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  • Hidden Object Princess Wonder




    Alice has left, and Wonderland needs a new princess. Experience the land's wondrous marvels through 10 different stages, each with a different princess in line for the throne! Search for the objects through three (3) game modes, each a different way to discover Wonderland and her...

  • The Graveyard




    Do you dare enter The Graveyard?! Get into the Halloween spirit and hunt for hidden items among the headstones. Beware ghosts and restless souls! FEATURES -20 creepy stages to unlock! -3 difficulty modes: CASUAL, NORMAL, & CHALLENGE -4 game modes: PICTURE, SILHOUETTE, WORDS and RANDOM...

  • Hidden Pieces: 3 Little Pigs




    Hidden Pieces: Three Little Pigs is a jigsaw-like game set in the world of fairy tales. Solve 31 beautiful, hand crafted puzzles as difficulty increases. Can you become the hidden piece master? This app is certified Actually Free(c) which means you get the full game experience and it has no paid...

  • Hidden Memory - Journey Wild




    Phatpuppy presents, "Journey into the Wilderness"! Enjoy this completely FREE hidden memory game! "Journey into the Wilderness" contains 10 artistically-crafted levels, filled with items. Hidden Memory is a great way to improve your memory skills, and suitable for adults and...

  • Hidden Object - Fairies Dwell




    *Ad supported free version. All content is included. If you like it please consider purchasing the ad free version. A beautiful hidden object game with many different play and finding modes. 3 Play Modes (HIGH SCORE, CASUAL and CHALLENGE) 3 Find Modes (PICTURE, WORD and SILHOUETTE) -Find...

  • Kaleidoscope Circus




    The carnival is in town! What will you find through the "Doors to Kaleidoscope Circus"? Kaleidoscope Circus features beautiful HD graphics and the ability to zoom and pan the images. Find hidden objects within 20 magical stages, with three difficulties and four game modes to try...

  • PuzzleSpin - Winter Creatures




    Explore the crystalline empire of the Winterland Creatures by spinning the circles to line up the image. Sounds simple enough but there are some tricks and surprises in store for even the most skilled puzzle solver! 50% off Launch Sale! Buy now to get the game at half the list price of $1.99....

  • Hidden Object Dragon Thrones




    Phatpuppy presents, "Thrones and Dragons!" Find unique hidden objects among these beautiful and epic images. This is a wonderful challenge for Hidden Object devotees. "Thrones and Dragons" contains 9 artistically-crafted levels, filled with items! Three different modes of...

  • Wolves




    Best-selling artist Phatpuppy presents our latest Hidden Object game: Wolves! Jump into the world of these beautiful yet mysterious animals. Wolves contains 20 stunning lupine-themed levels, packed full of hidden items. Three different modes of play: NORMAL Mode - Timed, limited hints and...

  • Mahjong - Where Fairies Dwell




    Pierce the Veil and enter the land of the fairies over 25 stunning levels. Travel through their dwellings, searching for the items hidden deep in the thick woods and shallow creeks. 50% off Launch Sale! Buy now to get half off the $1.99 list price and future updates for free! A relaxing...

  • Haunted House 2




    The thrilling experience continues... Popular Hidden Object - Haunted House game is back with 20 new spooky levels! Packed with loads of items to find, this sequel to the amazing hidden object game sends more goosebumping and chilling experience to loyal fans! With its four game modes and three...

  • PuzzleSwap - Animal Kingdom




    Swap and Flip the pieces in an exciting puzzle game featuring mothers of the animal kingdom. Sounds simple enough but there are some tricks and surprises in store for even the most skilled puzzle solver! Unlock the full version for 10 more levels and no ads! Come try your hand at PuzzleSwap...

  • Hidden Object - Enchantresses




    Open the Book of Enchantresses and be enthralled by their mystical worlds. See through their magic, their charms, and their illusions to find the hidden items. Turn each page to a new enchantress and to new challenges! Book of Enchantresses contains 10 beautiful crafted levels PACKED full of...

  • Hidden Object: Romantic Places




    Phatpuppy presents, "Romantic Places!" Go on a vacation with these 8 beautiful scenes from all over the world. From the canals of Venice, to quiet, secret gardens, enter a world of romance and aesthetic beauty. Revel in the sweet, vibrant mise en scene, the seemingly water-painted...

  • Hidden Pieces: Country Living




    Hidden Pieces: Country Living is a jigsaw-like game set in the beautiful countryside in the fall. Solve 20 beautiful, hand crafted puzzles as difficulty increases. Can you become the hidden piece master? Main features: - Unique puzzle game mechanic - 20 hand-crafted backgrounds - Beat your best...

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