• Zombie Road




    Zombies have taken over the world - Civilization as we know it has ended. The year is 2014. The last remaining bastion of humanity, a top secret army research establishment, is under siege from an endless horde of the undead. Wave after wave of rotting horror sweeps down the only road into the...

  • Snack Analyzer




    Amaze you friends down the pub! Make those i-phone owners green with envy! This App allows your Android phone to 'Analyse' a wide range of chips/crisps and bar snacks. Simply fire it up, place the snack on the screen analyser and press the 'begin scan' button. In a matter of...

  • Alien Basher




    Bash the Aliens and save the Earth! Score as many points as you can in one minute, before it's 'Game Over, man! Game Over!' This time it's war!!!

  • Santa's Ski Chase




    Santa's sleigh has crashed and all the presents have been scattered across the North Pole! Buckle up your ski's and race against the clock to collect the missing presents. Dodge the killer snowball, recover the gifts and save Christmas. A festive action game with catchy Christmas music...

  • Shreen Vets


    The Shreen Veterinary Group is a dedicated small animal practice based in Gillingham, Dorset. This App is primarily aimed at our clients to allow a quick and easy way to contact the surgery and access online practice information. We have also included a 'Bash the Flea' game just for fun.

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