Digi Media Lab

  • Shadow of the Minotaur: Latin




    The myth movie Shadow of the Minotaur, by Orange Block Productions, has now been brought to life by the creation team of Digi Media Lab. Play as Theseus, hero of Athens, as you partake on your quest to slay the Minotaur. This version is in Latin.

  • Bus-4-Life




    Try Space Coast Area Transit's new multi-level game. Simple enough for a young child, yet engaging enough for an adult. Designed to remind the player of the importance and efficiency of mass transit, and the skill involved in driving a bus. Gasinator - If more people rode the bus, we’d need...

  • Mine Time Minecraft News




    Mine Time - Minecraft News: Find out the latest News, updates and rumors about Minecraft all in the palm of your hand! What's happening at Mojang the developer of Minecraft? What is Notch saying now? When is the next Minecraft update? See the latest Weekly Chuck video from Team Mojang...

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