• 101 Things About the Boston Re

    101 Things About the Boston Re


    There is something for every Red Sox fan in John White’s “101 Things You May Not Have Known About The Boston Red Sox.” Major League Baseball has a long and storied history and the Boston Red Sox have more than played their part in it. However, this book is not exclusively a work of reference,...

  • How to Run a Karate Club

    How to Run a Karate Club


    This excellent guide, written by Tom Hill (7th Dan and chief martial arts instructor) helps students or instructors of Karate - or any Martial Art - who wish to set up their own martial arts club. It contains both useful information about how to make the club exciting for students, and also...

  • The Northern Conquest

    The Northern Conquest


    Most historical accounts examine the Viking Age in one part rather than the whole region of the British Isles and Ireland. Very few pay attention to the continued contact between England and Scandinavia in the post-Norman Conquest period. This book aims to offer an alternative approach by...

  • Learn to Read with Phonics B

    Learn to Read with Phonics B


    A new revolutionary phonic reading scheme. Learn To Read With Phonics teaches reading rapidly, in as little as six months PROVEN! Children love reading about the humorous adventures of Sam and his friends. They hardly realise that within each fun story are disguised phonic sounds. Learning to...

  • First Overland

    First Overland




    Why Not? After all, no-one had ever done it before. It would be one of the longest of all overland journeys – half way round the world, from the English Channel to Singapore. They knew that several expeditions had already tried it. Some had got as far as the desrts of Persia; a few had even...

  • Subjectivity and Being Somebod

    Subjectivity and Being Somebod


    This book uses a neo-Aristotelian framework to examine human subjectivity as an embodied being. It examines the varieties of reductionism that affect philosophical writing about human origins and identity, and explores the nature of rational subjectivity as emergent from our neurobiological...

  • Another War

    Another War


    It starts with a mystery: an old manor house is surrounded by an impenetrable bubble, and all that lives within it seems to wither and die. Investigating, the Army find two men inside the house: men who vanished some 100 years ago but who have now reappeared, and as young as the day they...

  • The Lives of the Twelve Caesar

    The Lives of the Twelve Caesar


    Wriiten by Suetonius who was born in 69 AD this book tells the biographical stories for each Caesar including Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius Julius and others. A detailed accouint is given for each Caesar and is very revealing. Recently the BBC produced a series for television based on...

  • The Gospel of St John

    The Gospel of St John


    A commentary on the Gospel of St John by Frederick Maurice, this book contains 28 discourses. Please Note that the book is stored on your phone and you do NOT need a data connection to read it. This is a full-length, quality digitized book. The Gospel of St John, by Frederick Denison Maurice,...

  • Dickens Christmas Story Collec

    Dickens Christmas Story Collec


    A great collection of Dickens Christmas stories including the all time classic A Christmas Carol". Ideal for those bedtime stories leading upto Christmas. Other stories include:- A christmas Tree, The Childs Story and many others. Please Note that the book is stored on your phone and you do...

  • Negotiation Mastery

    Negotiation Mastery


    Evil dolphins, the discovery of Viagra, the negotiating tactics of Genghis Khan, words of wisdom from Val Doonican's mum, how to set up your own cult and a love affair with a crocodile - just some of the stories used to illustrate the principles involved in becoming a negotiation master. Most...

  • Jigsaw Puzzle-Narrowboats

    Jigsaw Puzzle-Narrowboats


    Traditional jigsaw puzzle optimized for Android Tablets (minimum 1024x600px), having all the benefits of a boxed jigsaw and none of the drawbacks, such as lost pieces and disturbed puzzles. Containing three individual puzzles of the same image, 35 large pieces, 91 medium pieces or 220 small...

  • Once Upon a World - The New Te

    Once Upon a World - The New Te


    Once Upon A World is a delightful series of Bible stories for children. The fresh clear style of writer and illustrator Robert Duncan gives this eBook a widespread appeal. Once Upon A World presents a happy combination of faith and humour that will appeal to families both remote from and close...

  • Quiz - Dr Who

    Quiz - Dr Who


    Dr Who Quiz- Unofficial and Un authorised If you wish to test your Dr Who knowledge or organise you own fun "pub quiz" between friends, this is the quiz for you. There are a large number of questions based on Dr Who, at all levels of difficulty, ensuring everyone can join in the...

  • Old English Words and Terms fo

    Old English Words and Terms fo


    Researching local history can be absorbing and rewarding but often key documents such as Manorial and Estate papers, probate inventories and parish registers are full of archaic or Latin words, terms and phrases which need translation. For students of local history and those researching their...

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