Digital Chocolate, Inc.

  • Star Invasion

    Star Invasion




    Invasion! The planet is under attack! Become a hero and defend the planet from incoming waves of aliens and their generals in Star Invasion Play an out of this world shooter to save the galaxy from a huge alien invasion! Use your spaceship to move around the planet in a 360 environment for the...

  • Skydiving Challenge

    Skydiving Challenge




    Play as a daredevil skydiver traveling the globe, taking on challengers. Jump from eccentric heights in a race to the ground, performing stunts and evading obstacles in the air. Experience the excitement in over 40 levels in Career mode. See how long you can last in the endless survival mode...

  • Minigolf 99Holes: Theme Park

    Minigolf 99Holes: Theme Park




    It's FREE! Try and Play full game ! Play through 99 tracks and unlock secret powers in a theme park full of fun and surprises! Challenge yourself on the 4 courses of the Mini-Golf Masters – testing your power, speed, skill and smarts. Unlock their secret powers to send the ball past track...

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