Dmitij Lukjanov

  • engineer calculator




    [20:35:38] Дмитрий Лукьянов: Simple expression-building scientific calculator. Features: -convenient enter data system -all usual trigonometric functions -versatile interface -nothing unnecessary for more simple and usability It need for all: engineers, scientificts and normal users.

  • Advanced digital ruler




    Use this super ruler for your measurements! It simple and useful! This included centimiters and inches scales (use the Units button). With micrometer you get very accuracy measurement. You can calibrate it any time. Precision is 0.1 - 0.2 mm depending device and your measurement practice.

  • Calc-r.+Graph Plotter+Analysis




    This application is multifunctional. It includes: - Advanced engineering and scientific calculator with interface for expressions building. It expression you can use as functions (see below). - Math function's graph drawer. In this plotter you can set drawing borders (red curve is function...

  • Advanced Unit Converter




    Cool unit calculator! It scientific converter work with this units: Length: meters , kimometers , miles , foots , centimeters , inches , points , millimetres ; Weight: kilograms , grams , ounces , carats ; Speed: km/h , m/s , m/m , m/h , cm/s , cm/m ; Area: meters^2 , kilometers^2...

  • Scientific Calculator




    This advanced engineer calculator can: add, subtract, multiply, divide, involute and take logarithms, calculate trigonometric functions Tags: math, science, reference, tools, logariphm, education.

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