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  • The Other Dictionary

    The Other Dictionary


    Many English dictionaries have been compiled over the years, each one adding to the vast knowledge of our language and enhancing our understanding of the words which make up our vibrant and ever-changing vocabulary. This dictionary is like no other in the history of the English language. It is...

  • The Mystery of Charles Dickens

    The Mystery of Charles Dickens


    History records that on June 9, 1870, Charles Dickens died of a cerebral haemorrhage. History, however, is wrong. June 9, 1870, is the day on which Emile de la Rue murdered Charles Dickens. During a stay in Genoa in 1844-45, Charles Dickens, an accomplished mesmerist, used his mesmeric abilities...

  • The Case of the Russian Chessb

    The Case of the Russian Chessb


    Mr Holmes, save my sister from whatever nameless horror has just driven this friend of ours to her death! It is late on a foggy November afternoon and a desperate young woman arrives at Baker Street, imploring Sherlock Holmes to help her. She is terrified about what may be going on inside a...

  • Letters of Franz Liszt – Vo1

    Letters of Franz Liszt – Vo1


    The Austrian composer Franz Liszt (1811-1886) was a pianistic miracle. He could play anything on site and composed over 400 works centered around 'his' instrument. Among his key works are his Hungarian Rhapsodies, his Transcendental Etudes, his Concert Etudes, his Etudes based on...

  • Great Astronomers

    Great Astronomers


    The Author - It has been my object in these pages to present the life of each astronomer in such detail as to enable the reader to realise in some degree the man's character and surroundings; and I have endeavoured to indicate as clearly as circumstances would permit the main features of the...

  • Trinity



    Trinity is the third book of the One God trilogy. Hope Caradoc is the owner of the most successful company in all time. Living on a small island adjacent to Tokyo, Japan and owning a vast percentage of all of the businesses around the world she is a very busy woman, even for a god. Now, as the...

  • God Wills It-The First Crusade

    God Wills It-The First Crusade


    The First Crusade was the sacrifice of France for the sins of the Dark Ages. Alone of all the Crusades it succeeded, despite its surrender of countless lives. No Richard of England, no St. Louis led; its heroes were the nobles and peasants of France and Norman Italy, who endured a thousand perils...

  • History of Rome to 476 AD

    History of Rome to 476 AD


    This compilation is designed to be a companion to the author's History of Greece. It is hoped that it may fill a want, now felt in many high schools and academies, of a short and clear statement of the rise and fall of Rome, with a biography of her chief men, and an outline of her...

  • Sherlock Holmes: The Peculiar

    Sherlock Holmes: The Peculiar


    Tobacco millionaire John Vincent Harden has barely arrived in London when strange things start happening to him. The clerk at his hotel swears that Harden has checked out and taken his luggage with him. Then Harden receives a wire calling him home to his plantation in Kentucky – which it turns...

  • The Man City Quiz Book

    The Man City Quiz Book


    Are you a loyal supporter of Manchester City Football Club? Never missed a match? Do you know all there is to know about your favourite football team? Then the time has come to test your memory of the events that have shaped City with this exciting new quiz book containing 250 thought-provoking...

  • Historic Girls

    Historic Girls


    When looking at equality and the rights of woman, it is well to remember that there have been in the distant past women, and girls even, who by their actions and endeavors proved themselves the equals of the men of their time in valor, shrewdness, and ability.This volume seeks to tell for the...

  • Five weeks in a Balloon

    Five weeks in a Balloon


    An explorer, scholar, hunter and a manservant set out to travel across Africa in a hot air balloon at a time when many parts fo Africa were still undiscovered. This is no ordinary balloon it has some very special functions to gain and lose altitude. During their trip they have numerous...

  • Swords for a Dead Lady

    Swords for a Dead Lady


    Swords for a Dead Lady is perhaps best thought of as a fantasy adventure. There is the discovery of the naked body of a woman hastily buried in a marsh, the quest to discover her identity and hunt down her killer leads our protagonists into ambush, civil strife and even light opera. Please...

  • How Good an Historian Shall I

    How Good an Historian Shall I


    R.G. Collingwood’s name is familiar to historians and history educators around the world. Few, however, have charted the depths of his reflections on what it means to be educated in history. In this book Marnie Hughes-Warrington begins with the facet of Collingwood’s work best known to...

  • Signs of Life

    Signs of Life


    Not everything in Heaven and Earth should be taken too seriously. Including death. It turns out that the afterlife is uncomfortably like this one, with the same sort of idiots running it. Moreover, the Angels have a Plan for humanity - a very bad one. Our heroes set out to sabotage it and improve...

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