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Dimitri Gouacide

  • Pinhole Camera

    Pinhole Camera




    Turn your phone or tablet into a pinhole camera. Pinhole Camera stops time in your photos. You will get different effects depending on the location and movement around you. The image stabilizer allows you to shoot long exposures with a sharp image, without using a tripod. More pictures here:...

  • Bugdroid Soy Milk

    Bugdroid Soy Milk




    Live wallpaper with Bugdroid who takes a bath of soy milk. Touch the screen to make waves in the bath. The level of the soy milk changes with the battery level or with the time.

  • Model Relight LiveWallpaper

    Model Relight LiveWallpaper




    Suzanne blender model, happy buddha, stanford bunny, et stanford dragon, android robot model. The famous 3D models are in Model Relight LiveWallpaper. The models are lighted with the chosen environment map and the orientation of the mobile. You can chose between three materials: -matte -chrome...

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