Download Download Manager Download Manager icon
Download Manager

Shortcut to Download Manager. Provide features to force close and clear download cache. Recommended when you have market download in queue, But you need to offline from internet connection.

Free 25.1K 7.2

7.2 Users
Download Mobile Network Settings Mobile Network Settings icon
Mobile Network Settings

Shortcut to Mobile Network in Wireless & network settings. Set options for roaming networks, APNs.

Free 2.1K 8.2

8.2 Users
Download Mac Address Ghost Mac Address Ghost icon
Mac Address Ghost

From Smile Jobs to Mac Address Ghost! Temporary change mac address application. Address will recover when disconnect wifi. Save mac address as profile to sd-card. ##### CHECKPOINT ##### 1. root ? 2. install busybox ? 3. correct interface name ? ( wlan0 or eth0 ) ##### CHECK RESULT ##### ip link show [interface_name] ex. ip link show wlan0 ip li…

Free 1.6K 6.4

6.4 Users
Download WiFi settings WiFi settings icon
WiFi settings

Shortcut to Wi-Fi settings. Set up & manage wireless access points.

Free 1.3K 8.2

8.2 Users
Download ES Audio Player ( Shortcut ) ES Audio Player ( Shortcut ) icon
ES Audio Player ( Shortcut )

*** You need to install ES File Explorer first *** Some launcher doesn't have shortcut to intent action. This is just a shortcut to ES Audio Player.

Free 1.2K 8.4

8.4 Users
Download Phone Testing Phone Testing icon
Phone Testing

Launch phone testing application.( same as *#*#4636#*#* )

Free 1.1K 8

8 Users
Download Mr. Portal Mr. Portal icon
Mr. Portal

Understand how portal works. THANKS Enlightened Thailand for VRLA, Turret 1.5x logic. REF http://decodeingress.me/ingress-manual/ingress-items/portal-mods/portal-shields/ http://decodeingress.me/ingress-manual/ingress-items/portal-mods/force-amplifier/ http://decodeingress.me/ingress-manual/ingress-items/portal-mods/link-amplifier/ http://decodei…

Free 139 8.6

8.6 Users
Download Twin Flashlights Twin Flashlights icon
Twin Flashlights

From Screen Flashlight to Twin Flashlights. Open both front and back flashlight at the same time. For back button, I make a 5 seconds delay per click, to take care of physical camera flash.

Free 39 7.6

7.6 Users