Download I HUB I HUB icon

Could be easily shared on the menu. Sorting and deleting is done by dragging and dropping. You can toggle display of a list view or grid view. This is a Intent hub for share menu. (action.SEND and action.CHOOSER) With I HUB, Easily Tidy Up the Messy Share Menu http://www.tabroid.net/news/2012/02/with-i-hub-you-can-easily-tidy-up-the-messy-share-m…

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Download TTS Speaker TTS Speaker icon
TTS Speaker

input a text. Audio outputs it.(using the Text to Speech) With alarm.(option Specified date...Vibration...) With audio output from the Share menu.

Free 98 7.8

7.8 Users
Download Copipekun Copipekun icon

From the Share menu, and copy text to the clipboard. You take the history of the clipboard, and you can edit. Mash-up call from simeji.

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Download Overlay Launcher Overlay Launcher icon
Overlay Launcher

This is an application launcher. To display an overlay icon on the screen. When you tap or long tap the icon to open the launcher. The icon can be displayed in the lower left, lower right, upper left, upper right. The launcher, you can register an application, ,you can register a shortcut. The paid version URL https://play.google.com/store/app…

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Download Browser BookMark Browser BookMark icon
Browser BookMark

An application that displays your bookmarks in your browser.

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Download Shortcut etc Shortcut etc icon
Shortcut etc

create a shortcut. (URL,Image,Music,Video,File....) can change the icon. can change the running app. Please choose from the shortcut creation of the HOME screen . . .

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Download AppRec AppRec icon

It is the application which records installation, update, deletion of application.

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Download Text Link Viewer Text Link Viewer icon
Text Link Viewer

Displays the link, the URL in the document text. https://market.android.com/details?id=net.webmise.textlinkviewer When you open sharing, URL becomes a link.

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Download Repeat Music Repeat Music icon
Repeat Music

This is an application for playing music. Music playback to loop Can remember the specific position, easy to position

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Download ToHtmlSource ToHtmlSource icon

This is a html viewer application. Gets the HTML from a URL.

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