• Leporello on the Lam

    Leporello on the Lam



    Leporello on the Lam tells of the further adventures of characters from Mozart and Da Ponte’s famous comic opera, Don Giovanni. Hapless manservant, Leporello seeks a new master but, still traumatised by events, finds himself on the run from the law and falling in love. Can Leporello make peace...

  • Langford of the Three Bars

    Langford of the Three Bars


    Written by Brother and Sister in 1907 the story is set in western South Dakota on the lawless frontier, and it is assumed that each is writing from personal experience. Virgil was a Court Reporter Lawyer and Judge. Please Note that the book is stored on your phone/tablet and you do NOT need...

  • The Protein Crunch

    The Protein Crunch



    The Protein Crunch – Civilisation on the brink is a capitalist’s tour of the environment. The authors reveal the hard facts of how environmental degradation is already affecting all of us from food price riots to the collapse of countries like Somalia. Water, land and sea combine to produce the...

  • Life Happens

    Life Happens



    Life Happens is a collection of short fiction written over the last twenty-five years, including the award winning Walking and Life, the Universe and Cancerous Things. Reach inside for stories of love, loss, heartbreak, regret, the vagaries of the weather and anarchy. How well do we know each...

  • Catalonia - A Cultural History

    Catalonia - A Cultural History


    Squeezed between more powerful France and Spain, Catalonia has endured a violent history. Its medieval empire that conquered Naples, Sicily and Athens was crushed by Spain. Its geography, with the Pyrenees falling sharply to the rugged Costa Brava, is tormented, too. Michael Eaude traces this...

  • The Little Book of Good Energy

    The Little Book of Good Energy


    Do you believe in the power of doing good? Are you convinced that if you do good deeds, good things will happen to you in turn? Would you like to live by this rule and learn to create positive energy wherever you go? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you won’t want to be without The...

  • For the Love of Freya

    For the Love of Freya



    Amy & Steven were married and had moved into their new home, 'Cairnra' a bungalow on the outskirts of Inverness. ANNA STEIGER had settled in at her smaller residence, 'Cara' when she left the ruined 'Glencara' which had been razed to the ground by the recent fire and...

  • In Ordinary Time

    In Ordinary Time



    In Ordinary Time is a collection of fourteen stories that mainly surround the Catholic faith and its people. Characters are real, flawed, yet sincere and honest. To say there is always a happy ending to each story would be an untruth; but there is a subtle ending, and it is one in which...

  • D H Lawrence Collection

    D H Lawrence Collection


    This is a triple collection of three D H Lawrence classic novels as follows, Women in Love, Sons and Lovers and Rainbow. Sons and Lovers is a classic novel about working class family life in a small Nottinghamshire mining village. This study of family, class and early sexual relationships is...

  • A Chronology Of The Life of Ar

    A Chronology Of The Life of Ar


    A comprehensive chronology of the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The first section contains a detailed chronology of the major and minor events in the life of Sir Arthur and his family from 1794 to 1930. This is followed by a section on events from 1930 to 1993, the residences of Conan Doyle and...

  • Chronicles of Avonlea

    Chronicles of Avonlea


    First published in 1912 this is a collection of short stories that relate to the Anne of Green Gables series. There are 12 short stories including 'Each in His Own Tongue' about a local vicar who tries to stop uis gifted son playing the violin as he deems it unholy. Please Note that the...

  • John Macmurray

    John Macmurray


    The philosophy of John Macmurray is only now receiving the attention it deserves. It is in the contemporary climate of dissatisfaction with individualism that Macmurray's emphasis on the relations of persons has come to the fore. Moreover, Macmurray's recognition of the central importance...

  • The Quizmaster's Companion to

    The Quizmaster's Companion to


    Are you a television and film aficionado? Maybe you are a quizmaster responsible for organising quiz nights and are looking for new material? Or do you simply have a keen interest in film and TV history? Whatever your reason for choosing this book, if film and TV is your passion, you will love...

  • 101 Things You May Not Know Ab

    101 Things You May Not Know Ab


    101 Things You May Not Have Known About Hurling is the definitive guide to All-Ireland Senior Hurling in Ireland. In this e-book the reader will be taken on a magical journey back in time with the formation of the Gaelic Athletic Association in 1884; the first All-Ireland Senior Hurling...

  • The Origin of Humanness in the

    The Origin of Humanness in the


    The central concern of this book is us human beings. The authors’ basic question is: ‘How is it that we can live in mutual care, have ethical concerns, and at the same time deny all that through the rational justification of aggression?’ The authors answer this basic question indirectly by...

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