• Miss Mapp

    Miss Mapp


    E F Benson was born in 1867, his most famous works are considered to be the Mapp and Lucia series, three of which were made into a televison series for Channel 4. The series was set in fictional Tilling based on Rye, East Sussex where Benson lived for many years. The stories are around three...

  • The Man U Quiz Book

    The Man U Quiz Book


    Are you one of Man UΓÇÖs biggest fans? Do you watch every game and avidly follow the clubΓÇÖs progress in the League? Can you name all the memorable United players, past and present, and the years they played for the club? If so, the time has come to find out how knowledgeable you really are...

  • 101 Things About Motor Racing

    101 Things About Motor Racing


    Are you a fan of motor racing? Do you follow all the championships? Would you like to know more about the racing drivers that compete in this spectacular event and the cars they drive? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should never be without this handy motor racing reference...

  • Making My Own Space

    Making My Own Space


    From his early childhood, Paul Burton, now a prolific film and television writer, producer, director and historian, always felt different, as though he were a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, and he was labelled a ‘no-hoper’. However, this made him more determined to prove everybody...

  • The Childrens Book of Christma

    The Childrens Book of Christma


    A delightful collection of 35 Christmas bedtime stories.Ideal for those long winter evenings. Please Note that the book is stored on your phone and you do NOT need a data connection to read it. This is a full-length, quality digitized book. The Childrens Book of Christmas Stories, by various,...

  • Athens



    Athens is an historical anomaly. Excavations date its first settlement to over seven thousand years ago, yet it only became the capital of Greece in 1834. During the intervening centuries it was occupied by almost every mobile culture in Europe: from its earliest likely settlers, tribes from what...

  • Black and White Sands

    Black and White Sands


    Elma Napier's love affair with Dominica, then a British colony, began in 1932 when she turned her back on London's high society to build a home in a remote coastal village on that most mysterious and seductive of all Caribbean islands. Black and White Sands is the memoir of her life there...

  • A Garland for Girls

    A Garland for Girls


    “These stories were written for my own amusement during a period of enforced seclusion. The flowers which were my solace and pleasure suggested titles for the tales and gave an interest to the work. If my girls find a little beauty or sunshine in these common blossoms, their old friend will not...

  • Spanish Festivals and Traditio

    Spanish Festivals and Traditio


    This invaluable, time-saving resource provides intercultural ideas for every month of the year. For each festival and tradition you will find background information, key vocabulary, detailed lists of possible teaching activities and optional pupil sheets. Ideas range from making cards and...

  • Orinoco



    Dane Martin was dragged up in an orphanage put through an indifferent high-school education which fitted him for very little. He, and his best friend Tommy Garner, steal cars and sell them to oil-rich Arabs. Tommy was skilled with engines and Dane knew how to pick the best opportunities......

  • Legacy



    Daniel Stuart’s grandfather leaves documents in his Will which state that he is direct descendant of King James the Second of England and Scotland and is the rightful King of Great Britain and the Commonwealth. Daniel is an outstanding Member of Parliament and, with the help of his sister,...

  • Ancestor



    Sam Ross’s wife dies in a car crash after finding him in bed with another woman. After the funeral, he decides to trace his family tree and, as he is Jewish, he reckons that he might trace his ancestors back four thousand years when they hauled stones as slaves to build the pyramids in Egypt....

  • The 1895 Murder

    The 1895 Murder


    Sebastian McCabe Book 3. Popular mystery writer Sebastian McCabe is about to conquer a new world with his Sherlock Holmes play 1895. On opening night, however, his Erin, Ohio theatrical debut as both playwright and actor is upstaged by a murder in back of the newly renovated theater. His...

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Plague

    Sherlock Holmes and the Plague


    After Mina Murray asks Sherlock Holmes to locate her fiancee, Holmes and Watson travel to a land far eerier than the moors they had known when pursuing the Hound of the Baskervilles. The confrontation with Count Dracula threatens Holmes' health, his sanity, and his life. Will Holmes survive...

  • Princes and Poisoners

    Princes and Poisoners


    In his former book, M. Funck-Brentano solved once for all the mystery of the Man in the Iron Mask, showed up the impostor Latude in his true colours, and gave us surprising information about the latter days of the Bastille. In the present volume, the fruit of several years’ research among the...

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