Digital Fish

  • Click Counter Free




    Click Counter is a simple Tally Counter application. Applicable in may ways. Just press the volume up button to increase counter. Counter value will last until pressing reset button. Features: - sound effects - optionally decrease button - speech assistant - previous value view - on screen...

  • Click Counter




    This is paid version of Click Counter Free application. Benefits of paid version: - Clickable Widget - Save/Load counts function - Share saved counts by email or other channels. - No ads. Click Counter is a simple Tally Counter application. Just press the volume up button to increase counter....

  • Crystal Painter Artist




    Whenever you feel like painting, drawing or just doodling use Crystal Painter. Crystal Painter is a drawing application for children and adults. It uses neon like brushes in various colors. There are four quick select buttons with base colors and more colors and shades available on the palette...

  • Battery Meter Widget




    Beautiful, retro style battery widget in two sizes. Battery level indicated by a vintage style gauge. More detailed information available after clicking on widget. Before use it must be added on homescreen with Menu -> Add -> Widgets -> Phone Battery Widget. If you like the meter,...

  • Bongo Drums




    Set of bongo drums in your pocket. Play it wherever you go. Great to add bongos to background music. Simple and easy.

  • Retro Cooking Timer




    Retro Cooking Speaking Timer is a simple minute timer just like the one mom has in the kitchen. Spin the arrow to the desired minute value and press the 'start' button to start counting. You can adjust your selection using the volume buttons. The 'reset' button mutes the alarm....

  • Bubble Wrap




    Pop It Up Bubble Wrap! Bubble Wrap (analog version) is the best time waster since 1960. Bubble Wrap popping simulator. Pops bubbles, measure time, count pops. The application is supported by ads, so if you don't like it, please don't install, instead of giving 1 star rate.

  • Bank Keeper the Gunslinger




    Bank Keeper is a new action-packed game from Digital Fish, a retro western style shooter inspired by old 8 bit computer games like "West Bank" of ZX Spectrum or "Bank Panic" of Commodore 64. It will transfer you to the world of the American Wild West, where you will be a...

  • Sniper Camera Gun




    Sniper Camera Gun is an augmented reality sniper first person shooter. Perfect for live-action games like Humans vs. Zombies. Application shows real time view from device camera with an extra overlay of sniper scope aiming lines. Shoot with big red button. There is a 10-bullet magazine which can...

  • Speedometer 125




    Old style thermometer like speedometer. If you want to know how fast you move in km/h or mph and record the maximum speed (since the last reset) this is the program for you. You can measure the speed of the car, bus, train, tram, or other moving vehicles you are going by. Speedometer 125 uses...

  • Personal Coach Free




    Personal Coach is exercise planner with GPS logger which monitors, calculates and saves exercise parameters -time -speed -distance -exercise route shown on map -calories burnt The results, including route im KML format, can be sent by email. Disciplines processed by the program: +Jogging...

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