Dmitriy Lapayev

  • LaPlayer light




    The application is designed for playing and downloading audio files. Originally "LaPlayer light" was conceived as a shell for the downloaded audio files. Frustrated by the shortcomings of the existing leading audio players, I developed my own version. Gradually the functionality has...

  • Chamomile Field, Puzzle, Lines




    The application contains four games: "Chamomile Field", "15, 24, 35 Puzzle", "Color Lines" (6x6) and "Sudoku". Game selection is done in the application menu. • Simple logical game "Chamomile Field". The playing field consists of 21 cells, each...

  • Photo Purse




    The application is designed to monitor the movement of goods, accounting of the finance costs and funds received. Enter a password to open an existing or create a new purse. Implemented remembering password for the last opened purse (fast unbar). For each record in a purse you can attach a...

  • Wi-Fi Info Widget




    The widget is designed to enable/disable Wi-Fi adapter and display the state of the current connection. Data updated as changes in the state of the Wi-Fi adapter. When you click on the indicator "Network availability" displays the current connection state and obtained parameters (scan...

  • Mobile Data Widget




    The widget is designed to enable/disable mobile network data transfer (mobile traffic control). Tested only for phones with one SIM-card! Implemented: • displaying the mobile network type (depending on the device and SIM-card); • indication of the GSM signal strength; • displaying direction of...

  • Bluetooth On/Off Widget




    The widget is designed to enable/disable Bluetooth adapter, quick access to settings and list of available devices. Implemented: • option turn off the Bluetooth adapter when device is reboot; • option switch types: one button or three (with buttons settings); • ability to change the border color...

  • TL Reader (Twitter)




    Sending and reading tweets (home | user timeline, mentions). The application is designed to display "tweets" (home timeline), users' messages (user timeline), search and the sending "tweets". The first time you need to enter the account in Twitter (login and password,...

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