashlights Twin Flashlights icon

Twin Flashlights

From Screen Flashlight to Twin Flashlights. Open both front and back f...

Free | 8 33

8 Users

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