• Inside Out: NLP and Hypnosis f

    Inside Out: NLP and Hypnosis f


    Inside-Out Weight Loss focuses on changing relationships with food by 're-programming' behaviour. Understanding that control and choice around food is managed at an unconscious level Louise Dorrian gently guides you to develop an awareness of food habits and compulsions that stem from...

  • Democracy and the Fall of the

    Democracy and the Fall of the


    Democracy is killing the West. That is the stunning conclusion of this book that tears apart the consensus underpinning modern political assumptions. Democracy is held to solve one of the oldest puzzles of human social life: how do we ensure that our rulers have a legitimate mandate and rule in...

  • The Jazz Music Quiz Book

    The Jazz Music Quiz Book


    Do you enjoy listening to jazz music? Can you name the many great artists that the genre has produced? Are you familiar with the songs they are known for? If you think you know all about jazz, the time has come to put your knowledge to the test with this exciting new quiz book? Which jazzmen had...

  • Open to New Light

    Open to New Light


    This book is about “the meaning of life” or “the spiritual quest”. It offers a selective and critical evaluation of some central strands of Western religious and philosophical thought over two and a half thousand years. It starts with Socrates’ philosophy of life, and the Greek tradition of...

  • Food For Heroes

    Food For Heroes


    The official Help for Heroes Cook Book featuring recipes that celebrities, chefs and military people would like to feed to their heroes plus much more... This book asks British personalities and servicemen and women, both current and past, Who their hero is Why they are their hero What they would...

  • Constantinople



    Constantinople has been in existence from ad 330 and is better known today as Istanbul. Throughout it's history it has changed hands several times, this book details the fascinating history of Constantinople. Please Note that the book is stored on your phone and you do NOT need a data...

  • Jerusalem Explored

    Jerusalem Explored


    A Description of the Ancient and Modern City of Jerusalem that is one of the oldest cities in the world and home to three major religions. Written in the 1860's by Ermete Pierotti, architect to His Excellency Surraya Pasha of Jerusalem. Please Note that the book is stored on your...

  • The Trans-Siberian Railway

    The Trans-Siberian Railway


    No railway journey on Earth can equal the Trans-Siberian between Moscow and Vladivostock. It is not just its vast length and the great variety of the lands and climes through which it passes. It is not just its history as the line that linked the huge territories which are Russia together. It is...

  • Raised on Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!

    Raised on Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!


    Like millions of first-generation Rock & Roll teens, Sandi Haynes Pichon, Author, Columnist & President of TCB ELVIS STYLE Fan Club in Louisiana, was Raised on ELVIS! ELVIS! ELVIS! In between the time she sat with him on his motorcycle at his Audubon Drive home until the day she stood...

  • Who's Afraid of a European Con

    Who's Afraid of a European Con


    In this short but authoritative book, the nature and purpose of the European Constitution are explained by someone involved in its preparation. The author discusses how it was drafted, and tackles some much debated questions: whether it promises any enhancement of democracy in the EU, whether it...

  • Joy Unconfined

    Joy Unconfined


    Lord Byron’s Grand Tour is recorded as impressions in his own letters and journals, more methodically in the diary of his travelling companion John Cam Hobhouse, and reflected poetically in the first two cantos of the epic poem that was to make his fame and start his legend. Lord Strathcarron’s...

  • Jane Forxworthy

    Jane Forxworthy


    This fantastic new eBook from well-known author Paul Kelly will make an excellent addition to any fiction-lover’s digital shelf. Featuring strong characters and plots which draws you into Kelly’s worlds, reviewers have been recommending his titles for years. This latest addition to his...

  • The Economic Imperative

    The Economic Imperative


    The book explores the role of leisure in modern life. It was written in the belief that leisure sets us apart as a species, that what is “useless” by commercial standards is probably the best thing we have going for us, and that leisure is under attack, in high danger of being lost, and has been...

  • Bubble Wrapped Children

    Bubble Wrapped Children


    Numerous reasons cause adopted teenagers to reconnect with their birth family via Facebook, creating new challenges for adoption today and tomorrow. Incorporating theory, practice, anecdotes, metaphors, diagrams, models and case studies, this accessible book, written by an experienced adopter,...

  • The Guide to Surviving Redunda

    The Guide to Surviving Redunda


    Your company has hit you with a redundancy notice.you have either been escorted from the building like a common criminal or you have been told that you have a couple of weeks left before you are let go. Either way you need to get your act in gear pretty quickly. It's a lousy situation to be...

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