• 101 Amazing Katy Perry Facts

    101 Amazing Katy Perry Facts


    Are you the worldΓÇÖs biggest KatyCat? Do you know everything there is to know about the worldΓÇÖs best-loved singer? Then this is the book for you! In this easy-to-digest eBook are 101 facts about your favourite superstar ΓÇô do you know all of them? Test yourself and your friends with these...

  • 101 Things You May Not Have Kn

    101 Things You May Not Have Kn


    101 Things You May Not Have Known About Gaelic Football is the definitive guide to All-Ireland Senior Football in Ireland. In this e-book the reader will be taken on a magical journey back in time with the formation of the Gaelic Athletic Association in 1884; the first All-Ireland Senior...

  • Jigsaw Puzzle-Hippos

    Jigsaw Puzzle-Hippos


    Traditional jigsaw puzzle optimized for Android Tablets (minimum 1024x600px), having all the benefits of a boxed jigsaw and none of the drawbacks, such as lost pieces and disturbed puzzles. Containing three individual puzzles of the same image, 35 large pieces, 91 medium pieces or 220 small...

  • Engaging NLP for Tweens

    Engaging NLP for Tweens


    This book fits neatly between NLP for Children and NLP for Teens, covering as it does that Tween 10-15yr age group which sees children develop into young adulthood. Children become independent, responsible and resourceful because they spend most of their time away from home and the family. They...

  • The Orchestra Murders

    The Orchestra Murders


    Superstar conductor Sir Gregory Langhorne and his globe-trotting, violin-soloist son Jonathan Langhorne are the best of friends—until a brutal murder shatters their lives and Jonathan becomes the prime suspect. Six years later, Sir Gregory is now the music director of the world famous...

  • The Ibrox Bears Quiz Book

    The Ibrox Bears Quiz Book


    Will you prove to be an intrepid Ranger as you track down the answers to the 1,500 challenging questions in this book, or will you end up like a Bear with a sore head? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure, your knowledge of the club will be tested to the limit on every subject...

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Lyme R

    Sherlock Holmes and the Lyme R


    The year is 1898. Doctor Watson is once more in Lyme Regis to visit the lady in his life, Mrs Beatrice Heidler. A gruesome death with echoes of one of Sherlock Holmes previous cases brings Holmes himself down to Dorset. In the company of an old friend, they encounter an old enemy with vengeance...

  • Fiend's Gold

    Fiend's Gold


    A couple of hundred years ago, a wild and unruly family fell upon a floundering ship filled with gold. Gold fever and bandits destroyed the Fiend family, but through their cunning the treasure was hidden and remained that way for almost 200 years. Edgar Reyner, a multimillionaire, bought the...

  • One Direction (1D) Quiz

    One Direction (1D) Quiz


    Our popular One Direction Quiz (unofficial) is now available for your phone. If you wish to test your One Direction knowledge or organise your own fun "pub quiz" between friends, this is the quiz for you. Any number of players from 1 to 4 (phone version) or 1 to 8 (tablet version) can...

  • The Finder

    The Finder


    Introducing Waldo Mars – former model, failed inventor, and the best finder east of Alpha Centauri, or at least Uxbridge. Waldo is impeded, rebuked and generally resented at every turn by his put-upon assistant, Rose Duvalle. And if he isn’t fighting with Rose, he is having to indulge the...

  • Demystifying Shamans and Their

    Demystifying Shamans and Their


    Shamanism can be described as a group of techniques by which its practitioners enter the “spirit world,” purportedly obtaining information that is used to help and to heal members of their social group. Despite a resurgence of interest in shamanism and shamanic states of consciousness, these...

  • Curiosities of Superstition

    Curiosities of Superstition


    Written in 1882 by Adams this fascinating book looks at a diversity of religions and the superstitions attached to them. Contents include - Buddhism; Magianism: The Parsees; Jewish superstitions; Brahmanism; Hindu mythology, and the Vishnu Purana; Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism; Malays,...

  • Lakeland's Easiest Walks

    Lakeland's Easiest Walks


    This book features 36 walk through spectacular countryside, specially selected as equally suitable for wheelchairs, pushchairs, people with limited mobility and those with very young children. All paths featured are wheelchair accessible, and the guide gives points of interest - details of what...

  • Training Night

    Training Night


    Sam's Football Stories are specially written to stimulate and motivate your slower learners and reluctant readers. Written by Sheila Blackburn, an experienced primary school teacher, the books will appeal particularly to reluctant boy readers. The six compelling stories in Set A, tell the...

  • The Which? Doctor

    The Which? Doctor


    This is s story of life as lived by Janet and her brother Jack, whose parents treated them abominally and compelled them to think of their lives as useless. Neither had the will to live, but the accidents of life took them to places that they never knew existed where they could be happier than...

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