Dmitriy Prikhodko

  • 7.0





    Select your favorite shape and match all the blocks together

  • Isotropy




    100 pieces, one of them unlike the others, and only 10 seconds to find it. Repeat as much as you can! Just tap the unsuitable piece.

  • RDLU


    Collect cute pink dots and stay away of evil circles! Oh, also you can move only in sequence right, down, left and up. Remember! Clockwise!

  • MahJah Pro




    Mahjong-solitaire like matching 3D time killer game. Pro version features new game mode, plus ad free. Find matching cubes. Faster you find matches - more scores you earn. Controls Selecting a cube: Short tap on cube. Camera rotation: Swipe with one finger. Camera zoom: Pinch to zoom out...

  • Swash!




    Have you ever seen the aliens in your backyard? An incident happened: unusual creatures - swashees - began to appear on the playground. But they are not evil, and we must help them to go back to their planet! Our alien visitors have to unite to come back home and you can help them with it! You...

  • Cop Car




    Play hard! New police car arcade game. Drive through heavy traffic. Try to drive as far as you can, before crash. Avoid other cars on the road. Features: Old skool 8-bit pixel art graphics and sound. One finger needed to control. 3 difficulty modes. Controls: Tap to change road lane or change...

  • Star Factory




    A simple puzzle game. On the field, there are some stars. Parts can be moved to each other connecting them. As for the connection of parts empty space must match the full. For the connection of the two parts of the charge a few points, but a lot more if we can collect a star in its entirety. Be...

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