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  • CommCare ODK v2

    CommCare ODK v2




    CommCare (www.commcarehq.org) is an easily customizable, open source mobile platform that supports frontline workers (FLWs) across 100+ projects in 30 countries. FLWs use CommCare to track and support their clients with registration forms, checklists, SMS reminders, and multimedia. Mounting...

  • Respiratory Counter

    Respiratory Counter




    A simple app that measures breaths per minute and integrates with CommCare for Android

  • Quizzi





    Interactive quiz/training tool: an instructor can use Quizzi to pose questions to a class via SMS, and receive and tabulate their responses in real-time. Think "clickers" but without the infrastructure and cost. Each student/trainee uses their personal phone to exchange SMS with the...

  • CommCare ODK 1.3

    CommCare ODK 1.3




    NOTE! This Application is a client for CommCare and can't be used without an existing CommCare Account, visit www.commcarehq.org for more information. CommCare is an open-source mHealth platform developed to capture healthcare through mobile devices by clinical personnel including nurses and...

  • RapidAndroid





    RapidAndroid Demonstrator. Android based SMS form creation and data collection. A joint collaboration with Dimagi and Unicef. This is an demonstrator release feedback is welcome! Note: Current version assumes your phone will act as a standalone gateway and will try to parse and reply to ALL...

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