Download Mobile Network Settings Mobile Network Settings icon
    Mobile Network Settings

    Shortcut to Mobile Network in Wireless & network settings. Set options for roaming networks, APNs.

    Free 2.2K 8.2

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    Download Mac Address Ghost Mac Address Ghost icon
    Mac Address Ghost

    From Smile Jobs to Mac Address Ghost! Temporary change mac address application. Address will recover when disconnect wifi. Save mac address as profile to sd-card. ##### CHECKPOINT ##### 1. root ? 2. install busybox ? 3. correct interface name ? ( wlan0 or eth0 ) ##### CHECK RESULT ##### ip link show [interface_name] ex. ip link show wlan0 ip li…

    Free 1.7K 6.4

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    Download WiFi settings WiFi settings icon
    WiFi settings

    Shortcut to Wi-Fi settings. Set up & manage wireless access points.

    Free 1.3K 8.2

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    Download ES Audio Player ( Shortcut ) ES Audio Player ( Shortcut ) icon
    ES Audio Player ( Shortcut )

    *** You need to install ES File Explorer first *** Some launcher doesn't have shortcut to intent action. This is just a shortcut to ES Audio Player.

    Free 1.2K 8.4

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    Download Twin Flashlights Twin Flashlights icon
    Twin Flashlights

    From Screen Flashlight to Twin Flashlights. Open both front and back flashlight at the same time. For back button, I make a 5 seconds delay per click, to take care of physical camera flash.

    Free 41 7.4

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    Download SIM Notify SIM Notify icon
    SIM Notify

    This application will send a SMS to your designated number with your predefined message. It will a SMS right after the SIM is ready. App by @lewcpe

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    Download ngoo ngii ngoo ngii icon
    ngoo ngii

    This is emoticon collection. Easy to use, Easy to Share. You can send your awesome emoticon via twitter. Reply to @diewland with #ngoongii hashtag. NGOONGII AGENTS (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ @the_nuyie ( IG ) @iAbystar @bankkung @kenshinbhx @minmiz +Baelfire Nakrab @nzmez ( IG ) Floating Windows Library : Stand Out https://github.com/pingpongboss/StandO…

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    Download ttttttttt ttttttttt icon

    T9 is god speed keyboard layout. I can type without looking.

    Free 14 7.2

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    Download Mnt Mnt icon

    Broadcast Intent.ACTION_MEDIA_MOUNTED to the phone. Why broadcast ? Gallery and Google Music have refresh problem, It not real time. ACTION_MEDIA_MOUNTED broadcast is a trigger.

    Free 11 8.2

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