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  • Hidden Object Monsters Deluxe

    Hidden Object Monsters Deluxe




    Difference Games and best-selling artist Phatpuppy bring you the FREE Hidden Object Deluxe - Monster Mash! This is a compilation of 4 awesome and unique games! In addition to Hidden Object, you get a relaxing Mahjong experience, a detective-themed Super Sleuth game, and a Hidden Memory game...

  • Hidden Object - Baby Dreamland

    Hidden Object - Baby Dreamland




    A child's imagination is an amazing thing, what more to expect from their dreams? Take part in this epic adventure with giant creatures and strange, enchanting sights! Search for the hidden items scattered in the fathoms of 8 dreamlands. Challenge yourself with three game modes, each a...

  • Hidden Object - Unicorns

    Hidden Object - Unicorns




    Enjoy 10 beautiful levels with unicorns and TONs of hidden items, all for free! Three different modes of play! -NORMAL mode, Timed, limited hints and exciting bonus rounds! -CASUAL Mode, nice and relaxing experience. -CHALLENGE Mode, an extra challenge for those that are willing to accept!...

  • Hidden Object - Jack Free!

    Hidden Object - Jack Free!




    A beautifully painted hidden object / find it style game that is fun for kids and adults. 8 levels to play for FREE as you follow Jack on a familiar fairy tale adventure. Large collection of objects to find so each play through will require different ones. Hints available if you get stuck....

  • Hidden Object - Candyland Free

    Hidden Object - Candyland Free




    Sweet treats for everyone! Everybody loves candies, and you will love it more as Difference Games presents its newest FREE hidden object game, "Candyland!" Find unique hidden objects in this world full of sweet and tasty candies in 8 yummy stages, with three game modes and three...

  • Hidden Object - Vegas World

    Hidden Object - Vegas World




    Another completely free hidden object game sponsored by Vegas World! Vegas World is a rich and fun virtual world where you can play a variety of great casino games. This hidden object adventure gives you a preview of the different environments you can explore. Enjoy 10 full levels packed full...

  • Hidden Object - Ghosts!

    Hidden Object - Ghosts!




    Experience the magical work of Stephanie Herrera in her follow up game to Where Fairies Dwell! Where Ghosts Dwell has 15 beautifully crafted levels all for free! Three different modes of play! -NORMAL mode, Timed, limited hints and exciting bonus rounds! -CASUAL Mode, nice and relaxing...

  • Hidden Object World

    Hidden Object World




    Hidden Object World contains 2 full games and 4 demos each containing a few scenes, along with links to our other FREE games! Each game has three different modes of play: -Find items by their pictures. This is the easiest mode and great for kids. -Find by items by the word. This is great if your...

  • Hidden Object - Make Believe

    Hidden Object - Make Believe




    Phatpuppy presents and free game "Land of Make Believe!" Find unique hidden objects among these beautiful scenic images. This is a wonderful challenge for Hidden Object devotees. "Land of Make Believe" contains 8 artistically-crafted levels, filled with items. As usual,...

  • Hidden Object: Haunted House 2

    Hidden Object: Haunted House 2




    The thrilling experience continues... Popular Hidden Object - Haunted House game is back with 10 new spooky levels all for FREE! Packed with loads of items to find, this sequel to the amazing hidden object game sends more goosebumping and chilling experience to loyal fans! Look for hidden...

  • Hidden Object - Fairy Forest

    Hidden Object - Fairy Forest




    Phatpuppy presents, "Deep in the Fairy Forest!" Find unique hidden objects among these beautiful scenic images. This is a wonderful challenge for Hidden Object devotees. Enjoy 10 artistically-crafted levels, filled with items all for FREE! Three different modes of play! -NORMAL...

  • Hidden Object - Haunted House

    Hidden Object - Haunted House




    Haunted House is a challenging and FREE hidden object game! Please enjoy this great free game... and of course feel free to buy our others if you like it! ;) 20 levels packed full of items... and sometimes spooky little ghost for good measure! Three different modes of play! -NORMAL mode,...

  • PuzzleSwap - Cat Tailz Free

    PuzzleSwap - Cat Tailz Free




    Swap and Flip the pieces in an exciting puzzle game featuring cute kitty artwork. Sounds simple enough but there are some tricks and surprises in store for even the most skilled puzzle solver! Unlock the full version for 10 more levels and no ads! Come try your hand at PuzzleSwap Cat Tailz!...

  • Hugs and Cuddles

    Hugs and Cuddles




    Hugs and Cuddles for all! Enjoy the search for hidden items in these beautiful scenes featuring cute animals, loving humans, and magical landscapes. 50% off Launch Sale! Buy now to get the game at half the list price of $1.99. Hugs and Cuddles contains 20 lovely levels, full of hidden objects....

  • Hidden Object Wilderness FREE!

    Hidden Object Wilderness FREE!




    DifferenceGames presents, "Journey Into The Wilderness!" - a completely FREE hidden object game! Find unique hidden objects among the hauntingly beautiful images. This is a wonderful challenge for Hidden Object devotees and first time players alike. "Journey Into The...

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