• Animal Tracing




    Animal Tracing: This Application includes a collection of tutorials for drawing of the nice animals. Whether you like to draw a bear, cat, elephant, fox, hippo, zebra, tiger they all could be available in this app. You can choose one of them to draw. Keyword: bear, cat, elephant, fox,...

  • Coloring 4 Kids


    This application developed for who likes to learn drawing and painting. In this application included several animals drawings. Kids can easily fill the color on the drawings also can do free draw on the screen by using finger. This app anyone can use easy. Keyword: Drawing, Painting, Coloring,...

  • Drag And Drop - Name Study


    Drag and Drop application is a entertaiment for kids and all types of people. Also this app teaching name of the animals, birds etc.. It is a type of matching game. Supports Mobile and Tablets *** What Activities *** * Drag and drop name on the Appropriate images. * Animals Images * Matching...

  • Shapes Study For Kids


    This Application can study different types of shapes and can fill different color on the shapes. Also included sounds and animation. Keyword:Shapes, Coloring, Kids, Learn, children, Triangle, Circle, Diamond, Squire,Star

  • Physics Park




    We welcome to the world of physics. It is a fun and exciting way of learning about physics. What is physics? It is the scientific study of subjects of matter. We know there are three states of matter. They are solids, liquids and gases. But there is one more state. The fourth state of matter is...

  • Pre -School Maths ( Addition )




    This Application can learn Maths for kids very easily through animated fun game. Including with sound and cartoon visuals. * Animated frog and crocodile. * Teaching Addition for Children. * Sound for Characters reactions. Keyword:- Addition, Maths, Children, Pre-school, Frog, Crocodile.

  • Dress up Baby




    This Application contain fun dress changing activities for kids. Its included sound of character reaction. Also every one can use easily and entertain. Keyword: Dressing, Kids, Baby, Dress, Changing

  • Christmas Rhymes




    This application contain Christmas animated rhymes. It is very interesting and fun. This Rhymes can be entertain everybody. This rhymes included lyrics are very popular all over the world. We created fun and cute animation, colorful background and characters. This application support all types...

  • Angry Blast Ball


    Angry Blast Ball is a interesting game and fun. It is very easy to play for children. Its included 3 levels of game. Its helps to improve your attention, reaction and accuracy. Keywords: Game, Angry, Blast, Ball, Football, Kids, Children, Sports, Goal, Fun, Activity

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