Dinger Apps

  • Drag Racing Best Tunes




    Drag Racing Best Tunes contains 21 free pro tunes. The app contains tunes for cars in the Drag Racing app by Creative Mobile. These tunes and Drag Racing setups will make you win in all your pro league races and even set you up to break records. Drag Racing Best Tunes also provides you with...

  • Box Battle




    Box Battle is an intense multiplayer battle game. Get online and play solo or get up to 3 friends on board and have a frantic 4-way battle royale! Try to outshoot, out manaouver and ultimately outwit your opponent before they do the same to you! One hit and it's over! Earn Tokens by playing...

  • Don't Touch the Branches




    Make like a leaf and don't touch those branches as you sway, drift and float your way down the tree of infinity. Compete against your friends and everyone around the world in this difficult, retro style game. We're sure you'll suck at the start, but after a while you'll...

  • Doodle Chains




    We've all played "Telephone" before. Doodle chains takes that concept and adds drawing pictures or doodles into the mix! Your goal is to draw or describe an image given to you by another doodle chains player. This creates what we call a "link" in the chain. Once...

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