DMC Mobile Technology

  • Save the Kitties




    Little kitties have been roped and abducted. You play as the brave cat on a mission to free all your little roped friends from captivity. Destroy wooden obstacles, face grumpy dogs and avoid danger elements on this physics-based logical game. 1. Broke wooden obstacles to help free roped little...

  • Orange Ball : Labyrinth




    Best app market ( award winning game! The hardest labyrinth-style game in the world :), based on real physics. 60+ levels for free! Do you like apples and oranges? So, this game is for you! Eat all 'apples' (collect red balls) and then eat 'orange', avoid...

  • FLY 2x2




    In this exciting fun daily brain training game is necessary to be able to calculate well. If you are assured that quickly are able to calculate, check up it. For a short time interval it is necessary to choose a right answer from three possible. Tilt your phone to the left or right to select...

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